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The plan is to use this room for posting various interesting news, stats, articles, etc.
I think it might be a bit better here so that it does not interrupt the conversation in the main chatroom.
Feel free to contribute with the news about your favorite sport.
It might be useful to use oneboxing at least sometimes - to visually separate one topic from another.
A separate room for sport new was previous discussed here:

About separate room for sport news

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So we may try this at least as an experiment - to see how the separate room works.
Dumoulin keeps rivals on tight leash on crucial Vuelta a Espana stage |
Another Vuelta, another heartbreak for Rodriguez — he may even lose podium spot or green jersey to make matters worse
This year's Vuelta seems to be very close. After stages 15 and 16 there was one second difference between Aru and Rodriguez.
In the 17th TT stage Dumoulin got into the lead, margin is again only three seconds.
Rodriguez lost time in the time trial. He was 2nd, 3rd or 4th several times on a Grand Tour, but never won one:…
See the GC after each stage here:…
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3:31 AM
I am definitely digging the idea of this room pal ;-)
10 hours later…
1:05 PM
@MartinSleziak thanks for the initiative. i think there's enough of posting articles and such to have this room.
@Rigor i call...but i won't raise :P
1:17 PM
@skillpatrol good 'ol Motorhead
Saw your picks pal @edmastermind29 ... Interesting
I need a bit more time...
....something is going on with the last game because the line moved by about 7
@skillpatrol that is interesting. the min/sf game?
SF was favoured by 4 @ opening :-/
@skillpatrol cant think of anything player wise...but i haven't been totally privy to NFL news...
1:25 PM
Me neither.
That kind of change in the spread has got to have a reason.
sf -4 to sf +2.5
Also, it is the last game of the week, ie last chance for bettors to get their money back.
The NYG/Dal -6 game @edmastermind29 is gonna be a beauty
I see you took the Gmen plus the points ;-)
1:45 PM
@skillpatrol yeah. i have a weird feeling their offense is gonna be pretty good.
The granddaddy game of GB/Chi is always a tough one for me to pick @edmastermind29 a case of toooooo much history :-/
tooooo much data
@skillpatrol last year, GB spanked Chi...
I'm sure da bears remember
It's the -3**.5** the makes over think it.
-3. 5
@skillpatrol gb will win by more than a td
@skillpatrol im surprised it's not a -6.5 or even a -7.5 but i don't know anything about the line...i just watch the football.
1:58 PM
Perhaps, home field?
Anyways I like your bold style of throwing your picks out there right away, thanks @edmastermind29 I'll post mine soon.
Later pal.
53 mins ago, by skill patrol
2:24 PM
@skillpatrol waiting for it. at least i can own my picks by throwing them out there.
@skillpatrol later
4:48 PM
Alexis Gougeard solos to Vuelta a España stage victory as Tom Dumoulin extends lead #LV2015 |
Dumoulin has now 6 second lead.
Tomorrow is the last mountain stage - so that is probably last stage where we can expect some changes in the general classification.
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6:20 PM
1st Grand Slam final! @Flavia_Pennetta stuns Halep 6-1, 6-3 at the @USOpen--> #USOpen
It was surprise for me that Pennetta defeated Halep.
7:01 PM
.@Roberta_Vinci SHOCKS Serena Williams 2-6, 6-4, 6-4! Makes 1st Grand Slam final at #USOpen!
Serena lost to Roberta Vinci.
This is a big surpries.
Serena was close to calendar Grand Slam.

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