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12:59 AM
Q: IUPAC nomenclature of extremely long alkanes

Ahmed HossamWhat would be the name of a linear alkane containing 10000 carbon atoms, i.e. $\ce{C10000H20002}$? I have searched for it, but the longest alkane I could find had 9000 carbon atoms (and was apparently called nonaliane).

Q: What is our target audience, today, in 2022?

Martin - マーチンI have been a scientist in the field of chemistry. I have been an academic, coincidentally, also in the field of chemistry. Some people may have even considered me to be a teacher in the field of chemistry. I definitely consider myself to have been a student in the field of chemistry. While none ...

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10:13 AM
Hey all! I was trying to model the constant term I believe exists in an action. Does anyone know the slope of the potential when 2 hydrogen gas molecules collide at the radius of the molecule $R$?
Here's my motivation:
Q: Contribution in action from collisions for a gas?

More AnonymousSo if I write the action for a gas: $$ S = \int (T -U) dt \tag{1}$$ where $T$ is the kinetic energy and $U$ is potential energy. I suspect there is a constant term (which does not affect the equations of motion) for the gas (in classical mechanics). I was hoping to verify my paper's idea (Ther...

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3:48 PM
Q: If a = 0 for a Van der Waals gas, what does that signify?

Vp127I know that if $a = 0$ for a gas at certain temperature and pressure, it means that the molecules of gas have almost no attractive forces between them. But does that also mean that the molecules have high repulsive forces acting between them?


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