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2:38 AM
anyone have any good ways I can change a user's password from a script? I know the risks and bla bla but I have a special case where I need to do that. passwd doesn't accept --stdin anymore and chpasswd just hangs and doesn't actually do anything.
are you actually piping anything into chpasswd?
stdin for chpasswd should be (one per line) username:passwd
for chpasswd -e, it should be username:encrypted-password
@Seth you could always go the living dangerous route and edit the shadow file :) I don't recommend that though, as cas notes chpasswd should work.
@cas yup, that is what I was using.
@casey I'm really trying to avoid doing that.
did your username:password end with a newline?
see this coincidental answer i posted earlier this morning
A: How to set a password that violates password constraints without changing constraints using sudo

casYou could try printf "%s\n" 'username:encryptedpassword' | sudo chpasswd -e - that may be able to bypass the password checking enforced by PAM. The password must be pre-encrypted, e.g. as in the mkpasswd example by muru. For example: p=$(mkpasswd -m sha-512 'mysupersekretpassword') printf "%s:...

@Seth ` # chpasswd <<< wmtest:testTEST124` works for me
2:51 AM
what are you running @casey?
for chpasswd
and the shell I tested that in above was bash 4.3.39
aha, got it working.
I'm tired and it didn't hit me that chpasswd seth:pass isn't STDIN.
:) yep, that would be argv[1] (in C anyway...)
It's been a long day.. yawns
thanks for the help though @casey @cas!
(hmm.. I probably could have gotten away with just saying @cas haha ;p)
@Seth that wont ping me, but it does highlight
3:01 AM
@casey do you get pinged on @cas ?
I sympathize though, I've spent hours on something more times than I care to admit getting nowhere and then after some sleep take one look at it and know what is wrong (if I didn't just wake up with that realization before even looking at my computer)
@cas no ping
that's what sleep is for, isn't it?
@casey haha yes. Usually I end up going to sleep and then right before I fall asleep I'll be like "wait, I'm an idiot!" but be too tired to get up and write it down.
i do get that highlight though :)
@casey the brain works better/faster when you don't focus on the problem at hand
14 hours later…
5:37 PM
ah, systemd. found one edge case that made it go a bit crazy.
gentoo's portage tree is inode-heavy since it is just a bunch of really small files and lots of directories and my no-so-forward-thinking partition for it ran out of inodes (26% full but 100% inodes used).
so naturally, since I have LVM with some unallocated space I can create a new lv, format it as XFS (or something with flexibile inode counts), copy everything over, then unmount both, lvremove the old portage and lvrename the new partition to portage then mount it back up
no changes needed to fstab because that referred to the /dev/mapper/ names
but.... late last night I noted my machine had a core pegged at 100% occupied by systemd and the logs spammed with
[280452.447055] systemd[1]: usr-portage.mount mount process exited, code=exited status=32
[280452.467074] systemd[1]: Unit usr-portage.mount is bound to inactive service. Stopping, too.
to make systemd happy I had to unmount the partition and daemon-reload systemd then mount the partition again
seems that the auto-generated mount units really don't like it when the partition changes underneath them :)
6:43 PM
It seems once a question is closed it's very difficult to reopen it because it's hard to notify voters that the question was fixed.
@argle No, it will show up in the review queue for reopening
Is there any way for me (reputation 34) to see the current state of the voting for reopening?
7:10 PM
@argle I don't know of any, but I'm not a moderator and there's a lot I don't know about how the site functions.
But have a look at unix.stackexchange.com/help/reopen-questions for info. In addition to the ways to get a question reopened that are listed there, it is also possible to post to Unix & Linux Meta and ask what you would need to do to get a question reopened. Or you could post a link to the question here and maybe get some feedback.
7:31 PM
Q: Enable mouse support in the console for applications that feature it in GUI terminals

argleIs there some general mechanism missing in text mode consoles but present in GUI terminals that I can enable for mouse-supporting applications? By "general" I mean not per-application (not application-specific). For example, aptitude, finch, w3m, etc. understand clicks in GUI terminals but not in...

7:43 PM
What is your reason for it to be reopened? For my part, I'm a sysadmin not a programmer so I would probably skip that question in the reopen queue as being outside of my area of competence
7:54 PM
I fully reedited it to conform to the rules and voters' recommendations.
8:23 PM
@argle your question currently has 1 reopen vote
therefore it is in the review queue and will either get re-opened or stay closed
I don't have 10k yet on U&L so I can't browse the re-open queue history to see the status of reviews on your Q (e.g. if people are voting "Leave Closed")
even re-opened though I don't think you are going to get a general answer. I think it boils down to "figure out what switch / compile options are needed to enable GPM support in an application and do that"
if ncurses is compiled with GPM support, you might get that for free for any program that uses ncurses
but you might also need to use a command line option to enable listening to those events in that program
9:03 PM
Thank you for your answers. I guess 10k+ means moderator. Someone (reputation 302k!) edited my question and said he voted to reopen. It kind of made me hope others just didn't get properly notified. :)
9:30 PM
Is this the only stackexchange way to meet and talk to other users?
10:28 PM
@argle What, the chat? Well, if you interpret meet and talk very loosely, then yes. What else were you expecting? :-)
Some private messaging, I guess.
10:46 PM
@argle People can create their own room and talk, depending on rep. I'm not sure how private it is. It's possible you can restrict a room to just two people, but I don't know the details.
Yes, if you're a room owner, you can control access. I'm not sure what it takes to be a room owner. Maybe if you created a room, you are its owner.
I think there's no new room creation option for me.
11:07 PM
@argle Someone else could create the room.
@argle I also voted to reopen, but I don't think you are going to get any useful answers here. Try #debian-apt on OFTC. The Debian devs hang out there, including the current Aptitude maintainer.
If you do get a useful answer there, you can come back and copy it in here as an answer. Actually, I'll take the liberty of posting the question there.
I pinged Manuel.
11:27 PM
@argle Manuel replied:
<faheem> mafm1: unix.stackexchange.com/q/234099/4671
<faheem> In case you have any comments. Do you use Stack Exchange?
<mafm1> faheem: not really, no (to both questions)
<mafm1> I didn't implement that part of aptitude and never touched it
<mafm1> and I didn't even use gpm back in the '90s, never felt very natural to me :)
He's the closest that aptitude currently has to a maintainer, so you're probably not going to get an "official" answer.

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