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2:44 AM
A: A coworker beat me to resignation. How can I resign in a professional manner?

SteveYou just need to own your own professionalism. Approach your boss in the proper setting, in a quiet room or private area depending on layout. Present him with your written two weeks notice and thank him/her for the opportunity of working in your current place of employ. I'd mention factual rea...

I'm having a tough time wrapping my head around this one. This post focuses purely on how to approach the resignation process. While it does repeat some of the things from other answers, it's much more focused and has a nice objective tone to it.
I did edit it to clean up the grammar, spelling, and whitespace, as well as to add a "for further reading" link.
Ideally, questions like these are ones that can be fixed purely with a little old-fashioned editing, even if it's not the answerer who edits. :)
A: How can we avoid comments intended to be helpful being perceived as unfriendly?

jmort253The main problem with the last two comments is that one is passive aggressive and the other is sarcastic. "Ever hear of Facebook?" When reading it, you can almost hear the sarcastic tone. What it actually sounds like is this: "Ever hear of Facebook, stupid? Here's a good suggestion ...

I just realized that my advice here, especially the analogy, really fits quite nicely with our site's topic.
3:10 AM
@jmort253: Sure does. Everyone should read (and heed) your post.
3:30 AM
One could also argue that the manager is a power hungry control freak. Perhaps the manager is more interested in subduing people command and control-style than creating an environment where workers can be more productive. Not saying you're wrong, but there were empty seats not being used. Maybe the company had plans for them, and that's reasonable. If so, they should explain not dictate. If they did and the asker is leaving that out, shame on the asker, but let's try to look at every angle before passing judgement on folks. :) — jmort253 6 mins ago
Check out the edits on this answer. What a great suggested edit!
A: Cubicle assigned seating in office, requesting change in the face of refusal

jwentingYour manager was annoyed. This tells you that your manager does not like you switching seats, for whatever reason behind it. Instead of visibly being annoyed, he should have taken action and told you to move back to the place you were originally assigned. You say that your company set up assigne...

@parasietje Nice edits!
This is way more objective now.
I think you'll find this article interesting.
It talks about the 3 different leadership styles: autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire (hands-off).
Some of the folks involved in answering that question are more of the autocratic type. "You do what the freaking boss says, dammit! Because he's the BOSS."
Then you can see who the more democratic types are. They're the ones suggesting a meeting, or using facts, references, one's sense of diplomacy to try and enact change.
Lastly, there are the hands-off crowd "Pshaw! I'm just gonna MOVE!"
I don't see too many of the last category. Seems like most of us are either autocratic or democratic.
As an aside, and this is just a thought.... but I wonder if those same labels can be applied to people who aren't in leadership positions.... are there really people who want to work in environments where people tell them what to do and they just do it? Is there a such thing as an "autocratic follower".
Here's something that an "autocratic follower" might say:
> "Well, at my job when the boss tells us to do something, we just do it and we don't ask questions. Last guy who asked questions was escorted out of the building with all his belongings tucked under his arms. Serves him right."
the tone is much similar to the autocratic leader, except from the perspective of the managed instead of the manager...
4:06 AM
36 questions in the close queue. We need more people reviewing methinks...
@jmac For sure.
I have been bad, business trips and the like, but it seems like a lot of stuff can be edited in to shape rather than deleted off the face of the earth if we got quicker comments when the asker is still around.
I've been trying to do flags/reviews every day, so my browsing of actual questions has plummeted if not through those menus, which isn't good...
@jmac Same goes for some of these answers.
I'd like to see more folks extending their comments out to explain what to do to fix the problem, not just simply stating that there's a problem... if that makes sense. :)
Your ravioli sucks....
Your ravioli is a little bland.... but if you used a little less tomato sauce and a little dash of extra salt, it would be amazing!
I'm not a cook... so I'm sure the folks at Seasoned Advice might get a kick out of that...
Yeah, that's what I've been trying to do with my comments since I started making them. Due to the volume that we have post-graduation, I've been a lot more happy to close first and fix later, but that results in some posts being closed without comment....
If your ravioli is bland, you probably don't want to use less tomato sauce -- just sayin'
yeh, that's an area where I'm definitely not an expert... I just mix stuff together that I think would go well and hope for the best.
4:15 AM
I'm not a cook. At all. But if your food is bland, removing flavor probably isn't going to have much success.
Very good point.... I should probably stick to example comments in programming or workplace topics :D
It's like when I try to make programming examples
Q: When should I make edits to code?

jmacThe about page says: Improve posts by editing or commenting Our goal is to have the best answers to every question, so if you see questions or answers that can be improved, you can edit them. Use edits to fix mistakes, improve formatting, or clarify the meaning of a post. The edit...

Some of the comments are just saying, "Yeah, that doesn't mean what you think it does" and fixing my syntax and everything
fun for the whole family!
1 hour later…
5:40 AM
@Chad no, it wasn't. It was protected only after 4 days and after getting 14 or 15 answers already, that's too late. Just. way. too. late. Protection should have been there at least 2 days earlier. And I told it before and I repeat again my advice to lemming-upvote SO posts in the hot list. That's the most straightforward way to educate SE team that these issues aren't just "the fault of troublesome sites"...
A: What is the Goal of "Hot Network Questions"?

Shog9I actually have a slightly different opinion of what "hot" questions are good for: entertainment. When I'm bored, tired of doing actual work or waiting for something to finish running, they're almost always good for a quick - and ideally informative - diversion. This is what I've always used the ...

...no need to waste time convincing Shog or whoever there. No need to invest effort into lengthy meta posts. No rep points to loose. Not much time to spend. Just make it a habit to open hot list once or twice a day, pick SO stuff from there and do the lemming ride. Every upvote you cast doing it, makes a step towards educating people about the pain we feel here...
@enderland by the way, last time we discussed protection criteria, we forgot to take into account SE network-wide "criteria" - 2 days after posting. That's all, that's it: after 2 days you have no special obligations and have a 200% moral right to protect just because - just like any other 15ker at any other SE site
3 hours later…
8:19 AM
@jmort253 Interesting approach regarding democratic/autocratic/laissez-faire. Thanks!
4 hours later…
12:33 PM
I'm happily not in a leadership position, and I'm certainly not overall autocratic... but sometimes it is helpful when the boss decides something and we can just do what he says and stop the interminable discussions - even if the decision seems suboptimal from my POV.

And sometimes I'll actually admit that while I know more about my particular field of expertise, my manager may understand more about the big picture and how my personal favorite implementation ties into resource, architecture or other constraints. This has been known to occur ;-)
1:24 PM
@jmac yeah I forget about that now that it's not as obvious
@gnat yeah. main difference here is @Shog specifically granted Workplace non-moderators the ability to protect questions without waiting, so I really, REALLY don't want to break that and lose it, since we have so many "chime in plz!" questions hit the hot list
@enderland as long as you protect after 2 days, you don't break anything. This privilege was yours before Shog's gesture, and it has nothing to do with any special arrangements that apply for "without waiting" case
1:51 PM
@gnat I do anytime I see one. Personally I think questions should auto protect at 5 answers
@jmort253 Yes there are. There are people who thrive in a mindless environment where they do the same thing over and over all day long.
@Chad yup, especially later in people's careers
@Chad strongly disagree! I believe auto-protect should kick in at 7 :)
"answers over a certain threshold" -- amount of answers at half of CW threshold looks worth considering for that — gnat Feb 27 at 7:48
@enderland I think that is only true in high stress jobs. I think it reverses if you start in a menial job as you get on you want something a bit more challenging but I could be wrong. I do have a few friends that love thier assembly line/menial labor jobs
@gnat That is 2 me too answers more than I can tolorate :p
part of me dreams of having ajob like that
"no responsibilities!!!!"
@Chad oh, with attitude like that I think I am ready to compromise in your favor. Let it be 5 :)
2:04 PM
@enderland I suck at it all I do is think about how I can make it better... they do not want it better they want it consistant
2:24 PM
Q: Joining a company being acquired

CMHI've been made an offer to join a company that is the process of being acquired. Is there anything I need to ask or consider during my negotiation process based on the fact that they probably will soon be own by another company?

This question has two good answers... but I think it could also end up attracting crap as it is.
There has to be a way to properly focus this question so that it is good but I am at a loss as to where to begin
I closed it, hopefully it can be reopened
2:58 PM
Q: Should I ask for a raise? How?

matthew3rI work for a small company (me, my boss, and a third guy, but he only helps us sometimes) in a relatively small town where I work for half, or 3/5, of the money which I could earn in the capital. It's not much but because I live at home it's not the biggest problem. There was a 9 month project w...

Q: How should I properly approach my boss if I'm feeling underpaid?

THE DOCTORI started working at my current company as a Software Engineer about 2 years ago. When I received my offer, it was $5k less than what was agreed to during my interview and non-negotiable, However I was desperate to get out from my previous job and accepted it. My base salary was 50k when I starte...

we've got to have had this questino before - workplace.stackexchange.com/q/20537/2322
I don't know what CV reason for this one: workplace.stackexchange.com/q/20537/2322
but I think it needs closing bfeore it picks up tons of crap answers
3:25 PM
Q: What should I do about the discovery that a manager is not flushing the workplace toilet after use?

OgreSeveral months ago, our small company (around 20 people), hired a marketing manager (which is a new position within this company, he doesn't actually have any marketers to manage). It was not long after this time that I would use the toilet in one of our offices, and discover that someone had de...

can we get some delete votes here... obvious rep farming
Q: Who is an expert?

HappyI never feel comfortable calling myself an "expert" in any skill on the resume, because obviously I don't know everything on any topic. I know nobody knows everything, but I still have this fear that if I am not able to answer a handful of questions on the skill in which I am an "expert", it woul...

is on the hot list objection to protecting?
3:54 PM
@Chad sadface would love to deletevote
@Chad I was about to suggest it, too
@CMW Its got a bad answer... no objections states so I protected... shoot me if it becomes a problem...
@Chad actually, if we gave that answer a bunch more downvotes, it might get it off the hot list
a couple days ago a -8 had that effect
4:17 PM
non replicable bug reports... FTL
It seems you are facing
( •_•)>⌐■-■
A heisenbug
4:35 PM
A: How can I get my colleagues to speak a language I understand?

user3074364Are you the hysterical French colleague of my Norwegian acquaintance?

5:16 PM
@enderland OMG I laughed so loud after reading this
Good afternoon ppl
OMG I almost +1 it just for the lulz, the I got back on my pants
And why judge an answer except by its content? — kleineg 9 mins ago
@Chad ^^^ I recall you did an excellent comment explaining why repetitive answers aren't OK a day or two ago, would appreciate if you take a look here. I tried to find that comment to quote, but it's gone - most likely the answer you commented was deleted :)
Hi Renee, welcome to The Workplace. I'm very sorry for the situation you are in. Your questions however on the one hand seem to be about medical topics, like which doctor best to go to, which we really couldn't tell you. On the other hand you're asking question regarding personal finance (not ruining yourself financially), which Personal Finance & Money might be the better place for. — CMW 48 secs ago
5:45 PM
more hot list hordes are coming, be prepared
"guess which sites you like" - oh no, this likely means more hordes of passers-by from hot list that just happen to liek c00l stuff at softer sites like Workplace and Programmers, with their senseless answers and votes. As if we didn't have enough damage already. You'd better redirect them to Stack Overflow, where it's claimed to be an issue of -17 prioritygnat 36 secs ago
A: Filter "Hot Network Questions" by excluding sites

Jeremy TWe have something along these lines in the hopper to test in the next few weeks. Sorry, I totally misunderstood the question. We're going to try some algorithm changes to the hot network questions which will try to guess which sites you like and don't like, and give you more of the sites that y...

6:09 PM
@kleineg because the purpose of this site isn't to provide a sounding board for everyone to post their opinions, but rather to answer questions. Additional answers contributing nothing new serve to create noise and make this Q/A resource more difficult to use in the future. — enderland 14 secs ago
@enderland that sounds pretty close to what I recall, thanks
Q: Community moderation comments template

jmort253AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for Workplace SE CMW asked for a list of the links that we oftentimes drop in comments. I started using the Pro-forma comments Stack Apps script to increase my efficiency. I find that I almost never use the defaults that come with the script and that I r...

^^^ time to add something like that to comments templates?
probably, we seem to get a ton more of that sort of stuff as of late
legal question alert? Or is that just a detail?
Q: Is it possible to bypass a recruiter that once introduced you to a firm?

Style MathSo 2.5 years ago while I was still attending university I was once contacted by a recruiter, who later introduced me to a firm (firm A) where I had a interview but I didn't take the job at the time (I wanted to get another degree first). Now 2,5 years later I would like to apply for a job at the...

@CMW I swear we had that before
That's possible, too. I'm not around that long :)
The topic is vaguely familiar, though
6:22 PM
Q: How long after a recruiter's introduction is it considered ethical to re-approach a company?

LetharionHere's a situation: a recruiter introduces a candidate to a company, and the company is very interested in hiring the candidate. However, if the process at some point breaks down, how long after this process would it be considered ethical for either the company or the candidate to take up the co...

crappy answers there
how is that a question about ethics?
7:02 PM
as a result of a comment that someone voted how they felt about the answer not if the answer was any good or usefull i posted this
A: Usefulness of an Answer

ChadAs others have said the how you vote is up to you. No one is going to take away your privilege for voting in a way that is not beneficial to the site. That said, the community benefits most when you use your voting power to reward good questions and answers with up-votes and penalize BAD questi...

note the score... i cant wait until SO gets moved away from us
7:57 PM
@Chad I don't even understand the reasoning behind downvoting your post. How does what you say not apply or positively influence SO?
1 hour later…
9:20 PM
@CMW People should just vote how they feel not if the answer is good or not...
It feels good to say quit your job so Upvote
If feels good to say yeah my boss sucks too... upvote
I dont like coming into work and actually working either... upvote
I agree work should be more like kindergarden with nap time and snacks... upvote
Ohh he referenced a site that once picked on my favorite actor... downvote
@Chad lol
That answer was totally worthless but he referenced lyrics from my favorite Bieber song so Upvote
sad. true though
Q: My Manager (Department head) not working during office hours?

AshokIn my department, my manager is the whole responsible for our team. In this case, he is very lazy to do work and even he is not interested to see his files.And simply he pass the files/jobs to us. Even though we people have no proper knowledge of the mangers level of work.But we were done that jo...

no question here already has several answers in sympathy
and they all upvoted each other...
9:38 PM
declined - Very Low Quality flags are for garbage/junk posts that stand no chance of being salvaged into something meaningful. While this is a low-quality answer, the VLQ flag is not appropriate. - So give us a flag that is...
what really sucks is it was declined but the answer was deleted anyway
9:56 PM
2 hours later…
11:51 PM
@Chad It doesn't need to be a flag. Downvote it. If it is bad for a specific reason that has a post notice, flag with a custom flag to add the post-notice. And in the meantime, vote to allow normal users to add post notices, and to allow communities to customize their post notices

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