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6:51 PM
Welcome to chat for: Computer Science
This is a general discussion room, but please feel free to create more subject-specific rooms (a single room with every possible discussion isn't very helpful)
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and remember; please read the FAQ ;p)
7:29 PM
Welcome to chat, anyone :)
wow did stack exchange change their beta test themes?
Only for us.
7:38 PM
@KenLi yes, it's been on Jewish Life and Learning for a few weeks, and we're the first beta to start with it
Interesting, why not outdoors or sports then?
@Kevin because it hadn't been beta-tested enough yet?
Beta-testing the beta-testing now?
It's really nice, this theme.
Yes, I like it better too.
8:19 PM
Regarding edits, what's the usual protocol for editing in very early stages of sites? Seeing that it will take a bit for a reasonable group of users to reach 500rep (… ), all questions will remain uneditable until that point.
can users themselves approve of edits to their questions? just wondering ...
@bitmask SE staff will come now and then to review suggested edits, but it can take a while and they're not necessarily familiar with the subject matter
@Gilles: Well, that makes sense. However, temporary mods (e.g. 5 users with the most overall-SE rep) would make sense nonetheless.
And we now have MathJax.
Q: Request for LaTeX notation?

JanomaI think this website needs LaTeX notation, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one with this feeling. How can we ask StackExchange for that feature?

@bitmask We'll get mods pro tem in a few weeks.
8:39 PM
\o/ indeed.
@RebeccaChernoff Any comment on why this and JLL got the new beta theme but other recent betas didn't? (not complaining, just curious.)
there's a blog post on its way out the door. was supposed to have already been out, but it'll be out soon.
@RebeccaChernoff Been busy eh? ;)
8:49 PM
always (:
9:12 PM
Ah, there's that blog post you were talking about
Robert Cartaino on March 06, 2012

I wanted to give you a quick look at the new Stack Exchange Beta theme. Yes, we are retiring the familiar “Sketchy” theme and rolling out a more-polished and finished design for the beta sites.

Raise the curtain, cue the trumpet fanfare…

Alas, poor Sketchy…

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be rolling out the new Stack Exchange Beta theme to all the sites still in beta.

At first glance, the new beta theme looks like an unembellished version of any graduated site: Finished, but without any particular “beta” theme, per se. But that’s sort of the point. …

That's a bit unfortunate. I always thought that beta sites should look a bit ugly and sketchy.
9:28 PM
Why does the little box on the sidebar say we have 153 people chatting when we only have 85 users?
@Kevin: There are other rooms, with 159 users currently talking in 53 rooms.
do you mean that?
It appears it is the total over chat.SE.
I think it's somewhat misleading.
9:49 PM
@Kevin: I see. Well on this page (see right) it is a bit more verbose.
My sidebar here doesn't have it, I think I'm in too many rooms for it to show.

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