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2:16 AM
Q: Please help me understand why asking about an acid-base reaction was down-voted and closed

KJ7LNWI am new to Chemistry on SE and was DV'd several times and closed for this question: What results from the neutralization copper citrate with Na2CO3 It seems on-topic, but I must be missing something. The question started far too broad, so I edited it down to a much simpler question, but it was...

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10:30 AM
Hi everybody, we got a question on Cooking that needs a bit of clarification before it can be reopened. Can anybody help?
Q: Is there a measurable chemical difference between the 'wet' cooking from gas and the 'dry' cooking with induction?

Kenn SebestaI am doing a bit of food science research around induction cooktops, and wondered if there are any measurable differences in the cooking outcome when using electric heat vs. gas heat. In specific, gas heat creates a current of air, heated by the gas and carrying water as a combustion byproduct. T...

As you can see from my comments, I'm very skeptical that an answer to it exists, but maybe it can be narrowed down somehow?
I'm especially bugged by the request for "any chemical difference". That sounds awfully vague. And not falisifiable.
4 hours later…
2:33 PM
@AvyanshKatiyar it's okay dude. I mean, okay-ish, depending on what you do, but we all have a zone that if we get out of, we'll find more accomplished people, or more accomplished by our standards
@rumtscho too too too too 2 . . . Tutu broad. What's being heated, using what broad cooking method, in what temperatures, and what's being measured, what's the point of the whole thing? A "food science researcher" would have already narrowed these down. Are we trying to assess and minimize the carcinogens in processed food? Are we trying to cook off, I dunno, some alkaloid to give some product a better taste? So on and so forth
I still feel like the close reasons have "too broad". I'm old-fashioned like that
Different temperature ranges could facillitate different chemical reactions. Moisture could facilitate certain oxidation reactions. One could also manipulate these to get the ideal degree of, say, cross-linking when you have something in your food that polymerizes. I suppose spitballing like this would have sufficed the OP, nudged them in the right direction, but it wouldn't have been a useful SE answer.
3:10 PM
What are the four most important elements in Dad Jokes?

Sulphur (S), Argon (Ar), Calcium (Ca) and Samarium (Sm).
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5:00 PM
Q: What's the relation between two symmetry groups, if one has all the symmetry of the other and some more?

NeinsteinQuestion: Consider two molecular symmetry groups, for example $C_s$ and $C_{2v}$. $C_s$ has one inversion plane, and two irreductible representations: the symmetric $A'$, and the antisymmetric $A''$. $C_{2v}$ has one inversion plane and one 2-fold axis; and four irreductible representations: $A_...


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