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3:51 AM
Q: Weirdness From Boiling Gold Colloid Dry

NerdyDudeI was doing an experiment in my chemistry class and found something odd. We prepared a colloid of gold with the following procedure. 1: Measure out 20ml of Hydrogen Tetrachloroaurate (iii) in grad cylinder. 2: Add to 250ml Erlenmeyer flask and fill to 200ml with distilled water. 3: Put on a hot p...

9 hours later…
12:22 PM
Q: Ozone from 10um IR?

jackisquizzicalOzone is easily produced by Hg lamps with <200nm power (peak@185nm), but O2 also strongly absorbs around 10um. I've poked around but can't find any discussion of ozone production at 10um. Is the photon energy too low at that wl to break up O2?

8 hours later…
8:19 PM
@gannex it's been a hot minute but I can give it a shot

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