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12:01 AM
@Cfinley I suggested that as well and it isn't an option.
12:58 AM
@Jez What on earth is a KVM?
KVM may refer to: == Computing == Kernel-based Virtual Machine, virtualization solution that turns the Linux operating system kernel into a hypervisor K virtual machine, for Java === Keyboard–video–mouse === KVM switch (keyboard, video, and mouse switch), a hardware device for controlling multiple computers Rackmount KVM, a computer input/output device offering the combination of a keyboard, video monitor and mouse (pointing device), typically rack mounted == Other == K. V. Mahadevan, South Indian music composer Kalamazoo Valley Museum, a museum in Michigan, US Kheti Virasat Mission, ...
it's not hard to pick up the single meaning that makes sense here
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1:45 PM
@Cfinley That would prevent dual-screen
in fact why would i use 2 KVMs in that instance?
it would be one KVM and one directly plugged in, wouldn't it?
does anyone know of a way to program a KVM switch? perhaps have a Linux box acting as the KVM with some programmable software controlling things?
2 hours later…
3:29 PM
Q: How to deal with "yes" or "no" questions?

Zizouz212I stumbled upon this: Samsung 850 Pro vs Crucial MX200 (~250GB) The question really narrows to "should I buy this or this", in which the answer is really a "yes" or a "no". That makes for a subjective question. Since answers won't really be recommending a product, or a feature of a product, what...

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7:49 PM
For what it's worth, I have never seen a Windows machine with a trackpad that's anywhere close to a MacBook trackpad. I've made a point of trying out all the high-end machines at Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, etc. Some of them have comparable build quality, but never anything close to a comparable trackpad. — Undo yesterday
@Undo that's why I have a mac, now and when I bought my first one 5 years ago
@enderland It's unhealthy, it makes me unable to use any other laptop
Those new force-touch trackpads are pretty awesome too
@Undo when I was looking for a laptop 5 years ago I absolutely loathed them because of trackpads, but a friend had a mac and I used his for a while in a class and found I could use it without a mouse just fine and was sold
yeah, I just bought a new one for no real reason at all other than I wanted a new computer :)
@enderland With one of those new trackpads?
How is it in everyday use?
I like it
I've always used tap to click so it's less important to me
Apple must have a patent on big glass trackpads, either that or it's just far too hard for SameSong & friends to copy
7:53 PM
I think if you were used to actual press click it'd be better for you
Q: Which webcam is ideal for streaming?

Francisco CabralI don't know anything about webcams, but I need a good one to do some streams. Budget: 100$ Resolution: 480p Megapixels: 2mpx Focus: Auto I would like one that identifies the background and removes it.

I just voted to reopen this, I think it's got enough info now
@enderland I usually keep my thumb on the lower fifth of the trackpad for clicking
I think this question should be closed. It's too much general, and the meta-post make me think that this is not needed here. Yes I can do some research and find some webcams, then make a question about comparison of hardware to make sure which is better. — Francisco Cabral Sep 24 at 1:36
@Undo are there really that many webcams that allow you to remove background that easily?
@enderland That's a software thing more than a hardware thing
Heck, my Macbook's built-in camera can do that pretty well
@Undo well, for out of box webcams, probably it's either going to have that software or not
@enderland Oh, true
7:58 PM
@belford but the thing is, why is it limited to that? What are you trying to do with this? You could edit out most of your question and give just "need drive for compiling/working on multiple video files simultaneously" and it won't lose ANY meaningful information. That is why it's a bad question, it's a bunch of... fluff that doesn't add to what your core question is. — enderland 6 secs ago
I don't think he understands why XY questions are bad for a Q/A
@enderland I've been flip-flopping on that one. It doesn't help that the asker has said that he thinks it should be closed.
I agree that Yes/No questions are XY problems. I feel like XY problems aren't as bad on a recommendations site as they are elsewhere - though they're still problems.

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