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12:59 AM
Q: What is, (and what isn't) "kinetic replication" as it applies to molecules and to living organisms?

uhohCNN's World's first living robots can now reproduce, scientists say describes "xenobots"; clusters of stem cells that move around and by this motion occasionally push enough free stem cells together such that they form a new one, at least that's my understanding. The article says: "Most people t...

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9:20 AM
Q: The reason for selection of wavelengths in the Spectrophotometry of Quinoline yellow

StrugglingChemistryStudentThe absorption spectrum for quinoline yellow has peaks at 224nm and 414nm, and a trough at 337nm. This experiment (See page 31), selects 224, 337 and 414nm to be used in the spectrophotometric analysis. As far as I have read, the wavelengths of maximum absorption (224nm, 414nm), give the best acc...

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8:45 PM
Q: Regarding questions of a medical nature

Todd MinehardtOccasionally, we are asked to answer a question that falls (generally) into the "personal medical question" category. Recently, this question appeared. I posted what I consider to be the final (logical) word on the subject. Others chimed in with comments ranging from "you don't need to worry" to "...


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