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7:44 AM
Happy Monday all
Good morning. Were you the guy in the white ST on the M4 this morning trying to egg me into racing him?
8:27 AM
Unfortunately not :P
Haha. I was doing a constant speed of 75 and this guy overtook me, then slowed down, then sped up when I went to overtake He did that twice before I slowed down to 70 and he got bored. I could see what he was trying, so I wasn't going to bite.
Probably an ego thing, not even wanting to race just doesn't wanna be overtook
Naw. He slowed down. I was doing a constant speed.
8:47 AM
these boy racers in their porsches <shakes head />
I'm simply trying to make this tank of fuel last more than 500 miles this time. :D
@Snow I consider it reasonable going if I get half that
So my plans to watch the GP this weekend failed. I watched the first 5 laps, but was keeping an eye on the tennis scores. And then I got hooked and watched the tennis insteadl.
And from looking at the finishing intervals of the GP, I'm not sure I missed a whole lot.
9:40 AM
@Snow afraid to say it but the race was far more entertaining than the gaps suggest
good wheel-to-wheel battles throughout
a Vettel schoolboy error
and Hamilton banging in a new lap record on the last lap of the race - on 30 lap old hard tyres just to rub it in
Very nice. Unfortunately not enough hours in the day to watch it. I could have done if I hadn't gone out though.
yeah it was up there with Austria in my book
I've just used the Amazon Prime day as an excuse to buy a new telly.
@Snow noice
Well, it's last year's model. I'm not daft enough to buy a telly at new prices.
An LG OLED, so we'll see how that goes.
9:53 AM
@Snow I've been reasonably pleased with my LG - think it's only an LCD though
Yeah, a colleague of mine also has one. I saw reviews of the oled and got suckered into it. Now that I'm watching more streaming content with Amazon and Apple movies, it made sense (at least to me) to get something HDR compliant and get the best out of it.
sounds sensible
I just used the amazon prime day as an excuse to buy 2 new 4k monitors
I got my dual monitor setup to work and decided my second monitor isn't up to par so I just made it a 3 monitor setup :(
Getting a 4K monitor would imply that I'd do 4x more work. I'm not sure that suits me.
Tempting though it is.
A double width monitor would be pretty darned cool, I have to say.
10:43 AM
I saw a curved 28" 4k monitor I think? Looked so good but the price tag
Yeah. It's a lot cheaper just to get two monitors and put them next to each other.
I've always preferred dual setups to one-large
I was going to put it with another monitor
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3:03 PM
Q: How can I apply for jobs in US staying in India?

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I think this is a decent question. It is answerable and not about a specific choice. Any way we can improve it and get it reopened?
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4:10 PM
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5:14 PM
*Notice of Resignation/Termination:
Your employment relationship with the Company may be terminated at any time at either party's
option, with a 14 days prior written notice in case of resignation*
Does it mean my notice period is 14 days?
@Vikas yep sounds like it
unless there's any other clauses that murky the waters that reads as a straight 14 day notice period on both sides.
marky the waters?
sorry.. local idiom
i mean anything that would seem to contradict that 14 days
That's only thing written in my offer letter?
Are you there?
And if I resign tomorrow by writing a resignation mail (July 16), what would be my last working day?
5:50 PM
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3 hours later…
8:52 PM
@Vikas Your last working day would be the 30th in normal circumstances

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