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12:43 AM
We again have a ton of closed questions on the front page with very few edits. I really wish there was an easy way to get close voters without going to each question individually...
3 hours later…
3:14 AM
Thanks for supporting my earlier question
about trust
3:29 AM
As I Quoted earlier in any relation mutual trust is very fundamental thing. That means the trust should be on both directions
Earlier I have place a question about how to gain trust. Now I would like to ask about how to form trust on my manager and management
What should be the base on such trust? And how much or how extent I can have trust on my management and organization?
This trust is very important to construct best career in the organization as well to contribute my fullest
Please suggest will it become good question to the WP.SE?
8 hours later…
11:18 AM
@BVR I do not exactly understand what you're trying to ask here - aren't you stepping also on personnal bounds? I mean, if you have to got such base, won't this get personnal? And good morning everyone.
1 hour later…
12:38 PM
@jmac I think I am done with tweaking your version of request text, would you mind taking a look?
A: Trial run of modified "hotness formula" for Programmers questions

gnatUsing once deleted and abandoned answer as a temporary buffer to draft new feature request (for MSO) to address points in decline justification of prior request. draft title Reorder questions picked for hot list based on adjusted hotness score (discard some answers by voting evidence) dra...

@gnat Sure, give me a bit and I'll take a look. Apologies for the serious edit, was in transit and wanted to get it done quick
12:51 PM
@jmac no problem, feel free to edit as convenient - all stuff is kept in revisions anyway and it's not urgent, so recovery of whatever could be lost isn't tough. That's why I preferred to draft it away from MSO after all :)
meanwhile, hotness formula is exploited by spammers (why wouldn't it?)...
A: A lot of sock puppet accounts on the Bitcoin Stack Exchange site

ManishearthThis has happened before, with a ring of users causing questions to hit the multicollider, reaching 200 rep, and then abusing the network bonus. I suggest everyone flag the answers as spam. Not sure if this is the right course of action, but this is best stopped before they reach 200 rep. I've...

"Yet another indication of issues with current formula is how easy it is to manipulate hotness score... This is because any question vote is leveraged by amount of answers. Consolidated, 2-3 voters can "swing" the score by 30-50... Similarly, adding / removing an answer (any answer) in a highly voted question offers even more possibilities for cheating, because of it being leveraged by question score. If it was a game, I would call this somewhat boring because of poor game balance." (Once you know the mechanics it's quite easy to manipulate) — gnat 35 mins ago
..."That's how fake popularity makes shit stick to the ceiling and helps to keep it there." — gnat 19 mins ago
1:33 PM
regarding hot questions, smaller sites can strike back at SO :)
in The Whiteboard, 21 hours ago, by gnat
discovered a funny way to "indirectly cool down" our hot questions. I go to SO questions in the hot list and lemming-upvote stuff in there, causing them go up in the list. Somehow, I don't feel bad about this, given that per my observations, they somehow manage to keep their hot questions under control anyway (and this in turn may be the reason why SE doesn't give a shit about the damage done to smaller sites)...
in The Whiteboard, 21 hours ago, by gnat
@djechlin the difficulty is that no other site is SO. No other site has the number of active moderators to protect questions quickly, 20k+ users to delete bad answers, and the shear volume of other posts to cover up some of the damage on the front page. On smaller sites, we may be lucky if there's a mod on at that time, or a 20k+ user (much less three) and the front page moves at a glacial pace compared to SO. What works for SO doesn't necessarily work for the other, smaller sites. — MichaelT 2 days ago
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5:35 PM
Is it me or has the question quality fallen through the floor in the last few weeks
It's January - Where the ones who are working are tired because there is more workload for them from the people who are on vacations, and the one who stayed away are really in "lazy mode". So, when they make questions...
I'm in the first case scenario, for instance... lol
6:19 PM
This post could basically end after the second sentence. the rest is just rant.
and the OP is editing in even more rant...
wow. Huge rant detected
Shall we provide judgement?
"Judgement time." < Dredd
Judgement passed.
you and i proposed the same edit, basically
haha, I just saw
6:35 PM
ha, new catch phrase: "De-rantified" (dredd voice)
6:45 PM
hahahah :)
"OP is not the law. I'm the law."
IT jobs being outsourced is just more job security for those of us stateside (in the case of hte USA) who can do that sort of work. lol
@enderland was thinking on that too.. i don't see a logic -q
It's funny because here in Brazil we pick many folks from outside of the country to commercial areas and such. :)
but i never saw that kind of.. opinion/statement from anyone around here
It's a common thining in parts of the EU
"we let foreigners into our country and they take our jobs"
they take our jabs
i see
that's a kinda of shame. I am crazy to work outside of brazil. I worked in projects that we worked together with people from around the world, but everything online. Now i would like to see how it's to work with people of other cultures... must be quite cool
Oh, people here are also crazy about working outside the country. They want to go to the USA, Asia, south america. All over the place. But they get angry about foreigners coming here, anyway.
7:03 PM
3 hours later…
10:26 PM
This is a great first answer for here. Welcome to the Workplace! — enderland 14 secs ago
It's time to go back to base, good night guys
1 hour later…
11:56 PM
@Chad I don't think it's dropped Chad, I think my vacation and hiatus from editing has created a visible impact to question quality. I'm considering hopping back on the "fix stuff early and aggressively" train for a bit to try to bump it back up.]

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