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@JoeStrazzere Yeah, I mean if we're going to start censoring "political" statements in nominations, I'd argue that both @Magisch and @motosubatsu opening sentences, while more diplomatic, cover more or less the same topic.
12:38 AM
@Kaz but they didn't say "Libertarian"
1 hour later…
1:52 AM
Yeah, I just put in for deletion of this, and the rest of my SE profiles. I'm not putting up with rudeness from SE employees
Q: Deleting my profile, Done with SE

Old_LamplighterThe final straw for me was the latest antics surrounding the moderator elections, and being told off by SE staff. I have put in for deletion of TWP, and am deleting the rest of my accounts. We're not being paid to deal with this abuse, and I for one, am done. Joe: you are the best. Mister Posi...

6 hours later…
8:14 AM
@JoeStrazzere We cannot edit nominations and even if the CT did, I can only imagine the shitstorm that would result because then clearly the community team is censoring valid criticism...
Oh well, it was bound to happen. The entire post was designed to draw action from the CT and the OP appears to have had already had a meta post drafted for the inevitable deletion. He'll waste endlessly more time with as I expected when I first saw the nomination but that was inevitable. You can just as easily argue that leaving troll nominations up would be dereliction of duty on behalf of the CT sparked by fear to act due to optics.
@Lilienthal This is exactly why I thought leaving it alone would result in less harm
This too shall pass. I just hope we can get through the rest of the election without more distractions from off-site actors.
@Magisch It was considered. The broken window effect and the user being a mod were chief reasons in removing the nomination.
fair enough, I still disagree but we had this discussion yesterday so I wont rehash it further
@motosubatsu Small note: "visa-versa" should be "vice versa" in your answer post. And now I'm wondering if you're Dutch speaking. :)
1 hour later…
9:47 AM
@Lilienthal good catch.. just a brain fart there!
3 hours later…
12:44 PM
@Old_Lamplighter I’m sorry to see you go. If you ever find yourself in the UK give me a buzz.
@old_lamplighter Will be really sad to see you go! Who will quote random philosophers at me now? Good luck with everything though and I hope you keep up the positive attitude
1:01 PM
Good morning....
A: 2020 Moderator Nomination widthdrawn by SE CM Team

Mister PositiveLet me read your nomination post one more time: I nominate myself as a libertarian candidate. I believe a lot of moderators take the job too seriously, and prematurely close and remove questions that simply haven't had enough exposure to produce interesting and on-topic answers. I...

In case anyone is intested
@MisterPositive Guten Morgen mein Herr
@motosubatsu hello there
1:17 PM
@Magisch No it wouldn't. It would be open season once others saw that this turd would stick.
1:27 PM
@Old_Lamplighter All I can say sir is "Thanks for all the fish"
1:51 PM
@MisterPositive Take care. I deleted my reply to that post, so you don't have to ;)
Just wanted to let everyone know that I have nothing against anyone here. But any hope that I had that mother SE would leave TWP alone was killed by the election interference.
Had Lillenthal, or Mister Positive been the ones to deal with the mod election, I probably would have grumbled a bit more and moved on, but since it was an SE employee, that was enough.
I respect both of you, and trust you, and I trust the community to make the best decisions for itself.
@Lilienthal this is for you too ^^^
Good luck, and be well.
Good luck to you as well @Old_Lamplighter. It seems your mind is made up so I won't belabour the point but I'm sorry to see you go, we have lost far too many good people of late.
2:20 PM
@Lilienthal I'm sorry to go, this wasn't easy, and as I have said, I have nothing but respect for the mods and the community at TWP, despite my occasional fits of temper. It's been more frustration than anything else, and not with any of you. So if I ever came across as anything else, I apologize.
No need to @Old_Lamplighter. I will offer this: if you prefer to just take some time away from the site I'd be happy to cancel your user deletion and instead suspend you for a period of your choice to force you to take a break from the site.
That way you can make a (mostly) clean break while still coming back to your account at a later time.
And deleting it then if you still feel the same.
Again, don't mean to argue your choice to part ways, just want to offer another option.
1 hour later…
3:30 PM
@Lilienthal Well, that seems like a good compromise. I'm getting married in June, so, suspend me until July, and I'll revisit the matter then.
My email is in my profile, should anyone wish to contact me in the mean time.
3:43 PM
Congrats Richard, hope it all goes smoothly
4:04 PM
@Old_Lamplighter all the best fella.. hope the wedding goes well!
4:19 PM
iirc, if you ask to be suspended it won't be counted against you in future either
I would echo everyone's suggestions to not delete your profile just yet. Deletion is permanent, and you lose nothing by taking a break and then thinking about it again
4 hours later…
8:08 PM
Q: How do I scrape hardened poop off my buttocks?

IneedhelpI can’t be bothered to wipe all the time, so I am stuck trying to scrape off dried crap with it stuck to my ass hair. Please help?

Requesting Hammer attack from orbit
@MisterPositive ?
2 hours later…
10:22 PM
A: Deleting my profile, Done with SE

LilienthalAt this user's request, we have cancelled their account deletion and instead suspended them for a period of 132 days to let them make a clean break with the site. Should they change their mind they can respond to us or contact the Community Team to reverse the suspension or proceed with an accou...

All the best and of course congratulations @Old_Lamplighter. Hopefully things will have calmed down around here by the time you return but we'll of course respect whatever you decide then.
11:03 PM
Q: Provocative, trolling question

aaaaa says reinstate MonicaWhat is the appropriate flag to raise or action to take when I suspect question to be trolling, or submitted only to inspire flame war? I am talking about this question, which I voted to close as opinion-based, but I am not sure if that's appropriate flag to communicate my impression.


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