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6:01 PM
I am seeing a trend of several answers that are borderline identical in a lot of questions:-/
@PaulDonny yup

Does all of those answers say the exact same thing to you?
@Chad :/ steve
@Chad side note, we now have a house rabbit!
Is it an english lop?
brought one of them in from outside, as it was getting bullied, and trained it not to poop everywhere. now its our stay indoors rabbit
we let it out to run around obviously
6:05 PM
but it also has free reign over the living room
What do you think, is this mod-nominee question too "leading" towards either position?
A: 2014 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

RachelDo you think your actions towards lower-quality posts will be more like an Exception Handler or a Janitor? To put it another way, do you prefer to sit back and let the community try to resolve if questions should be closed or open on their own, or do you prefer to step in as soon as you can to t...

@Rachel ooh thats a good one