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7:52 AM
@santiago glad I put up the note in brackets :D
8:24 AM
brackets do not change the inappropiateness
@santiago nor does a person becomes excellent in english in a short span of time.
it is pretty obvious, look up the meaning before use - that term is very offensive to many - old news, insignificant until you brought it up again
@santiago why do people at Chem SE have "36 ka aakda"?
well others are very friendly and good to talk up with
@ADG no idea what that means
@santiago why don't you look that up on google? as were you asking me in the same way?
8:31 AM
the difference is that you stated 'discrimination', and you stated that - I didn't
oh nvm
hey @Martin-マーチン (when you get back online), I got published again!
6 hours later…
2:21 PM
@santiago That is good for you :D Tell me about it next week.
@adg nobody is expected to be perfect at english, I am not. I still try to make as much sense as possible and english is the common denominator amongst our community, so that should be the common goal, understanding each other. When you post in hindi I cannot understand anything and as you pointed out, google translate is bad at translating hindi.
I am not discriminating anyone and I do not see a double standard. I am sorry about that. I am also very offended by this statement. I was inspired by the math.se post and decided to adapt it to our page, to let the community decide if this is a good idea or not. If you compare the both posts, you might notice, that they are significantly different in their core message.
Also we shall not forget, that there were instances where you, @adg, tried to offend me, you even admitted to that. This does not comply with the general rule of the whole network. And we shall also not neglect, that you called me names in chat. It was deleted, but I was still able to see it. This is not nice. I am offering my own free time here in chem.se and as long as it is fun, I am happy about that.
2:38 PM
Whoa what's going on here some one getting offended see language is a means of communication so as long as we can understand each other its okay but still keep an eye on the grammar do proof reading as well guys and do stop this offended as that's why I log on to face book for
For what it's worth, I am a very forgiving person and I often only do care about the past when someone pushes it into my face. I even forgot about anything that happened prior to your,@adg, first ban. You constantly do this, and there may come a time, when I do not want to endure that anymore.
Hey there @Ilaya, sorry to bother you with my monologue.
I needed to get this off my chest though
it bothered me...
and btw, I am very happy to hear, that @MARamezani is fine... hope he is on vacation now :D
Hi there @user223679!
Initially I just came here to check my messages, and then that happened
Wtf happened...
@user223679 Scroll up a little and read what he has written, then you know. It might have been unnecessary to extend this monologue, but I needed it gone off my heart...
I believe it's about my recent meta post about some guidelines in chat...
And that I would like to keep it english...
yes, and I don't even understand half of it, but it stirred up some feeling...
2:58 PM
@Martin-マーチン If he asked jonsca that we should follow MSE and have chatroom guidelines and if jonsca said NO to him, then its indeed double standards. If its about "comments and answers" issue, then I dont understand this issue.
I do not know why he brought that up again. It was about a discussion, about posting very short answers. And he used the math meta posts 1 and 2 as reference.
@jonsca's reply was, that we do not have to follow the rules of math, but make up our own minds. However, I cannot access the data, because it was removed.
But I think I can remember, that it was not rude. It was just a factual statement
I think he assumes a double standard, because I linked the math chat rules in my post, that was just as reference for the faq-request, if it actually becomes a faq, then that could be removed. I think, they are significantly different from ours.
3:15 PM
@Martin-マーチン Anyway, when is the football match?
@user223679 The football match is at 13.00 Japanese standard time, which is in 12.5 hours
But we get the whole stadium tour and stuff, so we leave at 9 :D
@santiago He meant that he used the word but wasn't sure whether he was correct in using it. You asked him to search the meaning before using it and hence he posted in Hindi and asked you to do the same. Just a misunderstanding. Lets forget about it.
@Martin-マーチン You are a VIP? ;)
@user223679 I do that now :D
@Martin-マーチン ?
Do you mean you are a VIP now?
I am not a VIP, it's a trip organised by the university. I believe, they try to get more support for the team, they are currently not doing well, 19th
no, forget ;)
They are playing the last, so we can hope for a win :D
3:58 PM
Q: How come all of the privilges' reputation increased?

Asker123Why did the privileges' reputation increase? Did someone do this, or does this happen for some reason, or is it just me?

4:58 PM
@Martin-マーチン Thats the best match to watch!
5:37 PM
Can someone help me a bit with physical chemistry?
6:18 PM
@ManishEarth Hello!
6:44 PM
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7:55 PM
Q: Request for "state-of-matter" tag

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11:09 PM
Q: Enable migration paths

ringoAccording to an answer to this question, now the Chemistry.SE is out of beta, it is now eligible to have migration paths to other sites. I think paths to Physics.SE and Biology.SE would be very helpful now that this is possible. Is this already in the works or is there somewhere we have to go to...


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