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4:38 AM
Q: Standard Enthalpy of Formation of Refrence state(A consequence or assumption) and H+(aq)

Ayush NamanOk, this has been bugging me for a while now. Our teacher taught us that the standard enthalpy of formation of the reference states of elements is "assumed" to be zero. However, I've read in many places that it's a mere consequence of the definition of standard enthalpy of formation because when ...

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1:37 PM
Q: Which alloy forms the thinnest sulfide surface passivation layer?

Paul KolkMetal sulfides seem to often form thick layers on alloy surfaces exposed to molten $\ce{S}$. Are there alloy surfaces capable of passivation with $\ce{S}$ before the layer thickness reaches $\pu{1 nm}$, preferably just single atom thickness? Both the bulk and the surface of the alloy must consist...

Q: What does the blue square on a volumetric flask mean?

PRASAD PATIL What does this blue square on my flask mean? I see such squares/rectangles in alot of other flask brands as well? What is its purpose?

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