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2:31 AM
@pentavalentcarbon Hello.
3:15 AM
@user97554 Ok, I'm back. What can I help you with?
4 hours later…
7:39 AM
@IͶΔ since you are most active. can you explain this..."the parent hydrocarbon chain should have the maximum number of substituents of the suffix functional group. By suffix, it is meant that the parent functional group should have a suffix, unlike halogen substituents. If more than one functional group is present, the one with highest precedence should be used.
sorry for pinging
7:55 AM
@DeNiSkA: o/
@DeNiSkA IUPAC rule.
8:36 AM
@DeNiSkA Hullo! Welcome to the Table!
It's a nomenclature rule. What part of it do you want me to explain?
@IͶΔ: o/
Thanks for those z
I slept while counting them.
8:42 AM
@DeNiSkA greetings
@DeNiSkA Hullo
@DeNiSkA: chem is not that boring.
@user36790 do you know my marks are like average student when it comes to chem
8:44 AM
@DeNiSkA my story is more tragic...
why ?
Chem student rant. I got to watch this.
@DeNiSkA I was damn confused, baffled, perplexed (and all synonyms) by chemical bonding; wave-particle duality and all that.
It took me a year to conceive all that.
But exams didn't wait for one year- they came and went and disasters followed.
8:46 AM
And my tutors!
what disaster O.O
@DeNiSkA If I can't understand one thing, I cannot concentrate on others; they loom over my mind continuously and that one year, I couldn't really cope up with chem syllabus. Result- very poor marks in chem but ultimately moksha
i understand :( chemistry dam worse and inorganic is piece of shit
I asked my mates to help me understand MOT; but damn they were happy with their tutor's notes and don't wanted to explain anything.
yes! i understand MOT is base for 12th class
8:53 AM
But now, I have a pretty good understanding of all these; thanks to my books and SE.
i have mugged up !! haha
@DeNiSkA I only love thermodynamics, Physical Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry and of course Computational Chemistry.
I like Organic a bit too.
@DeNiSkA But I HATE Inorganic, Metallurgy and all that pretty damn reactions.
8:55 AM
@DeNiSkA Also, do our syllabus makers want everyone to be a chemist?
They didn't spare a single thing to include in the syllabus.
yes ! i don't know how guys here like chemistry like @IͶΔ
@DeNiSkA The whole Chemistry is not bad; I like many things and it should be read.
@DeNiSkA Well, guys like Ina don't stick to stupid syllabuses.
8:59 AM
But what I hate is those cramming of shitty reactions in inorganic chemistry and to some extent organic too. But I like mechanisms and all that.
@IͶΔ you are free bird!
@IͶΔ I wouldn't be surprised if it were medieval times where anyone could study anything but for now o.O
mechanism is a bit good
@DeNiSkA Not really.
@IͶΔ why?
9:02 AM
@DeNiSkA The education system is crappy everywhere you think.
@DeNiSkA: when would your interview result of KVPY come?
Iran is certainly worse than India.
@user36790 results are expected to be out this month!
@IͶΔ really?
@DeNiSkA rally.
@IͶΔ i think you are graduated, aren't you?
9:05 AM
I think not.
@user36790 do you know how did i manage chem ? in KVPY
@IͶΔ Grass on the other side of the fence is greener
@DeNiSkA ?
@user36790 Only if you judge subjectively.
I ain't judging subjectively.
@user36790 cheating! but i still got 7 correct
9:08 AM
@DeNiSkA Damn
@DeNiSkA Out of 1000?
@IͶΔ hehehe
@IͶΔ noooo
@DeNiSkA 30?
Out of 10000 then.
9:09 AM
@user36790 25
@DeNiSkA okay 5 less.
yes ;)
well chem is not good but this room is!
@DeNiSkA What books do you follow?
@user36790 listen for chem i just want to stick to JEE syllabus i don't want to go to higher level so for inorganic jd lee modified for organic, solomons and fryhle modified, r.c muckherjee for physical
and you @user36790
@DeNiSkA I love IͶΔ for his knowledge in his short life and his witty replies; there is Mart- the Boss; there is Wildcat who is the master of Computational Chemistry who actually explained me resonance and MOT; there are Phillips; there is kettle; and there am I; the righteous MAFIA.
9:16 AM
woah !!
what about physics?
@DeNiSkA Quite same as mine; in addition I follow Atkins; Sears and Salingar for thermodynamics; many others for Computational chemistry.
@DeNiSkA Books?
@user36790 i too like Atkins
yes, what books you use for physics?
@DeNiSkA Many.
oh i see
9:19 AM
@DeNiSkA wait...
@DeNiSkA: check this link: quora.com/…
woah!! :O
well i use some of the books listed like feynman lectures, resnick-halliday and university physics
@DeNiSkA: 5 min; lunch.
me too!! bye!! see you!!
9:38 AM
@DeN help you about what?
@IͶΔ he removed it.
So, don't bother.
12:04 PM
A nice program about Calcium
12:52 PM
I really wondered what happened to all our efforts at TRE :(
Currently, 85 questions have as their only tag.
@wythagoras That would've been 250 (300?) without the TRE.
It's not like stuff gets done permanently.
As long as a human breathes, they produce feces. As long as a site's alive, it's gonna produce some waste.
@IͶΔ That is true, but what I meant to say is that we may need a monthly or quarterly cleanup.
I have to study some quant cast or SEDE data to find optimal times of the year for the TRE.
@IͶΔ damn true;/
@Wytha no, post an answer. I was joking in that comment.
1:04 PM
@IͶΔ I am currently writing an answer for meta.chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/3113/…
Since it's just so fun to make @Mart go ಠ_ಠ.
Write one for the optimal time range thingy too.
@IͶΔ Didn't you see my comment? Or were you joking when you said: Saturday evening it is?
@wythagoras Yeah that's the point. I was joking.
@IͶΔ: what are you studying now?
@user36790 Nothing special.
1:09 PM
@IͶΔ Daily chores ;/
No, I'm not studying daily chores.
Q: Is there a way to efficiently separate Glass, Copper and Diamonds?

B.  HardieI was doing a research task on separation techniques of substances and their collective electronic configurations. As a part of the research task I have decided to separate these substances. THis point in time I am stuck as to how to do it... Is there an effective technique to separate these thr...

^ what is this? Do they mix together in a miscible solution or do they form alloy?
I'm not getting the question.
2:15 PM
@IͶΔ are you having only 1 subject in your course
If that so, it's pretty interesing for me then
@DeNiSkA Yeah. It's only my course.
. . . which includes biology, chemistry, math, physics, history, LitCrit, Persian grammar, English, Arabic and a bunch of others.
2:18 PM
physics also!
@DeNiSkA How about you?
Physics, CHEMISTRY, maths , computer and english
My chemistry course isn't in all-caps.
And Biology?
@IͶΔ you have Arabic!!
2:23 PM
hahaha! your curriculum is great ;)
@Simon-Nail-It it seems you are beginner with physics
@DeNiSkA You could say that
@DeNiSkA Like an apple that has rotten from the inside.
yeah! _/_
hey!! is formal charge on lewis structures same as oxidation state
2:28 PM
@DeNiSkA No.
Not always.
when they are not the same? you know any example?
But most you can considered, right? @IͶΔ
@DeNiSkA Studied this a year and half ago, I don't.
But the answer is hidden in calculating them for some organic alcohol.
I dunno, try propanol maybe.
2:34 PM
What is correct?
@DeNiSkA Are you saying propanol is correct?
Q: What is the purpose of downvotes on questions?

BrianTo emphasize, this question is about downvotes on questions, not answers. Downvotes are great, e.g., for answers that are coherent and well-written, but are factually wrong. The utility of downvotes on questions is less clear to me. As discussed recently (e.g., here and here), we have a pret...

@Feeds Am writing an answer to that.
3:19 PM
huh! No button! Halp!
@ShadowWizard I must have been in here before since it got added... I didn't even get the popup... odd.
3:32 PM
@ShadowWizard \o
Welcome to the Table!
@Catija I think it only happens once per a chat server, not once a site.
IIRC I only dismissed it once in chat.SO, once here, and once in the Tavern.
Damn ellipsis
@IͶΔ The button is really invisible ;/
I only pushed it in ELL's Cabin as far as I can remember. It wasn't as invisible there.
3:48 PM
@Catija not here, in any other chat room under this domain.
(where you could see the button)
@IͶΔ yup, true!
@IͶΔ at least not that visible to allure the notice; it took me some time to notice that button.
@IͶΔ thanks! Will try not to flip it... :D
@ShadowWizard WHY? THIS IS ALL ABOUT TABLE FLIPS! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@ShadowWizard tup, yrue
lol, those flipped tables are everywhere! :P
@ShadowWizard Look at the tags. Table flips are official.
3:52 PM
Mar 10 at 8:41, by IͶΔ
@pH13 The Trollodic Table?
@mh543: I thought you were mh370 ;)
Hullo @mh543! Welcome to the Table!
lol, and I thought the Den was weird.... :D
runs away in terror
@IͶΔ Ah... I was active in several rooms simultaneously when the change went into effect, so I saw it in all rooms at once (M&TV, Cooking, SFF, ELL)... So I figured you got it in every room.
3:59 PM
@Catija I got at the Table only.
@Catija wow, bet the devs didn't expect such a scenario... the popup was designed to appear once on each domain. :)
Yeah... I have a single browser window with about 12 tabs for various SE sites/chat rooms.
@ShadowWizard Half avid chat.SE chatters chat in more than one room.
@CowperKettle: o/
4:02 PM
lol, only 1 out of 14 users with an actual name....
Great St. Denis! what commotion! 14 users!
Q: Chat welcome message missing the "Okay, I'll keep it in mind" button, hence can't be dismissed

mhchemThis is what I see when entering the Chemistry chat room: How can I dismiss the chat welcome message? It overlays the most important part of the chat – the last messages. There should be a way to dismiss this message. And it should be easy to discover.

That's the reason ^
@ShadowWizard Hey, my name is real.
Meta effect in its best :D
My nickname includes "Cowper", a surname. (0:
4:04 PM
Actually, it's only you and @Cat @Sha.
@IͶΔ 2 out of 14, more than 10% ;)
Arrgggg....... what's in the name ;/
In whose name?
1 hour later…
5:20 PM
What is pi cloud delocalisation in benzene mean?
@ShadowWizard that child is so cute!!!
@DeNiSkA Resonance.
@DeNiSkA It's @Sha's son.
I mean he's.
But that family is so weird.
Technically, "it's @Sha's son" isn't wrong either.
yes! But , that doesn't make family weird
I didn't say family is weird. Sha's family's weird.
Language barrier strikes again
5:26 PM
Oh!! I see..
Well you are very active @IͶΔ
Active? How so?
I mean, active in what?
In all means knowlAdge as well as on SE
Q: Chat welcome message missing the “Okay, I'll keep it in mind” button, hence can't be dismissed

mhchemSeems we have some bad styling in chat.chemistry. Here is my original question: Chat welcome message missing the "Okay, I'll keep it in mind" button, hence can't be dismissed Other sites had the same issue and an administrator could fix it: http://meta.movies.stackexchange.com/questions/2189/ne...

I am having 1 organic compound and it has functional group ketone and left to it is methyl group and to right butyl why ca't i give ketone the lowest number (that is 1)
5:47 PM
@IͶΔ you around here?
@DeNiSkA And how would you name the compound then?
You can't start numbering from the middle.
_/_ seei will give ketone lo any as 1
i will give ketone lo any as 1
It is iphone error
There's nothing here you need to be sorry for.
Yes, you'll give the ketone 1.
How would you name the compound?
1-methyl butan-1-one?
That's incorrect, since the rules say so.
so numbering should start from terminal and if any high ordered functional group is there we must start from there , right?
"high ordered " means high precedence
@DeNiSkA Yes, if you can.
5:54 PM
thank you genius!!
Looks around Who? Me? Laughs
yes! You ::salute::
6:45 PM
@DeNiSkA only a mask. Actually @IͶΔ is totally passive aggressive.
And thanks, my son is flattered by your compliments! :D
@ShadowWizard :o
6:46 PM
who is jeff atwood
Hmm, are there pi dative bonds?
@DeNiSkA One of the co-builders of this whole system.
He left us at 2012.
you mean dead!
i see he has damn lot downvotes
And a damn lot upvotes.
Much damner lot.
6:54 PM
yes! thats true as well
there is sulfuric acid atmosphere in that meta chat room @IͶΔ
There is?
What makes you say that?
this "Don't antagonize. That's your only warning."
@DeNiSkA Uh, I think he thought you were being sarcastic.
Though I can't tell it myself.
@Deni stuff that might be useful for you to read:
Q: Thank you Jeff Atwood!

blahmanI'm quite a new user, so it feels somewhat inappropriate for me to post this (I kinda thought it would have appeared already ^^). But as a member of the Stack Exchange network who just read Jeff's blog post that he was leaving the SE network I thought I should say something to thank him for all t...

Q: FAQ for Stack Exchange sites

Justin StandardCommunity FAQ For sites in the Stack Exchange 2.0 network To see a list of commonly used words and phrases, see the glossary. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking questions How do I write a good title? How can I get answers fast? Where can I ask a ques...

Q: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role?

Brad MaceSome people have a diamond after their username (ex: Jeff Atwood♦) What special privileges do diamond moderators have? How can I become a diamond moderator? Who are the diamond moderators? How many are there? For more information, see Who are the site moderators, and what is their role h...

Also @Deni:
Q: Stack Exchange Glossary - Dictionary of Commonly-Used Terms

Adam DavisWhat are the common phrases, words, abbreviations that are used on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Meta Stack Overflow, and the other Stack Exchange sites? This is meant to be a very quick overview, not an in-depth tutorial. When considering whether a term ought to be included, please ...

Q: Who are the Community Team, and what do they do?

jcolebrandWho are the Community Team? What do they do? What is their relationship to the "Community" user? Return to FAQ index

7:17 PM
@DeNiSkA he was kind of dictator. Some people didn't like it.
@ShadowWizard I think that's a quality someone that important should have.
I mean, his say was the final say.
7:32 PM
@Mart can you give me an example of a dative pi bond?
8:18 PM
Oh man, who knew robo-reviewing @mhchem's edits would be so fun?
OK OK, I'll promise to click "improve edit" next time.
8:39 PM
@IͶΔ Why? (I feared, I annoyed you.)
Q: Unknown Notations

mhchemAre the following notations official? Can I find them in a colored IUPAC book? Do they have a name, I could google for? (I need this to judge wether to support this with mhchem or not.) Stability of carbocation intermediates: secondary alkane versus primary allyl? < as in $\ce{CH3+ < CH3CH2+}...

2 hours later…
10:57 PM
@IͶΔ was, yeah... now it's @Shog but he's not all-powerful like Jeff used to be. ;)
@mhchem Why are you putting $%edit$ sometimes?

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