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10:12 AM
Q: Doubts Regarding Compounds Which Can Give Aniline Dye Test

StackUpPhysicsI read that to test for the presence of Phenol Groups in an Organic Compound Aniline Dye Test can be performed. If the solution has phenol present it gives a red or orange precipitate to confirm the presence, however as a side note it was mentioned that this test is applicable for detection of sm...

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6:04 PM
Q: Will Proving or Disproving of any of the following have effects on Chemistry in general?

StackUpPhysicsI am working on a project relating to- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennium_Prize_Problems I wanted to list the effects of them being proved or disproved in different aspects of science and maths. It was fairly easy to find such results on physics and maths as the questions primarily come up...

@CowperKettle ?
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7:16 PM
@Loong Just a cute set of knitted labware
Where did you find that?
@Loong The Scientific Humor community on Facebook
I'm an addict.
7:50 PM
> The breakup of the L-chondrite parent body in the asteroid belt 466 million years (Ma) ago still delivers almost a third of all meteorites falling on Earth.
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10:26 PM
@CowperKettle Meh, they probably made like a dozen hypothesis about each extinction event. and it's not like they have much chance to find definite stuff for such early one.
@Mithoron Can you please quickly help me with this problem? It is for my exam scheduled in a few hours and I don't have time to post a question right now
Single correct(ignore the underline for NOT and the tick on (B))
You know you're annoying me here? And how do I know it's not current exam?

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