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4:56 AM
Q: What is laboratory air?

rmza7Oftentimes in the literature, particularly for oxidation studies, the authors mention that experiments were performed in "laboratory air." Is there any distinction from laboratory air from regular, ambient air, or is this terminology only used to distinguish it from synthetic air (Only nitrogen a...

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10:41 AM
Hm, a user who unfortunately often writes answers in comments now feels compelled to actually write an answer as an answer because it would be too long for a comment.
A: Why does the reaction "pause" when the battery is not connected to a circuit? (or does it?)

MauriceSorry to use the Answer block to add a comment. But the present text is too long to be inserted in one or even two comments to Reuben. So let's go ! If no wire is joining the zinc plate and the $\ce{MnO2}$ plate, the whole setup would not be a cell or a battery. It wouldn't produce any anode or a...

Is there a fundamental misunderstanding here?
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11:50 AM

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