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12:07 AM
Comment has 5 upvotes, yet only 4 close votes. Saddened I am. This question is getting poor answers because the question is poor -- it should be closed or edited ideally...
Hey umair, and welcome to The Workplace. As-is, this isn't a great fit with the guidelines in our help center because it is asking you if it's okay to feel the way you do, and not an actual problem that you're facing that can be solved. If you could edit to focus on a specific issue ("How can I request my manager not to call my personal number for work-related questions?") then you will get better answers. Thanks in advance! — jmac 17 hours ago
I'll just edit and save y'all the headache.
I didn't realize bethlakshmi is from Boston -- I would love to work there. If she pops in, let her know that I'm interested in talking about networking with companies in the area?
12:57 AM
Hey @enderland, could you explain why you think this question is on topic? While I was commenting after my DV/CV, I noticed you posted an answer.
@jmac I'm editing it right now
making sig edits
@jmac she's not been in chat... ever as much as I can tell
I could have sworn I've seen her in chat before.
you mightbe thinking trello?
Hi user17247, I made a fairly substancial edit to your question to focus on the more on topic components. Asking for "what should I do" is off topic and requesting lists of skills to learn is as well (see the FAQ). I have focused this on the core question it seems you are asking so you can hopefully get more focused answers. If this changes your intent too much, feel free to edit but keep in mind what is off topic. — enderland 12 secs ago
I made a pretty significant edit
Q: Typo in a resume?

SaudateHello stack exchange community! I am a graduating student in college and I recently started hunting for internship jobs as part of our university's academic requirements. I am currently looking for Internships related with IT industry (developer, project manager assistant, quality assurance, e...

1:13 AM
The close queue is giving me heartache.
Our close voters are all over the place.
What drives me nuts still is:
a) Our on-topic page does not match our close reasons
b) Our on-topic page talks about what's off-topic
c) Our most used off-topic close reason is quite vague
We really should get around to fixing those...
I was hoping for replies whether they were answers or opinions as long as it helps :) Thanks! — Saudate 59 secs ago
It's a dupe at any rate:
Q: How should I approach a careless error in a submitted resume/CV that dramatically changes perception?

stupidhumanThis is one of those human errors that I know, and we all know, every single one of makes yet still leaves me with a pit in my stomach and is incredibly embarrassing to make on a resume. I submitted a resume this morning with a stupid error. I had listed my years in college as 1996--2000 ...

I wish you could change your CV reason,, meh
1:22 AM
Don't worry about it. Should be closed as a dupe by others.
It only takes one to select the dupe, and most people will usually pick that.
I should pack
Where are you going?
Business or pleasure?
1:27 AM
Awesome, enjoy the vacation, leave the review queues to us
yeah I'm excited, going to have my phone off for most of it
Ever-secretive enderland
You going to Disney World?
maybe sea world though
Hope the weather is nice
I am heading off to the US to visit family in April/May, but that hardly counts as a real vacation. Bali, Indonesia in August -- now that's a vacation.
yeah I'll be happy either way I think, going to be camping (which I love)
1:29 AM
I spent my first birthday on a canoe trip.
There were no life vests designed for babies, so my mother made one herself. She sent me to swimming lessons so she could test it by throwing me in the pool with it on
Apparently an article describing the process of planning camping with a 1-year old in tow was published in some outdoorsy magazine of some sort back in the day (a long long time ago).
I like camping
finally have a tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag which work now
I live in the middle of a city over over a million right now, but 15 minutes from my apartment I can be up in the mountains.
Japan isn't big on nature for many portions of it, but there are a few great places where you can get the best of both worlds.
1:57 AM
yeah I bet
2:12 AM
sup @Karlson
Hi @enderland
how goes it?
2:48 AM
@StephanKolassa I can relate to that. Sometimes it is nice to not have to take the risk of being the decision maker because then you don't have to own the consequences. However, I've found I've always thrived in environments that were more hands off. It can be more stressful, but it can also be more rewarding, IMHO.
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4:00 AM
Apparently April 2012 is one year ago. Yeah.
Depressing, almost all of our highest views/day questions are hot list questions according to this query. I am having trouble figuring out how to properly identify what people are coming from search engines to our site to find. Knowing that would help us improve our resource...
4:19 AM
@jmac I wouldn't overthink it too much. We're growing. People find the resource helpful and that's because there are solutions to problems that they're googling for. This happened with a balanced moderation policy that involved almost all the decision making spread across a community of editors, close/reopen voters, question askers and answerers. :)
1 hour later…
5:21 AM
@jmort253 The goal for me is to find out which posts of ours are useful so that I can start looking at what people actually need help with, and therefore how we should work to categorize our info in a helpful way. I think that providing sets of common questions would really improve our ability to figure out what to focus on curating and/or making canonical answers for
In other news, I really want to name my firstborn quandl, as they provide such an awesome service that is desperately needed.
5:54 AM
Please, @jmort, if you are around, please close this question:
Q: Software craftsmanship vs a job?

cravingtolearnI have been working for almost a year now as an Android developer. I have of course learned lots of things in my current company. Well, it's actually I research on things that I am new at. I won't call myself as a professional developer, as I have been working professionally in software developme...

It has all the perfect characteristics of a hot question:
1) 100% opinion-based
2) About programming
3) Poorly written
4) Plenty of wiggle-room for people to answer whatever they want
@jmac I think I saw that a few weeks ago, or a similar service. Way cool!
I would wait for 5 people, but it has already collected 3 poor answers that all seem to disagree on what the actual question is.
@jmort253 It is awesome. That site and gapminder just have such rich data sets that are relatively easily accessible, it makes me happy.
The thing about quandl is that it has way more obscure data sets that are difficult to find elsewhere. Just picked up a dataset daily that took me 2 hours of googling to find yearly elsewhere. No registration required. No hassles. Just a quick and easy ability to get the data. If I were a programmer, I would love working there.
@jmac It's probably some pretty analytical stuff too.
@jmort253 No, that's the beauty -- they do zero analysis, they give you the raw data and tools to do your own. Which is fantastic for me, as I greatly dislike pre-analyzed data unless the methodology is correct and crystal clear
1 hour later…
7:25 AM
these SO questions would be quite hot if there were as much upvotes there as at Workplace! stackoverflow.com/questions/22389931/… and stackoverflow.com/questions/22342854/…
there are so many helpful answers there, why these are upvoted so little?
1 hour later…
8:37 AM
@jmac agree AGREE and agree, b was the one that really irked me but haven't had a chance to throw suggestions / alternatives at it yet
turns out one of our clients still pays for us to support as far back as ie7 :/
Q: 'On-Topic' and 'Off-Topic' sections of the help center

jmac Now that we have graduated, I think we should re-visit this discussion. As an official site, we should strive to clearly state what is on- and off-topic here to help guide new users to become productive contributors, and lessen confusion over why certain types of questions are closed. Backgr...

6 months old, and continuing to age like fine wine.
9:40 AM
Maybe more descriptive close reasons with clearer distinctions will make it easier to identify the right reason for the right question
even without an up-to-date on- and off-topic section
provided, the close reasons are easier to influence than the help center, of course
2 hours later…
11:49 AM
@HugoRocha morning
@jmac I will eventually put together a list of close reasons like what programmers.SE has as that seems to work out pretty nicely for them
12:40 PM
@HugoRocha Good day, sir
1:27 PM
A: What is the optimal algorithm for the game 2048

Krisztinaif I open this http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/, my table is completaly empty. How can I start the game? thanks, K

best answer ever
@jmac It did not have a post notice... but it got one then got deleted...
1:48 PM
@HugoRocha especially because it bumped the question, helped it and answers get more upvotes and move higher in the hot list. also, it will help me increase flag count :)
@gnat ahhahaha! :D Judgement time!
@gnat Maybe that's an even better strategy :D than 'just' lemming-voting
@CMW I thought about it, it's attractive but unsafe - deletions at SO are so much easier than at TWP, so practicing it continually will bump one into answer ban soon :)
while we're at it, another SO question with many answers that look worth upvoting - stackoverflow.com/questions/22402701/…
LEmmings to the cliff : stackoverflow.com/q/22389931/715292
@Chad I just upvoted all those
feels good, now I get why people do it to us so often
2:04 PM
A: C# Serialize Dictionary<ulong,ulong> to JSON

Michael FreidgeimThe blog http://dukelupus.wordpress.com/2011/05/04/asp-net-mvc-json-and-a-generic-dictionary/ describes an extension method Dictionary ToJsonDictionary(this Dictionary input)

^^^ @gnat - This seems like a classic link-only answer; but I flagged it and the mods weren't interested in fixing/deleting it.
@gnat: Did I misunderstand the "link-only" directive?
@gnat There is such a thing? meh :)
2:25 PM
Q: How to Deliver Resignation Letter To My Boss Who is Not Located on Site

d4v1dcl4rk3My contract states that I must give 4 weeks notice in writing to end my contract. The issue I am facing is one of logistics. My boss works schedule is hectic, he either working from home, liaising with clients or working from the office. I am located at a client site far from his location. What s...

didn't we just have this question?
How do people not know how mail works?
kids these days...
what is mail
2:57 PM
Q: Can we get some consensus on what flag to use for link only answers?

Manishearth Related: Since moderators are just asking users to flag a custom "Link only answer," can we permanently make this a flag option? (not a dupe, that's a feature request and was closed as a dupe of another one) This (old) post does indeed say that Link-only answers can be flagged as NAA, bu...

@CMW there is such a thing as 2,000 users with delete answer privileges. For comparison, at Workplace we've got 4 (f.o.u.r) such users...
@BilltheLizard oh, nothing wrong with downvotes... provided a site having 2,000 trusted users, active 24x7, ready to quickly delete most blatant garbage — gnat Mar 10 at 8:25
...of course, it doesn't hurt when site is focused on strictly technical, coding questions, so that answers quality is easy to verify by firing up an IDE and compiling the code. Quite a pity that whiteboard doesn't have a compilergnat Mar 10 at 8:53
I hope somebody gets that joke...
@gnat I've got to grab some lemming-rep from a couple of those hot questions
Turn those votes to something useful at least
3:25 PM
@CMW yup, my understanding is, SE staff believes that lemming upvotes will help rise high-rep users who in turn will bring the order back. This works, but only to some extent - Programmers is a good example. Years passed, population of hi-rep users grew, but hot questions still remain a problem. Burn the house to make a steak
this trick with bringing order back seem to work only on sites of SO scale, that is 100x larger than Programmers / 500x larger than Workplace
@gnat So the idea is to make those users who lemming-answer bad questions rise to high-rep users... that's gonna do good...
Teach 'em to do the wrong things so they can bring order in the long run
@CMW not exactly. Remember, low quality answers in hot questions get little votes (formula breaks only on multiplying their number on question score), better answer typically gain more upvotes / repz. That is, at average it helps to rise those who answer better. Things break only later - okay, suppose we've got enough hi-repz, now how to bring the order to hot questions? you can see this "phase" at Programmers, sooner or later it will come to Workplace...
...unless something changes in hot questions first
> In 9 examples of "sticky" questions listed so far, 83 of total 254 answers (about 1/3) have score less than 1/100 of top scored post...
A: Don't let questions stick to the top of the hot questions list forever

gnatOne problem with hot questions seems to be that there is no way for "hotness algorithm" to differentiate genuine popularity from fake one, that is from popularity introduced by the algorithm itself. The issue probably wasn't even noticeable when current algorithm was introduced in 2008, since S...

lemming answerers get little repz or no repz at all with low quality posts (CW kicks in to block them). They only decrease quality level of the site
3:59 PM
people are very slow to upvote on SO I think, too, be interesting to look at average votes/view by site
4:11 PM
A: Why are votes per post on the decrease (what can we do to improve this)?

Jon EricsonWarning: graph- and speculation-heavy post follows. I don't know what happened, but that trend has been reversed: After a low of ~1.9 votes/post in March of 2011, the rate has settled into a range between 2.6 and 2.8. That got me thinking about the network as a whole. For instance, I lo...

oh wait votes per view is different
not votes per post
@enderland ask Jon to use his magic skills to get a picture similar to that, but for votes / views?
Is it possible to get something like "average votes/view" by site, for both question/answer? We have been discussing this in Workplace and wonder if this affects the "hot questions" problems we have. — enderland 7 secs ago
@enderland Hmmm... I'm not sure what the "hot questions" problem is..
Do you go around downvoting every answer that overlaps, or is a subset, of another? What would we see if we went through your answer history? Are you a hypocrite or just being a jerk today? — Emmet 59 secs ago
4:20 PM
@JonEricson we get questions constantly on the "hot questions" list which generally solicit tons of spammy crap answers
I suspect this is because we get higher votes/view, than say Stack Overflow
but it means everytime a question goes to the "hot questions" list we start having to do damage control
also talk about fast response time :D
@enderland You can thank the new top bar for that. ;-)
And I just got my morning coffee.
@enderland Is there a metapost about that?
@JonEricson there's a lot of discussion about how "hot questions" affects sites, but not really a good "why"
most people on meta.SO tend to be from Stack Overflow and not the subsites
(that's my perspective at least)
so the "hot questions" list is normally "who cares"
@enderland Not that this helps now, but we are close to splitting m.SE from m.SO. (Or the other way around. I can't remember.)
@enderland Well, there's two sides to "hot questions": 1) more junk from the outside, and 2) more awesome answers from the outside.
I've seen both.
we get considerably more junk
because everyone has an opinion on workplace issues
Q: The Anatomy of a Hot Question

jmacHere is the traffic since The Workplace was created: These are the three questions that caused those huge spikes in traffic: Is it rude to leave an interview early if you have already made your decision? How should I deal with an employee who has slept with my wife? What is a 'friendly' ...

4:30 PM
@enderland I can believe that. This site isn't what most people... THIS.
@gnat Cool. I don't think I've read that one yet.
the answers are good perspectives, in my opinion
I think this happens much more for "subjective" types of sites where people can have opinions
programmers has it too, I think
@JonEricson worth noting that "more awesome answers from outside" is out of scope of officially stated purpose of the hot questions, which as of now is stated as simply exposing entertaining / interesting stuff to network wide audience. I haven't seen any official statement about their intended use saying it's to attract awesome answers from outside
we're fortunate here to have the ability for non-moderators to protect instantly as a result (I think someone hassled @Shog to do this? I really don't know how it played out)
for the sake of completeness, Anna attempted at this a while ago, but per my reading it was rather presented as her personal opinion...
A: Why can only moderators protect questions less than 1 day old?

Anna LearI'm not so sure that "proactively" protecting questions is beneficial. You could be missing out on good answers from people who aren't already established on your site before you even run into any problems. Not every popular question will attract spam and crappy answers from new users and not ev...

Jan 21 at 0:10, by jmac
Hey guys, for your reference, if we get slammed by hot questions again in the future and start racking up bad answers, Shog has enabled question protection by trusted users without having to wait 24 hours just for TWP. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, so don't abuse it or he'll revoke it.
thanks, must be a custom thing for our site, that's nice
4:39 PM
@JonEricson while you're at it, another MSO post worth reading to make sure you didn't miss details of the picture:
Q: What is the Goal of "Hot Network Questions"?

jmacThere has been a tug-of-war in the hot-questions list. Community members like JonW seem to be unhappy with the traffic that it brings to their site: 'But we want to encourage people to post, that's the whole point of the HQ list!' I hear you cry. I disagree. We want to encourage people to th...

5:06 PM
in The Whiteboard, yesterday, by Yannis Rizos
Rename "Hot Network Questions" to "gnat's picks"
6:06 PM
dont we have a how do i leverage my advanced degree question?
6:17 PM
Q: How can I use my masters degree to get a higher salary?

workerBoyI have almost completed my masters degree in computer science. I have interviewed at a lot of companies, where they told me that they don't think a Masters degree is necessary for a software developer. They don't give any special preference to a Masters degree holder: in their eyes we have the ...

1 hour later…
7:26 PM
Q: How should I tell a coworker their headphones are too loud?

GlenH7I work in an open cubicle environment. We're no different than any other environment and things can get pretty noisy. Not all the time, but it's pretty standard for everyone to have a pair of headphones or ear-buds at their desk. I have an across-the-wall coworker who frequently listens to his...

4 Answers. Already on the hot list
A: Recruiter fell through, can/should I approach the company directly?

gnasher729The recruiter told you that the job fell through. Therefore, you have no obligation towards the recruiter whatsoever. He isn't going to get you a job at the company, and he told you so. He won't get any payment from the company if they hire you. Now since this all sounds a bit dodgy, I don't kn...

@CMW good, hopefully I can farm rep nom nom nom
oh, good point.
have to have dinner
@CMW solution to prevent the issues is known. There are 5 or 6 nice fat SO questions in hot list now, all literally begging for upvotes to redirect lemmings there...
yesterday, by gnat
...no need to waste time convincing Shog or whoever there. No need to invest effort into lengthy meta posts. No rep points to loose. Not much time to spend. Just make it a habit to open hot list once or twice a day, pick SO stuff from there and do the lemming ride. Every upvote you cast doing it, makes a step towards educating people about the pain we feel here...
@gnat oh absolutely. This was more so you guys could keep an eye on at and protect it should the need arise
7:43 PM
This doesn't really address the main questions at all, those being "how do I address my attendance" and the lack of reference... — enderland 13 secs ago
This doesn't even attempt to address the main question being asked. — enderland 2 mins ago
An answer saying "the answers to your questions will reveal themselves" is not really an answer, is it? — enderland 52 secs ago
This is a lot of commentary but doesn't address the core question. — enderland 8 secs ago
This doesn't really begin to answer the question but is rather just commentary on the question. — enderland 12 secs ago
yesterday, by gnat
@Chad no, it wasn't. It was protected only after 4 days and after getting 14 or 15 answers already, that's too late. Just. way. too. late. Protection should have been there at least 2 days earlier. And I told it before and I repeat again my advice to lemming-upvote SO posts in the hot list. That's the most straightforward way to educate SE team that these issues aren't just "the fault of troublesome sites"...
though, I definitely followed your comments. Feel free to post more, I love it when broken windows get fixed and garbage gets collected
I try to add comments to everything I flag
other than obvious junk
A: Dealing with "Find out who's going to buy the croissants"

gnatI wasn't going to go out on a limb but since a follow up question has been asked... More importantly, why is it any of your business? ...I would like to address that. I for one am concerned about answers rather than the question. What I see in "Croissants", look painfully familiar to an is...

I downvoted maybe several hundreds low quality answers and pain and effort involved in making a difference goes far beyond tiny puny -1 rep penalty for the answer downvote.

Don't expect to make a difference if you just drop downvote and run away. Chances for it to work are less than 50/50, probably something like 30 against 70 or even 20:80. Yes, and that's fair, low effort makes low impact.

When other readers look at the answer having negative score without an explanation, they tend to think (unless it's obviously horrible) WTH guy invested an effort to write something and got downvoted
heh yeah
Does it feel fair? decide for yourself. Oh and please don't forget, that when you think you're done with all the crappy answers that were posted, next hot question comes and mis-education rolls the next round.

Don't hope that it will somehow miss this time - no. The way how buggy collider score damages questions is reliable and predictable, it will go round and round and round again until the hell freezes over. When you know how collider bug works, following to what happens to hot question is like watching the train wreck in the slow motion.
8:00 PM
@StephanKolassa great edit! It's really helpful to explain "why" for future readers, this answer does it now. +1 — enderland 5 secs ago
@Chad and @CMW you guys might want to see if that is enough to reverse your downvote there
significant edit to the answer
8:27 PM
@enderland I never even down-voted, just left a comment
nice edit though
and the next patient is right below :D
A: How to Deliver Resignation Letter To My Boss Who is Not Located on Site

Michael Martinezemail is sufficient. Keep a copy of the email you send, and cc: yourself at one of your personal email addresses, and cc: HR. Nothing more is needed from a legal standpoint. From a courtesy standpoint, talk to your boss of course, give him/her a heads up.

8:50 PM
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about the specifics of GlassDoor. — Wesley Long 10 mins ago
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