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3:23 AM
Q: Casual sexism in The Workplace

HorusKolThis is not the first time I've seen a question like Casual sexism at work? receive a pile-on of comments and answers explaining to the OP that they're not really experiencing sexism (or, for bonus points, are being sexist for assuming the motivation in their co-workers). While the question coul...

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11:10 AM
Q: Repeated poor questions

Solar MikeShould there be some type of "delay loop" to control new user posts? As this question has been posted weekly for several weeks and is closed each time: see I didn’t get a raise. How can I cost my company 3% of my salary?

1 hour later…
12:35 PM
company-specific regulations, agreements, or policies legal advice Can my employer state which company I use for an eye test?‭ - Pen‭ 2020-02-21 11:27:42Z
1:32 PM
Does anyone here own/work/know of a company that creates apps in pretty quick fashion?
7 hours later…
8:14 PM
@gnat you there?
we probably had this question in the past already, twice or more times: this and thisgnat 1 min ago
Do you suspect this could be the same person under different usernames?
8:57 PM
@DarkCygnus You don't think there could be two strange folks who coincidentally performed exactly the same nonsense, do you?
@DarkCygnus Poop guy was back a few minutes ago. Nuked the post within 15 seconds this time. Maybe he'll give it a break over the weekend. As before please do continue to flag these as spam.
Speaking of weekend though, remember that you only have 3 days left to submit your nomination post. :)
Q: Company refusing to buy solder fume extractor for me

sidA30Not to over-dramatize things, the company I work for is ridiculously tight on spending for a large company. My job requires me to do a lot of soldering (hardware engineer) and I have asked for a fume extractor costing $50, and im being ignored and treated like im buying unnecessary equipment. I'v...

3 downvotes, is this such a poor question? It could use a bit of cleanup and some more detail but not sure why it's attracting those votes.
9:18 PM
@DarkCygnus you have much better replies from folks who can see deleted content. Under 10K rep I could only vaguely remember that there was something similar and digged out links to suspected questions (that I can't see anymore) from my flag history :)
1 hour later…
10:31 PM
@gnat the person with the other 2 questions seem to both be feces related, while this is not
could be the same person, but a mod should investigate that. They have tools for finding socks

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