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3:22 PM
It's whack-a-mole bad question Monday?
@enderland apparently
Q: I'm chronically late to work: how do I change this?

BeetleTheNeatoSince I started working on May, I'm always late. Not by minutes, but hours. Last month I logged the hour I arrived at my desk every day and calculated I'm on average 1.5 hour late. I've been trying very hard to change this behaviour. My boss tells me all I need to do to get a promotion is to con...

this is a question I'm not sure if should be here or not, it definitely has a good element of workplace to it but the question is fundamentally not really a workplace isseu
Also, in an unrelated but frustrating note, why does gmail auto cut all previous email in a reply? this is obnoxious
It only does for you; it sorts it out into the conversation above the reply. It still send it, I believe
no, I think it's tied to hitting "r" to reply
WTF google
if I hit "reply" it gives expandable ",,," which restore it
The text is still there, it's just not showing it to you in the text box
3:34 PM
I don't think so
I just tested; only a random line got quoted
I exclusively use the keyboard shortcut r
it seems inconsistent
Are you sure the previous email in the reply chain didn't manually mangle it? It shows the full reply chain in every mail I check it in
I don't believe the keyboard shortcut is any different from the other methods of reaching the reply box
This is annoying. Now I cannot replicate it...
ooooh whackamole is on the meta side too?
@YannisRizos nice comment. LOL :P
@RhysW Well that's good advice in general, but there's at least one very entertaining activity that I'd like to keep in the bedroom, regardless of how it affects my sleeping patterns. — Yannis Rizos 24 mins ago
@enderland yeah, I was disapointed to see that in my inbox this morning
@enderland also thanks to testing that I had 5 empty drafts saved
3:50 PM
hah! :)
I kinda get how it saves a draft if you hit reply but don't type...but I don't get why it saves a draft when you have no text, To field or subject...I end up with those on occasion too
That is an annoying sitautino
An empty message with a "to" field is a reminder (maybe). But... a totally empty message to no one?
especially since I'm a "no drafts" guy :)
I save drafts for my immoral and or illicit contacts
3:52 PM
4:06 PM
Oh great, a unicorn! A horse that can stab me! Here, cow, why don't you hold this gun?! Will we ever learn.
2 hours later…
5:54 PM
I just love computer issues
6:35 PM
@jcmeloni I think the productivity question is good for this site
it is as much of a workplace issue as many of our other questions (which are often purely interpersonal relationship questions)
6:57 PM
A: How can I be assertive without being rude or offensive?

enderlandSummary Accept it is partially your problem too Review your communication as best possible from a "what does this come across as" perspective Focus on why vs what (practical non-comprehensive list of suggestions) Practice, practice, practice Step One Before we start, let's address this: ...

for example, this question is no more "workplace focused" than the productivity question
1 hour later…
8:10 PM
@enderland Except that the "how can I be assertive" question says "...in the workplace" etc etc (about interpersonal communication between colleagues) and the one in question is very specifically (per the OP at one point) about lacking personal discipline.
Secondarily, I think if we look at how the comments have gone, it's rapidly moved to a very localized question about the OP's personal habits. The only workplace thing is "My boss tells me all I need to do to get a promotion is to consistently arrive on time," which is to me still just a "how do I change my personal behavior" question...
....I'm making an assumption that lacking personal discipline/not being on time is not unique to the work environment.
But hey! That's why there are discussions, here and among mods, and @BenBrocka was supposed to do something as his last gasp as a mod....
@jcmeloni shrug 3 off topic votes, 4 votes total, sent it off to productivity
@BenBrocka LAST GASP
(thanks! I hadn't been able to check back in on it until now)
8:31 PM
I just checked because you pinged me
@BenBrocka so my nefarious plan worked
@enderland I made a few suggestions to SE, and @jmort253 was my first choice. Lots of other great candidates (I recommended four others), but James had (imho) the most balanced Meta/main participation and was already familiar with the tools (he's a mod on Project Management).
...not assuming that they listened to me in any way though, my first choice becoming a moderator is probably entirely coincidental.
9:23 PM
@YannisRizos Going out on a limb here (not really), I'm pretty sure jmort (oh hey, his name is James...I just always call him jmort in my head) was on the top of a few different people's lists. Go with "great minds think alike".
Nah, my guess is when someone is a lot of people's first choice for becoming a moderator... they are more likely to become that moderator ;)
I find myself upvoting answers/questions every time I google and get to them... is this normal? (not necessarily on Workplace...)
9:43 PM
@jcmeloni Well... there's a bit of a pattern, my first choices usually get the job ;P
10:00 PM
@YannisRizos I recommended him and 2 others in my email to SE too

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