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3:13 AM
Q: What does the return of the mods mean?

mxyzplkDoes it mean they’ve determined no change or correction is forthcoming from SE about Monica’s ejection and this is just the new normal? And there’s nothing to be gained by continuing to object? Or what? What led to this decision? Is there anything the community would benefit from knowing abou...

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5:16 PM
No swag for me please, last lot cost me $73 by the time I'd convinced customs there was nothing dodgy in it and paid for their lunch and the shipping company fees.
3 hours later…
8:22 PM
Q: Can this question be asked around here?

Niklas RosencrantzOnce I was notified from my management that I had been part of some injustice against some woman and therefore I am no longer welcome to do business with them. My manager asked me what it was but I could only guess. I tried to ask colleagues if there was some rumour about such an event of if some...

2 hours later…
9:59 PM
Would something I've had trouble with in the past (but don't really any more) make a good answer to "what's your biggest weakness" in an interview?
10:45 PM
Although I suppose whether or not I'm still struggling with it doesn't really change how I'd present it in an answer, so it might not really matter.
10:56 PM
Then again, I guess the answer would still feature the rather significant difference between "I've since learnt to not do that" and "I've since learnt steps to limit how often I do that" (but phrased better, obviously).
11:22 PM
But then again, again, I guess it's just about finding the right way to phrase it.
Thanks, you've been very helpful!

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