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5:30 AM
@NilayGhosh Don't wrap any number you see in \ce{...} this is for chemical formulae only. Please have a look here and here. I am writing to you, because I turned down three of your suggested edits already, all with similar problems.
2 hours later…
7:09 AM
@Martin-マーチン got the flight tickets and stuff
@Michael You might need to refresh my memory O.o
Ahhh... it was something with geology wasn't it?
cool, cool... got your grant?
when was it again?
7:46 AM
@IͶΔ Physics undergrads never think like that ;/
How do ya know? :}
@IͶΔ guess...
A comic surely would know more than us.
@IͶΔ .................
7:54 AM
@user36790 ............................................................
@IͶΔ o.O
@IͶΔ >.<
@user36790 <.>
@IͶΔ >o<
7:56 AM
@user36790 ­
@IͶΔ you win.
@IͶΔ: There is no much pleasure than annoying someone ;D
What do you know
@IͶΔ about what?
That's a set expression meaning "you're right".
8:01 AM
@IͶΔ o.O
didn't know that.
@Martin-マーチン Just a bunch of dots
@User3 seemed to like them.
\o BTW
@Martin-マーチン: \0/
8:09 AM
@Martin-マーチン: ICC WT20 has begun.....
I'll update you
about any hot news.
@Martin-マーチン Hmm, I wanna get the HW close reason settled and then begin TRE 2.
like England winning the quarters or so.....
haha... yeah thanks :D
@IͶΔ Not too sure if that is the best plan...
8:12 AM
Why not?
@Martin-マーチン You are the first German I've been acquainted with who has quite an interest in cricket; that's why...
i kind of have the feeling that the hw thing will drag out over the summer...
@Martin-マーチン I only want to get some consensus on whether we should include IMCC-type and basic questions in the HW close reason.
I like most of the sports... I'm not partaking in them... but you know ... drinking beer is my sport
Yeah, that would be a good thing...
I mean, with anything we do about the policy, we will not stop the questions to appear, what we will have is a handle on how to deal with them
did you see the comment I added a few hours ago?
The quicker we deal with them, the quicker better questions get the chance to gain attention and it's a win.
8:20 AM
Well I think one of the major problems will be, that in the long run, we just don't find the good, conceptual homework questions any more, because they did not get the attention they needed. It's just lost in the sea of all homework type questions.
One recent question fits exactly in the hole between too broad and too narrow. It is obviously a question about a concept which is often employed in standard homework questions, but in itself it is not a homework question. It is also not too broad, as it can be answered fairly quickly. However, I think this question was answered previously on our site for a worked example, and with a bit research the answer about the concept would have been easy to find. Hence I think this question shows insufficient effort. — Martin - マーチン ♦ 4 hours ago
@Martin-マーチン That should be sorted out by voting.
I mean the question is okay-ish and would be a good stub to have as a general reference for these types.
We should educate users to vote on content. Not hesitate to upvote when they see something good, and not hesitate to downvote when they see poor quality.
Now it has a truly mediocre answer and the whole thing is dead
the only vote on this thing is mine, and the truly stupid thing is, that that guy accepted the answer, so it won't be deleted...
We should have a "how can i haz stoichiometry noledge" and close every other HW as a dupe of it.
@Martin-マーチン Yeah, that's why it would be useless if I vote.
8:25 AM
I still downvoted... bad, bad usage of quantities and I am not even sure that it is correct.
I hope that newbies might read the instructions given in the column on how to ask HW questions; I fear many one don't even notice the box ;/
@user36790 Haha good one
most of the truly awful questions are from users who don't even bother to read the tour
Yes, and you can't fix that.
Let's focus on something we can fix.
@Martin-マーチン true story
8:31 AM
hello o/
Physics is more infected with rotten HW questions.....
ve no idea; please do this
And in the next sentence,
8:32 AM
@Martin-マーチン ohio
I hate sentences that are followed by a question mark without being questions ... :C
second that
@pH13 Yeah it's annoying?
Maybe I should add a question mark to everything I say?
What do you think.
Terrifying it is?
It is?
8:34 AM
like ordering someone to do it immediately; with no intention to even go through the question by himself.......
I'm having a question?
@pH13 But "have" is not a dynamic verb and your tense is flawed?
@user36790 I agree?
@IͶΔ ?
8:35 AM
@user36790 That's not even a sentence?
I hate damn unnecessary nit picking??
( ¬ ‿ ¬)
@user36790 then this might be the wrong place?
@Martin-マーチン Forgot the question mark?
@IͶΔ HaHaHa?
8:37 AM
( ?‿ ?)
@pH13 Boo, the spacing is broken?
That looks like when people hit me on the head?
Can we start with full stops.
semi colon;
8:38 AM
@IͶΔ ;/ .
I want to annoy @pH13?
Full stops are lame?
@IͶΔ No, you don't?
@pH13 Yes? I do?
@IͶΔ I like annoying of course if I'm not tagged as troll?
8:40 AM
There are no trolls in this chat other than all of us?
@IͶΔ Agreed?
@IͶΔ maybe you should rename it to be the Trolling Table
For Mart;
@Martin-マーチン I eat semicolons everyday?
@pH13 The Trollodic Table?
@pH13 Flip the Table?
9:57 AM
(/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ┻━┻
@DGS couldn't tell. Next time, make sure you flip a table like this (/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ┻━┻ — IͶΔ 10 secs ago
2 hours later…
11:40 AM
@Martin-マーチン yea, it's june to july
2 hours later…
1:19 PM
@Michael oh right after Sakura... Have fun, Tokyo is great in summer, really hit though
@Martin-マーチン: Do you know about liquid junction?
Never heard of it
@Martin-マーチン Peter Atkins says it is used in place of salt bridge.... no idea.
Have you tried Google?
Ha! Got it!!
1:25 PM
Liquid junction potential occurs when two solutions of different concentrations are in contact with each other. The more concentrated solution will have a tendency to diffuse into the comparatively less concentrated one. The rate of diffusion of each ion will be roughly proportional to its speed in an electric field. If the anions diffuse more rapidly than the cations, they will diffuse ahead into the dilute solution, leaving the latter negatively charged and the concentrated solution positively charged. This will result in an electrical double layer of positive and negative charges at the junction...
@Martin-マーチン But really no idea which is more preferable to use....
@user36790 Eww that sounds like
@IͶΔ like?
@IͶΔ: Reading Hall-Herault process....
WTF is such a name ;/
1:30 PM
Thank you for informing.
@IͶΔ .....
@IͶΔ: Why do redox reactions achieve equilibrium slowly?
Hello - please teach me chemistry, pretty please? Something easy?
A chemical looks like this.
Like your profile pic?
1:43 PM
A guy that draws his orbitals looks like this.
Are you kidding?
@Mart am I kidding?
OK seriously - I want to know chemistry - like give me some easy tutorial.
Or explain it to me.
Learn what? There are a billion topic to choose from.
Do you want to learn organic chemistry?
Physical chemistry?
Isn't there something universal?
1:46 PM
A universal tutorial?
Who would be able to make such thing?
Here's a useful site with a bunch of useful tutorials: chemguide.co.uk
Can I learn how to make different equations on first sight from there?
Or should I like remember some basic things and then create equations when they ask me to?
Without the need to remember them by heart.
Like for example here we are talking about thermochemistry I think.
Is chemistry history?
Or maybe start from acids, bases and salts.
Is chemistry history - or maths? Should I learn it by heart or there are some basic things to know?
I think it's the first for some odd reason.
Which kinda s*cks - I remember reading previous year the start of some basic chemistry book - I learned for like atomic orbitals and stuff. But then there was some exam about some chemical reactions I had no idea about.
So it's like telling you - it's gonna be easy - like maths but then it's history.
And then you don't have any idea what's happening.
Wtf is this?
Calm down
If I start reading basics - when I go to exam I still won't have any ideas what to do.
1:59 PM
High school?
I'm on exam soon - I don't know exactly when though.
And I need to learn some chemistry.
How about redox reaction
What's that?
You say you want to learn more equation. There is a lot of chemical equation in redox reaction
It's about oxidation and reduction
No I mean like when they ask me to create some equation.
And like I had to know it by hear or is there some other way?
2:03 PM
Like what equation
Acid or bases reaction?
I don't know - I still haven't started - I remember there was something like this previous year. But I don't even know where to start - I mean I google chemistry for my grade and there isn't anything.
But for example if I google math for my grade I always find some basics from where to begin.
And for history - for example - there are years and things that happened and names - I can kinda get this.
What grade are you
But for chemistry - it's like the 7 dimension for me.
In Bulgaria.
Oh, I thought America
And for biology there are some DNAs things and how life exists and it's created.
I kinda can get that too.
But chemistry is one big confusion.
Like there are the basics stuff - how atoms are structured.
How bounds created.
How chemical reactions look like.
But then there are also some strange things that I have no idea about.
And when I only know the basics it ain't enough.
2:09 PM
Maybe it is organic chemistry
It was - now it's thermochemistry - at leas the first chapter.
Then if you wish
Thermochemistry is more towards theory
and a little bit equation
Ah I guess I could try reading the highlights in my book - there seem not to be any better way.
2:18 PM
Cause I don't know much about the syllabus in your country so... sorry
Hi @Wildcat
@Simon-Nail-It meow!
2:50 PM
@Wildcat: o/
@user36790 \o
3:14 PM
@FISOCPP Depends on the equation.
You should grab a chemistry textbook and study it.
1 hour later…
4:45 PM
@IͶΔ No - it's definitely not maths. Maths got something you can study and rely on - Chemistry is just some blah-blah non-sense. It's like religion. But it's even more abstract. I'll rather study the bible then this s*it.
Wow, now that's some tears.
I'm telling you the truth - like they say some process is something but never specify what.
@FISOCPP You certainly can rely on chemistry as much as you can rely on math, since they're all the same thing. You just have to understand what you're doing.
The chemistry you need to study is actually pretty complicated stuff dumbed down to be understandable.
Show me then.
It's like doing telling a high school student to do university math with their fingers.
4:48 PM
How can I know if a some equation is a redox?
@FISOCPP Show you what? Even this small world of high school chem is pretty broad.
@FISOCPP If the oxidation state of an element changes in the reaction, it's redox.
Without knowing the produced substance.
How could I tell?
Also what were those things called - chemical equations?
Something like:

Fe + HCL ->
@Wildcat What are you laughing at. It's not funny.
@FISOCPP indeed it is
4:52 PM
@FISOCPP chemical reaction is defined only if both reactants and products are specified.
Never mind - will you help me or not?
@FISOCPP what help do you need?
How can I know if a some equation is a redox?

Without knowing the produced substance.
How to tell if:

Fe + HCL ->
Fe + HCl depends on the conditions. But the most probable outcome is FeCl3 and H2
Is a redox or not?
4:53 PM
it is
@FISOCPP What is the oxidation state of Fe?
@FISOCPP this is nonsense, as I already said. Chemical reaction is reactants -> products. If you don't know what the products are there is no answer.
In the reactants and in the products?
The question is this in my book/
The question is actually two-fold.
4:54 PM
You need to deduce the products with some voodoo @FISO. There's no other way to know.
1) You have to write the reactants.
It's like saying "solve 2x".
2) You can then answer what is the type of reaction.
1) You have to write products, I mean.
Wait I'm translating the exact question. It's on bulgarian.
How do we know what the products will be?
I think this is you question.
4:56 PM
probability and educated guesses
Complete the chemical reaction only on redoxes. Deduce the oxidizer and reducer.
@FISOCPP then it's obvious that it is a redox reaction ...
Yes, deduce the products.
And the there are the incomplete equations without chemical products.
That is the way it works.
You have to know some types of chemical reactions.
+ some exceptions
Yes, at this level chemistry is not like a math.
You have to memorize a lot.
4:59 PM
And what exactly should I know here?
For instance, most of the time when a metal is mixed with an acid, the metal replaces hydrogen in the acid.
This is very common redox reaction.
Every chemist in the world knows that.
You have to learn this as well, if you want to master chemistry.
So, when you have Fe + HCl
you can expect something like FeCln + H2 at the right side of the chemical equation.
The only question is what is the value of n?
Is there any source for those common reactions?
Any textbook should in principle have them.
textbooks, google, ...
but there is no short list
there are literally myriads of chemical reaction types
they can be combined in few categories, yes
but this short list of categories won't help you
5:04 PM
So how then it's maths?
it is not math
For me it's a religion or history.
it is science
applied science
Yeah, because you're not studying real chemistry.
You're just reading the introduction.
A brochure.
for redox reactions you can have a look at listed redox potentials. they then can tell you about which reaction partner gets oxidized/reduced.
5:05 PM
@IͶΔ Tell me real chemistry then.
@FISOCPP We're all trying to learn real chemistry dude.
"Give me a thousand books in a bunch of chat messages"
A religion. End of the question.
Yeah yeah whatever.
2 days ago, by pH13
@Catija to annoy @IͶΔ
Chemistry is my religion.
Chemistry is no religion ... that's bs
5:07 PM
Nice but it's not also mine and so I'm basically screw*.
@pH13 Now that's a religion.
@FISOCPP you actually do not want to learn chemistry but the answers on chemistry questions. that's your problem.
and that's not the way it will work
@FISOCPP if you don't like a particular subject at school, it does not mean that it is religion.
Wow. Have I told you you'd make a good philosopher @pH13?
I want to pass my exam.
5:08 PM
That's exactly why it doesn't work.
And I consider studying something as an option.
Look. I'm a student too. I hate a buttload of subjects we've got at school. Like LitCrit.
@FISOCPP is chemistry exam obligatory?
You either have to be very good at making yourself enjoy something, or you have to not aim at getting a high score in the exam.
5:09 PM
It never is a good end.
It would never incentivize you.
Unless you're a nerd like me.
@IͶΔ ;)
@FISOCPP how much time do you have to prepare?
Hey, I was breaking chat everyday. <proud> — IͶΔ 7 mins ago
@IͶΔ Well it kinda does for some other things. Like maths - there I can memorize some formulas or history - some dates and things that have happened.
But here it seems I would need to memorize the whole book.
Nah, you don't need to memorize it.
5:11 PM
@FISOCPP There are only a few rules guidelines.
You need to analyze the stuff, look for general trends and principles.
Chem exam has always been the easiest exam of all, IMO.
Yeah and C, C++ ones too.
C++ is much harder than Chemistry.
5:13 PM
Especially, chemistry at school level.
Besides, C++ sucks while chemistry ROCKS! :D
I agree with the first part.
Thing is, school chemistry was never a lesson.
School chemistry is terrible. I could agree with that.
It's just a bunch of "hello, real chemists laugh at these things:"
The problem is that this is not the last terrible thing you have to pass in your life.
5:14 PM
And a boring list ensues.
I could summarize my whole textbook in two pages.
the son of a good friend always wanted me to help him with his chemistry homework. as I am a nice person I wanted to help by asking question not giving answers ... that he might understand stuff by thinking about it. the end was that he didn't think about it but tried with brute force ... is it a? no ... b? no ... c? no ... well, then it's d ... woohoo ... was quite funny to see
"as I am a nice person" cough
cough cough
make the kannada-eyes to yourself please
@IͶΔ ಠ_ಠ
thank you
5:19 PM
@IͶΔ How you dare speak of the little cute furry @pH13 like that?
@IͶΔ why do you stop?
Q: KOH Neutralization

SteveIf I have 12,000 gallons of 54% Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) solution with a pH of 14 and want to neutralize this with 33% Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) to get the pH to a value of 12, how many gallons of HCL will be required???

This is the coolest gravatar identicon I've seen.
do you know if they are randomly generated or based on some data?
It had to be a HW dumper. ┬─┬ ノ( ^_^ノ)
@pH13 Randomly generated based on email.
so the mail is the seed?
5:24 PM
6:21 PM
Hello again.
I think I found a chemistry tutorial that is readable for me.
What do you think?
I mean like I kinda get what does it says + big font + pictures + short text.
Well, I still don't know what you know.
I know some basics but nothing specific.
So what do you think - is this tutorial any useful?
For thermochemistry and finding the equations I asked about before?
@pentavalentcarbon the basis set thing should arise from the usage of gauss-type orbitals.
@pH13 Orbital overlap would occur even if I were using Slater-type orbitals.
I'm reading it anyway - it's the only thing I could more then 4 minutes about the subject.
6:29 PM
@pentavalentcarbon I try to translate what I was told
Q: What is the reason that there are so many questions at this stack (physics) comparing to the others?

Marijn As far as I know on this physics stack are far more questions posted than other stacks. But why is that. I can't imagine that a study of biology, chemistry or history etc. would comprise less detailed information or question. Is that because in physics is so much unclear comparing to other studie...

Just out of the curiosity
Do you, chemists, agree with my ideas in comments there or not?
@penta the radial distribution of CGTOs lies beneath the one from STO (for the range >= bond length). with increasing basis set size you lift this which will result in a lower bond length
@Wildcat I like the reaction: "feel free to waste your time ..." xD
Knee-jerk. Literally
@Wildcat I think you are right correlating computer affinity with the science field. that's why I think we have so many computational guys around here. because we like computers and need to use them the whole day long, whereas lab guys don't have the time for that because they need to synthesize their stuff.
yep, exactly
6:41 PM
and those lab guys who want to participate in their evenings from home are quite few because lab work can be exhaustive
But that wouldn't cause the change @Wild.
The real factor is time.
what was this site about how many users per day/month/year?
You can get some stats with SE.com itself too.
quantcast ... mom
Ah that one
6:52 PM
What is phase boundary?
I'm reading cell diagram.
I'm not getting those vertical lines ;/
Chemwiki says, they represent the phase boundary
Since, salt bridge has two phase boundaries, there are two vertical lines.
Now, can anyone tell me what phase boundary means?
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