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9:06 AM
@DarkCygnus Good to see you around. Hope you're doing well.
9:31 AM
good morning. It seems like SE is unaware of the Streisand effect
morning all
@mag saw your post on the meta thread - nice one
@mag That kind of happens when people use uncommon terms to describe things without realising that other people might not know their meanings.
@Snow hm? I meant the fact that they're trying to bury monica's gofundme by removing links to it
I mean "Streisand Effect".
I think it's a reasonably common term, but I'm kind of in a bubble there
9:44 AM
I've never heard of it before a couple of days ago.
1 hour later…
10:49 AM
@Snow only because nobody has ever tried to stop you from hearing about it
I see what you did there.
@Snow NOOOOOOOO!! you must not be allowed to see what I did there!!
3 hours later…
1:50 PM
*tips hat to @Snow*
2:12 PM
Sadly, I've decided again to step down. This is nothing to do with Monica, pronouns, the CoC or anything else related. It's just the unrelenting negativity that's apparent on the Main Meta site and within the wider moderation team (not TWP, the rest of them). I've had three months of this now and there's no indication that the wider community or the moderators who support them have any wish to heal.
@Snow This sucks majorly. I have felt the negativity as well and its not nice or fun.
And this has nothing to to with TWP or any of it's community members. The community here (after an understandably confused start to the new CoC thing) has handled itself with the utmost maturity and respect.
2:48 PM
company-specific regulations, agreements, or policies legal advice Why does Starbucks deploy only one person to make all the lattes?‭ - Lauren‭ 2019-11-15 14:47:08Z
2 hours later…
4:39 PM
Q: Why is question about reorganizations closed as Off-Topic?

Joe StrazzereAre workplace reorganizations that result in a change in job duties without employee consent a violation of the original job contract? To me, the question seems clear and has a clear answer. This is something any good HR rep or anyone who has been through reorgs could answer. It does not requir...

Something to lighten the mood:
Google to launch new Consumer Banking system, code-named "Project Cache"
3 hours later…
7:43 PM
Q: Reopen request - How to negotiate an offer if I'm not actually going to accept it

dwizumHow to negotiate an offer if I'm not actually going to accept it This was closed as too broad, but there is arguably a straightforward and answerable question in bold: So should I try negotiation in this case, and what should be my strategy? Also, the question had already attracted several...

@Snow sad to hear, but you've earned our respect and support, mine anyway....do whatever you need to
@Snow I understand. This whole thing has been building for years now. It's why I left entirely until, ironically, the mess over Monica brought me back.
Thank you New Zealand for exporting a measles epidemic to the Pacific Islands... 8 deaths in Samoa so far, 7 of them babies, 800+ and growing daily infected.... :(
Looks like I'm stuck here until it's over ... damn :(
8:58 PM
@Kilisi Ugh. How sad.
9:22 PM
@Kilisi That is sad.

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