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2:04 AM
Q: Does the term "vapor pressure" even mean anything in an open system?

ethonodonI know this type of question has been addressed before, but I believe mine is slightly different and hints at a potential misunderstanding I've had for a long time. I understand the concept of equilibrium vapor pressure, that molecules with high enough energies escape the surface of a liquid unti...

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3:54 PM
Q: Can “hydrates” of crystals form with other molecules?

Alex WangIt is well known that copper sulfate, sodium sulfate, et al crystallize with 5,10 water molecules of hydration, locked in their crystal lattices. Is it possible to have other molecules instead of water, such as maybe ammonia or hydrogen sulfide?

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7:14 PM
Hi I was wondering if someone cn help me with a titration calculation
The queztion asks to calculate the molecular mass of hydrated washing soda deduced from experimental data. The experiment goes like this we have been provided N/10 Hcl solution and a solution prepared by dissolving 7.1g of Na2co3.xh20 per litre of the solution. The titre value I got was 25.4.
The normality of this came to 0.1016N
@user726941 :(

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