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3:34 AM
I was a bit surprised to see this answer downvoted so heavily:
A: How do you explain to your boss they're wrong without making them feel threatened?

Sarel BothaIn this specific scenario, you may not actually need to prove your boss is wrong. Instead, this could perhaps be resolved by prioritizing issues. Are you using an issue tracking system? If so, put this in the system and set the priority of it lower. The manager can decide if other things are mo...

I think I see where the answerer was going with this. He was taking a more creative approach to solving this particular problem with the boss, and that may not have been clear. I edited it to emphasize that the answerer wasn't just soapboxing. Hope this helps!
3 hours later…
6:39 AM
@jmort253 it doesn't look particularly creative to me, taking into account that idea of prioritizing stuff has been expressed in 2 or 3 other answers, including much better detailed presentation of it in jmac's answer
> That makes it a bug. A low-priority bug perhaps. A bug that shouldn't be fixed perhaps. But it certainly is a bug since the presence of something else on the machine caused your product not to work...
7 hours later…
2:05 PM
xD just checked over my flags, and noticed one of them was disputed, so i went to check it out, thinking it had been edited and made higher quality, invalidating my flag giving me a chance to re-review it, and it turns out the rest of the community got it deleted just after the dispution of my flag anyway
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4:36 PM
I want to thank everyone on TheWorkplace for helping me to learn more about professional development and job searching. I recently got a job offer at a really great company and it is largely due to what I have learned on this site! They have a basketball court, a cafeteria, hiking trails and lots of people my age to work with and I can't wait to start.
I have been looking for a good job (read: 40 hour weeks, reasonable work conditions, using new programming languages, etc) for months now and I'm glad that I made myself be extra picky because it was worth the wait.
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6:29 PM
Q: What should I do if I was dismissed for personal reasons?

user9327Some time ago, I was let go from my job. While it was sudden and unexpected, I understood and accepted the situation. However, I've come to suspect that my dismissal had to do with a personal conflict. This person, whom I'll call Q, and I had a personal matter between us turn sour. To be clear:...

I think that questions should never get anonymized and people who answer crappy questions should be flogged publicly

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