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7:30 AM
@RuiFRibeiro I just like it... ;-)
@Adam I have no clue any more what that is a response to. ;-)
7:48 AM
@Fabby ah
@Fabby People using tools at random....
@Fabby Morning....remote today.
1 hour later…
9:16 AM
@Fabby well I have some pretty incredible learning resources on the oh long Johnson conspiracy when you are ready to be unplugged from the matrix if .. you want?
anyway what do you do to get around a permission denied error received when trying to execute a .sh script?
9:29 AM
@Adam There are two ways around that: 1) execute the script as the user that has the correct permissions, or 2) change the permissions on whatever it is you need to access. Note that changing permissions on random files on the system may have unwanted consequences.
ok so changing of permissions from within the commands contained in the bash script you want to execute is a never going to happen thing right? @Kusalananda thankyou by the way i probably should have lead with that
i,e one of the commands*
it's just that i enter sudo ./my_sh_bash.sh and i get a permission denied error, it prompts me for authentication which carry out so again there is clearly something fundamental about computing that im just not getting and need to ask the sillys before i move on
Is the scrip executable?
10:02 AM
sure yes it should be i mean i will check the variable declaration part but the actual doing something on the specified file works fine
executing the commands contained within the .sh directly from the terminal i mean
i don't know now actually maybe not
#Enter ./Extract_ip_addresses_from_txt.sh -f (the txt file you want to extract ip addresses from)
while getopts :f: FLAG; do case $FLAG in

f) # set filename and or path to desired txt file

\?) # unrecognized option - show help
echo "you are a tool"
exit 0


grep -oE '((1?[0-9][0-9]?|2[0-4][0-9]|25[0-5])\.){3}(1?[0-9][0-9]?|2[0-4][0-9]|25[0-5])' $FILENAME>ip_address_list_from_$FILENAME.txt
cat ip_address_list_from_$FILENAME.txt
i was trying have it as such that would enter ./my_script.sh -f="filename.txt
" but yeah i am a little out of my appropriate depth here
but the grep command certainly works in the case of execution from the terminal and having manually specified the filename and path to it
the first part was given to me from an answer in a post i asked in this community or the ubuntu one
ill try to find the link and follow up there
@Jesse_b um yes yes i errr…. i don't know how to private message on this thing... but i totally need heaps of prescriptions "dawg"
10:32 AM
@Adam What is the actual error? The error usually includes the name of the command reporting the error, and often a bit more than just "Permission denied".
sudo: ./Extract_ip_addresses_from_txt.sh: command not found
@Adam So, not a permission error at all then. Are you spelling the name of the script correctly? And is the script in the current directory?
3 hours later…
1:39 PM
@Adam Huh?
1:55 PM
Q: Why do well received questions often score early down votes?

Philip CoulingI've noticed something interesting in voting trends. Quite often the more interesting questions receive early down-votes (fairly quickly) before subsequently receiving 15+ up votes. This is in contrast to some truly poor questions which are ignored and sit on zero (0). I find this behaviour in...

Yes, actually some of my more popular questions have got early downvotes too, now that I think of it. And a lot of others have no down votes. Not much by way of upvotes either.
I think U&L is the most harsh site with voting of all the stack exchange network
I saw this question the other day and it made me think about it
Q: Why avoid shared user accounts?

Steve VentonI know its best practice not to allow shared user accounts, but where is this best practice defined? Is it an ISO standard or something? What is the reasons to always create per person accounts?

A question like that would never get 68 upvotes on U&L, it would probably get downvoted and closed
@Jesse_b Oh wow, not even remotely close.
@Jesse_b That one was on the HNQ, it isn't representative of how voting works on the target site.
U&L questions that end up on the HNQ get more views but still don't normally get a lot of upvotes
but I often browse the workplace, mechanics, home improvement sites and a few others. Almost every question on them gets upvoted. I think on U&L downvotes are more common than upvotes, but for the most part it seems like voting is largely ignored
@Jesse_b Yes they do.
@Jesse_b English Language & Usage, and Stack Overflow are far stricter.
I think Server Fault will be as well.
@terdon they get more than the average U&L question but not nearly as much as some other sites
A HNQ from workplace will normally have like 200+ upvotes, one from U&L would be lucky to get 15
2:08 PM
@Jesse_b Well no, because other sites have subject matters that non-experts can actually understand (e.g. workplace)
@terdon true
@Jesse_b Oh, we have some with hundreds. Derobert's cow question, for example.
Q: What's the story behind Super Cow Powers?

derobertAs we know, apt-get has Super Cow Powers and aptitude does not: $ apt-get --help | grep -i cow This APT has Super Cow Powers. $ aptitude --help | grep -i cow This aptitude does not have Super Cow Powers. and of course, APT has an Easter egg to go with i...

That hit the HNQ.
@terdon Sure there are but it's rare for them to get it right away, it normally takes years
@Jesse_b not necessarily, but it takes quite a rare combination
you need a question with an interesting title, an answer which many people can understand, something which will make lots of people go "ah ah! now I understand", and the HNQ
there aren’t all that many topics left in Unix & Linux land where you can get all that
my highest-voted answer hit the right buttons and got loads of votes in a few days
Q: How is Mono magical?

catI'm learning C#, so I made a little C# program that says Hello, World!, then compiled it with mono-csc and ran it with mono: $ mono-csc Hello.cs $ mono Hello.exe Hello, World! I noticed that when I hit TAB in bash, Hello.exe was marked executable. Indeed, it runs by just a shell loading the fi...

@StephenKitt Yeah I'm not trying to argue that it doesn't happen, was just an observation I made. I also didn't think it is necessarily a bad thing. I think U&L people are typically more no-nonsense
2:11 PM
@Jesse_b yeah I’m not saying you’re wrong about voting, I was reacting to the “it takes years” comment
in my experience there isn’t much of a long tail here
well, except for old questions which remain valid
Yeah if a question is a good target for common dupes it will get a ton
Yup, canonical Q&As
2:54 PM
@Jesse_b Not true at all. U&L is more than averagely friendly. You want unfriendly, check out SO.
@FaheemMitha I've only made a few questions on SO and they were basically the same as U&L
No nonsense answer and then forgotten about
@Jesse_b I've posted on Home Improvement. I get the occasional upvote, but it's not really different from here, except there is clearly much less activity. And the quality of the answers is arguably lower. Though the two sites aren't really comparable, so comparisons may not be meaningful.
In general I've not found my experiences with Home Improvement to be great. Very little discussion, very little engagement.
@StephenKitt That Super Cow question has definitely been accumulating votes over years. Though it's dropped off a bit recently.
@FaheemMitha eh you're right about home improvement but it still seems slightly better than U&L
An even better example is my highest voted AU answer (one of a handful), which I only wrote because I was so irritated with the nonsense other people were writing. This continues to get upvotes, and it's been a while. I kind of wish it would stop.
@Jesse_b In what sense is it better than U&L?
Scroll through the questions on U&L and the number of questions with 0 votes seems more than any other site I've visited anyway, which is certainly not even close to all of them
@FaheemMitha voting engagement
3:01 PM
@FaheemMitha indeed, a steady trickle: unix.stackexchange.com/posts/92186/timeline
@Jesse_b That might be true, but statistics at a glance can be misleading.
true that
Out of the 30 newest questions on my home page, only 5 have upvotes, 4 have downvotes, and the rest have 0 votes
@Jesse_b the tenacious badge is a good indicator of that, and there aren’t many awarded here
actually that’s for answers
@StephenKitt I see I've upvoted your Mono answer, but I can't remember doing so. I'm not sure I even remember reading that question/answer.
@FaheemMitha heh, don’t worry about that, I come across answers I’ve written where I remember nothing of the subject matter
(as in, “how on earth did I know about that?”)
3:05 PM
I can see why it got a lot of upvotes.
@StephenKitt I regularly come across questions I've written which I no longer understand. Which doesn't reflect particularly well on me, but there it is.
@FaheemMitha that’s being human ;-)
@StephenKitt :-)
It seems to be particularly true of things like C++, which aren't that easy to make sense of at the best of times.
Modern C++ syntax might as well have been invented by Cthulhu. It is clearly not longer intended for mortals.
This binfmt_misc things doesn't seem particularly mainstream. Is there a list of languages available that it supports?
@FaheemMitha it’s not about supporting languages, it’s about supporting foreign binaries
it’s used for QEMU, Wine, Mono and a few other things
@StephenKitt Oh? I must not have read your answer carefully.
@FaheemMitha first sentence ;-) — “it allows the kernel to be told how to run binaries it doesn't know about”
3:19 PM
@StephenKitt Ok. I'll read it again.
So something called run-detectors is doing the real work?
No, it passes it on to Mono or Wine.
So it's just a shunting junction.
@FaheemMitha yes, and the only reason it’s necessary is that binfmt_misc is incapable on its own of distinguishing between Windows and .NET binaries
@StephenKitt I see.
2 hours later…
5:29 PM
find *test* -maxdepth 0 -type d
the correct syntax for finding all directories at top level containing the string 'test'?
ls -d *test*/
@FaheemMitha No. That will search through all directories in your current directory whose name contains testfor subdirectories of any name.
What you want is just: echo *test*/
@terdon Oh, so a recursive search.
(assuming you or another human will be reading it, since if there are none, that will just echo *test* as a string)
@StephenKitt Thanks. I think I can manage to remember that.
5:34 PM
@terdon depending on your shell’s settings ;-)
@StephenKitt no nullglobs here!
@FaheemMitha ? No, the find command is : find /target/path -name 'foo'
Hang on, shouldn't maxdepth take care of that?
@FaheemMitha the problem isn’t -maxdepth, it’s your initial path spec
Yeah, but he's right, that will actually return a list of subdirs named *test*
5:35 PM
but yes, you’re right
@StephenKitt Can you elaborate? What's the problem with the initial path spec?
the only problem is if there are none, you’ll get .
It's just a particularly odd way of approaching the issue. Don't see why it wouldn't work though. Go for it, be idiosyncratic!
I was just using globbing.
As you guys are aware, I don't know shell. Or regexps, really.
@StephenKitt It gives - No such file or directory
if there are no matches.
@FaheemMitha That was a glob, not a regex. I've been slapped for calling them so!
(and correctly slapped)
5:40 PM
@terdon Yes, I know it's a glob. I just said so.
Yep, I was answering your claim to not know regexes.
it just reminded me of this:
Q: What is the definition of a regular expression?

terdonI recently got into a friendly argument with Ghoti about what constitutes a regular expression in the comments to my answer to this question. I claimed that the following is a regular expression: `[Rr]eading[Tt]est[Dd]ata` Ghoti disagreed, claiming it is a file glob instead. The glob page on w...

@terdon Well, I don't, not really.
Globs and regexes are technically different things, but they belong to the same family of things that are impossible for me to remember.
1 hour later…
6:51 PM
I just had reason to look up the "System Administrators' Code of Ethics" again. It's a nice document that people that "slide into" professional system administration positions from having been hobbyists probably never have seen or heard about: usenix.org/system-administrators-code-ethics
7:27 PM
@Adam Are you feeling OK?
7:51 PM
Another spot of LaTeX debugging. Some days, I wonder if it is worth it...
Well, to be precise, a request for someone else to debug it for me. Because when TeX goes wrong, it's inexplicable.
If anyone wonders what I'm talking about...
Q: Extra interline spacing in two sided mode with scrlttr2, and tcolorboxenvironment redefining quoting environment

Faheem MithaWhile experimenting with two sided settings in scrlttr2 while using quoting in combination with tcolorbox, I came across an oddity. The following example shows interline spacing in text outside the quoting environment boxes This only shows up in two sided mode, and only with beforeafter skip=\bas...

8:09 PM
@RuiFRibeiro Most of mine are... :-)
@Adam Cat videos? No thanks... >:-)
Hi @Fabby
Bad edit review from last year found. Now reverted: unix.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/180682
Is there a way of viewing a particular user's edit reviews?
8:41 PM
You can see all reviews in profile->activity->all actions->reviews
8:59 PM
Q: 2019 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Grace NoteUnix & Linux is scheduled for an election next week, March 11th.In connection with that, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. ...

@terdon Who decided when elections will happen?
And how many mods to elect?
@FaheemMitha We did. Or, rather, we (the mods) asked for an election a while ago and this is when SE scheduled it for. And there are two slots.
So we will be 5.
@terdon Ok.
Are the other two still active?
@FaheemMitha Yes. They're both handling flags and answering on meta, but neither is around as much as they used to. Which means I'm the only one who deals with any drama that might arise in chat or comments usually.
Also, the last election was in 2014, and we've grown quite a bit since then. And it will be nice to have a larger team.
@terdon Yes, I'd say some more mods are certainly needed.
9:12 PM
I hope we'll get some good candidates!
How long ago did you ask for elections to be held?
@terdon Poor Terdon is the only one having to deal with the drama queens...
>:-) ;-)
Does anyone know an easy to replace selected boxes of text with xxx's? Maybe I should ask in Emacs SE.
@terdon Not me: I'm too oddball and too low rep...
Paging Superman.
9:24 PM
@FaheemMitha Ah, Notepadqq: Crl-shift select: type xxx, done.
@Fabby Notepad? Eww.
Do you know Notepad++ ?
Well, Notepadqq is the Linux version.
Good enough for me. EMACS is for RMS and full gods...
Never mind, it's been asked. And there's even a function for it.
Q: Anonymizing text using emacs (replace all non-whitespace characters by x)

Faheem MithaSuppose I select some text in an emacs buffer using point and mark. How do I tell emacs to replace each non-whitespace character with x, say? For concreteness, that I select the text using point and mark. Also, for clarity, I consider newlines to be whitespace for the purpose of this question. T...

@Fabby No, I don't know either Notepad++ or Notepadqq.
@FaheemMitha Oops, sorry! Was filling in a Job Application.
And there isn't actually a function for it - you have to do a regexp.
@Fabby You poor thing.
Oh, I just realised I asked that question. In 2015.
9:28 PM
@FaheemMitha :D :D :D
I saw that immediately. Though not a member of that community so cannot upvote!
I did a bit of a double take there.
@FaheemMitha You're just getting old...
@Fabby That's unkind.
1 hour later…
10:40 PM
@FaheemMitha It's it was meant as a joke...
I'm much older than you
I should have added a ;-) :-) though, so yeah, not very tactful...
@Fabby That's ok. I wasn't really offended.
It's very hard to offend me, but I tend to forget that I'm a dinosaur...
(ancient, thick skin, broad back, not very agile, small skull)
@Fabby I think you're a bit confused about your species.
And I thought you had a job.
11:17 PM
@FaheemMitha A job where I worked 50+ hours last week and 70+ hours the week before...
I don't mind working 70 hours one week if I only get to work 10 hours the next so it averages out...
11:31 PM
@Fabby Which doesn't happen, I take it.

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