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3:53 PM
Q: Find sum of odd numbers

fR0DDYWrite a program to find the sum of all odd numbers between a given range [a,b]. Input consists of a single line containing two integers a and b separated by a space. 0 <= a,b <= 10,000. Sample Inputs 1 5 4 8 1 8 0 5 Sample Outputs 9 12 16 9

1P5 doesn't work too well :-(
4:51 PM
@Joey ::doing my William Shatner chewing the scenery impression::
@dmckee Erm, what? Help?
Note that I know William Shatner only from being Captain Kirk in Star Trek and I have seen roughly three episodes of that, I think ;)
1 hour later…
6:10 PM
@Joey You make me feel old. Very old. Shatner's performance in the second movie is memorable enough to have generated a little meme of sorts.
6:49 PM
@dmckee Hm, I think I have seen that. Nothing I remember, though :)
Funny how my sigh has six upvotes already ;)
What I don't get is why you'd answer it?
@RebeccaChernoff The task is trivial, boring and too easy. Doesn't mean it cannot be answered, though. Answering a task and downvoting it is not mutually exclusive in my mind
At least I don't see downvoting a task here as »This is unanswerable or so badly-written that no one can post a useful answer«, it's more a »I don't particularly like this task«. For me at least.
So you're spending time on things you don't like? (;
7:23 PM
@RebeccaChernoff If it's only half a minute it doesn't hurt that much ;)
Admittedly, with the sudden change in the task which made trivial looping impossible it was a little more time spent. Still, it's not much compared to tasks I like.
codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/1255/hitting-495-kaprekar was seemingly simple, although very fun to do, though :)
7:58 PM
@Joey I'd like to suggest a reason you might consider not answering the really easy ones: the authors may see answers as validation, as proof that people like the questions.
8:47 PM
@dmckee As I have noted on meta a few days ago, the answer count is not necessarily a criterion for a good question.
And that trivial tasks get a bunch of answers quickly is probably no real surprise.
Well, of course, not. But it doesn't matter how I see it or how you see it. It matters how the authors of the trivial questions see it.
@dmckee Since they currently have a negative reputation sum on that question I would hope the message is clear.
Or is that your moderator voice right now? :)
Then I'have to bow to that, probably
No, not my moderator voice.
Just me trying to get into the heads that are posting these things.
Trying to understand why they do it.
I doubt they read meta or follow the chat
This "validataion" idea is the only theory I have going right now.
8:54 PM
you can't stop it completely, though. As the less meta-ish-active members won't refrain from posting answers, I guess
There was something, though ...
Q: Tags regarding difficulty

I think that we should tag puzzles (or whatever) with an estimated difficulty tag. That way people who want a real challenge can find it and those who are just starting out can find ones they might be more able to solve. For example consider: Distance between hands on clock vs: Shortest path i...

We could force-tag trivial questions with something like or so
People who don't like them can ignore them, then
Although most people on SO didn't like that option too well, if I remember correctly
»I'm so offended by code golf questions that I want to see them and continue to be enraged that they exist«
(nota bene: I still like the difficulty tag idea, actually. And I think difficulty of the puzzles can be judged)
Anyway, being silent now. Before you all want my head for destroying the site :-)
I'll keep the thing about trivial questions in mind, though I still consider votes and answers to be different judgment criteria.
@dmckee It could also be that they are just bored and post whatever they have floating around in their heads. I did that once, admittedly. It's my poorest-voted question to boot.
It could also be that they just don't see the feedback. Muntoo had two questions closed by now, yet they still continue.
@Joey That's a really possibility along with "just want to be part of this", but I have a hard to understanding those are causes for repeated low quality posts.
@dmckee They might think this to be similar to anagol
Maybe one of the mods should just comment on a question of them that hints on using the sandbox first, along with a link. We have it in the FAQ by now, but no one reads those, apparently.
As for low-quality ... well, I wouldn't see trivial tasks that are relatively well-written (i.e. can be answered before spending a dozen comments on clarifications) as inherently low-quality. There is a difference between Find the sum of odd numbers and April Fools Joke, I think.
(minitech is also on a good way of becoming a strange question-asker ;))
100 % close-rate :P

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