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1:06 AM
Q: building circuit for divisibility by 3

vznthis is related to another recent question but will not ref it directly just to wipe the slate clean. a boolean circuit in TCS is basically a DAG consisting of And, Or, Not gates, and by what is known is "functional completeness" they can compute all possible functions. eg this is the basic pri...

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2:46 AM
example of a se site collaborating/cooperating/competing teaming up to get out of beta....
Q: Let's go on a mission

DoorknobWe've been in beta for 1129 days. Don't you think it's time we get out? We seem to be in a similar situation as Code Review. We don't have enough users with sufficient reputation to gain privileges like voting to close and delete. Here's some quick analysis I did with the API (the percentages a...

largely thru voting...
seems to be progressing/working in their case!
great to see this high voted proposal & think new-genre is a great tag demonstrating/positively affirming the newness/openness of this site. recently proposed some ideas along the lines of research or research-program or series. the idea is to build a competition based on real science where there is a continual evolution of challenges/answers where new ones build on prior ones and respondents share code open-source style for the next challenge in the series. am not gonna propose it on meta yet though because am just a newbie around here & still getting a feeling for group conventions. — vzn 1 hour ago
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8:34 AM
I think we arrived on a fair question on OOP. Comment cleanup should probably happen, though; I'll let it sit for while with them, for reference. (?)
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2:05 PM
Q: Racing java.util.Collections.sort

Ilya_GazmanI found a more efficient sort algorithm with average and best performance of O(N), and worst performance of O(N Log(N)). On random data. I need your help to tell me if my tests is correct, and my biggest question is: How can I test it on real world data? This question going to have five parts: ...

Average case of O(N)? Either the analysis is wrong, or the algorithm is only applicable in special circumstances. No need to read on.
If you would read another line you would so the special circumstances
Lazy person...
"Random data" is ~0 information without information on the distribution.
Also, you already have gotten the reference to a wikipedia article about your "new" algorithm in the first comment
2:22 PM
"I assume that all the variables have "good" Linear regression." -- whatever that means.
What N are your runtimes for?
@Ilya_Gazman Insulting the people whose feedback you want, always a valid tactic.
Oh, in the comments you write: "My algorithm got no limitations."
Sort didn't meant to insult anyone
@Raphael I tested it on 1k to 1M
@FrankW yeah my "new" is may be actually new. It's less efficient than flash sort by additional memory but as I understood their implantation it probably more efficient with performance
They perform quite a lot of interaction due to the cycling idea of saving memory.
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5:19 PM
@Ilya why dont you familiarize yourself with all the basic sorts re wikipedia page & then try to explain briefly how yours is different.
sorting has been researched for decades and all the basic categories of sorts are likely to have been discovered
it is true, there is still ongoing research, but via new tech eg parallelism etc
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7:31 PM
@Gilles I did remove my thread of obsolete conversation on the OOP question, can you please check yours?
@Raphael done
@Gilles Thanks!
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11:23 PM
wondering which cs.se mod migrated this...?
Q: I believe I have solved a famous open problem. How do I convince people in the field that I am not a crank?

Selfishness_has_equilibriumI am interested in the situation where you have a very interesting result. For instance, you have solved a very important open problem. However, you are not known in the field and do not have any remarkable publications. Your supervisor thinks the work is good and you submit the work to a high pr...

it seems to have gone viral over on Academia after it was migrated....
shew! that was close! near miss!
also big lol at R.s comments on it
See also here and here for more advice. And remember that Nobel prizes and centuries of fame went to people no one took serious in their (life) time. — Raphael 23 hours ago
"They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown." -Carl Sagan (c2.com/cgi/wiki?TheyLaughedAtEinstein) — Joel Reyes Noche 16 hours ago
who is Fulton?
wondering if that quote can really be traced to Sagan...
←ppl laugh at all the time too snif =(

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