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5:46 AM
@Shog9 I just created my MSE account after having deleted it previously. I'm trying to login to chat.meta.stackexchange.com, but it just fails silently every time and I just remain logged out.
And now I get a server error when clicking on the above link
Hi @Ano
I'm called "Ano" actually
blames autocucumber
Well, it's good to be back
@Undo How have things been in my (non-)absence?
@JourneymanGeek actually I meant you, I've just forgotten how to tell you two apart
... that's specieist ;p
5:52 AM
No, I was recalling his 'Z' avatar, and thought it was yours
Things move. Some thing don't ;p
I'd almost always had the same dog as my ava. Just different photos of him ;p
Perhaps deleting the old MSE chat profile will make it work @Shog9?
... actually
I don't thing pinging shog would work here ;p
or undo
(almost tempted to suggst a main meta, or contact us support request here)
I invited him.
assuming he accepted. things have been busy at SE
and not quite in the best way too
5:56 AM
It worked 3 years ago...oh, well
Q: Cannot login to chat.meta.stackexchange.com

gparyaniI recently recreated my MSE account after having deleted it a few years ago. Now, I'm trying to log in to Meta Stack Exchange Chat, and whenever I try to do so, it just fails silently and I'm still logged out. Occasionally, in the same browser session that I'm supposedly logged out, I randomly g...

No more grace period within 5 minutes of making a post?
@JourneymanGeek Can you please review this edit in the meantime? meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/55308
6:15 AM
I don't really review that sort of thing ;p
@JonEricson Can you please take a look at that bug?
@JourneymanGeek He showed up in the pingable list...
Well, it was used during my time, just see my old messages
@gparyani things change a lot XD
I would post on Tavern, but...
Another sign of my long delay:
14 mins ago, by gparyani
No more grace period within 5 minutes of making a post?
There's a grace period... but I commented, so it lapses.
If there are no comments, you get the full five minutes.
It used to not lapse, when was this implemented?
@Catija That comment wasn't necessary, you could have just checked my user profile and hovered over "member since today"
6:25 AM
A: Reset question grace period once an answer has been posted

Shog9Jarrod whipped this up this past week, and the behavior should now be live. Edits will be rolled into the previous revision if the previous revision was created by the same author and none of the following conditions are present: The previous revision was created 5 minutes or more in the past A...

Ah, thanks.
Just a few months after I became inactive on the other SE sites
But that proves my point: that message is a sign of a long delay
By the way Shadow Wizard was very interested for a long time in knowing who the anonymous editor was; one of you should give him a ping
6:45 AM
@JourneymanGeek Deleted my comment.
I remember, there was a bug I tried to report where custom-flagging as "not an answer" would convert it into a normal not an answer flag, allowing someone to bypass the restriction against raising that flag more than once.
Has that been fixed?
donno. Don't test it ;p
Which is why I'm asking
1 hour later…
8:20 AM
@Andrew T. I was hoping to answer questions directly in the Tavern, before making a post with frequently asked questions. I ran into the above snag though.
@Shadow Wizard:
Q: Can I get a consensus on the version of Android required for the official mobile app?

user215114In the official announcement of the Android app, it says Android 4.1 or higher is required. However, the Google Play Store page argues that 1.6 is the required Android version. Why do these two pages argue with each other, and which one is lying? Screen shot:

Here's one place where we interacted
By the way, the name change to "damryfbfnetsi" didn't take place until I had already deleted my MSE account
I'm still working out what to do with later edits: keep editing anonymously, or edit under my account. I mostly edited CW FAQ posts, which I can directly edit using my account
I don't know, maybe I should keep editing anonymously? After all, I made some incorrect edits that were later rejected.
8:38 AM
Hi :)
Hi 🙂
@AndrewT. Have any questions?
@ShadowWizard ?
@gparyani actually, no... I lost my words currently :)
After finding out who Ano is?
yeah, kind of funny, surreal and exciting
He did now
@JourneymanGeek Also I remember your time as a pro-tem SR moderator
8:58 AM
Didn't stand for re-election
I was SO first
@ShadowWizard This chat room, not that company!
@gparyani maybe change name to Ano? I would be thrilled! :P
But seriously, how you know SE so well??
By recalling my prior experiences (I have a good memory) and carefully reading meta posts
In essence, I would take information posted around in many different places and form conclusions based on what I experienced in the past and what others have experienced, which I then edit into FAQ posts.
@Shadow the Hedgehog: Maybe you should change your username
@gparyani hey I'm not aggressive!
Q: Is my hedgehog too agressive?

ShadeI recently obtained a female albino hedgehog from her previous owners. They weren't that fond of the hedgehog and didn't socialize her well during the ~8 months they had her (they got her at ~1-2 months of age). They didn't take her out much, didn't play with her - basically, she stayed in the ca...

I meant this:
9:12 AM
@gparyani I deny any association with him! :D
Actually, that was just a funny test to see if the first part of the username still pings the user
Sonic the Hedgehog (Japanese: ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ, Hepburn: Sonikku za Hejjihoggu) is a video game franchise created and produced by Sega. The franchise centers on a series of speed-based platform games. The protagonist of the series is an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog named Sonic, whose peaceful life is often interrupted by the series' main antagonist, Doctor Eggman. Typically, Sonic—usually along with some of his friends, such as Tails, Amy, and Knuckles—must stop Eggman and foil any plans of world domination. The first game in the series, released in 1991, was conceived by Sega's Sonic Team division...
@gpa I'm disappointed, you should have known you can't ping me unless I am in the room, or was in the room in the last 7 days... 2 days if you want to use short version of the name. ;)
So @Sha @Shad @Shadow etc would work for 48 hours after I leave the room now.
I did not intend to ping you. I just wanted to let you know of the relevant chat messages, so you didn't have to dig through after I invited you.
Oh.... thanks!
9:15 AM
It does highlight all of them.
@gparyani but this is relevant only for using full name, if you're using short name (@Shadow Wizard too, the space breaks the name) it's not true.
You briefly renamed yourself @Sha Wiz Dow Ard, what happened to that? I remember you were named that back when I was around on MSE.
@gparyani hehe, it was during Winter Bash, I was too lazy to rename back right away.
I had another session not long ago too, think it was @AndrewT. fault.
It made that old comment conversation make sense again
@ShadowWizard wut
whoops.... sorry @Andrew it's not you. It's @M.A.R
in Shadow's Den on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Aug 16 at 20:27, by Sha Wiz Dow Ard
@ProgramFOX not became, got back into being... blame @M.A.R.!
9:28 AM
@ShadowWizard You had the avatar "What's on your mind?"
Really?? Man... you got perfect memory.... o_O
Hmm.. So, Ano, what did I eat for breakfast at July 12, 2015?
I wasn't around on SE in 2015 very much. Remember, I deleted my MSE account in 2013, and went inactive on most sites in late 2014?
I changed few avatars over the years, honestly don't remember all of the changes. :)
But I made my first anonymous edit on MSE in 2014, a few months after I deleted my account. I think it was rejected.
I do remember having avatar online contest once, letting people vote from my profile page.
Think blue wizard won, not sure.
@gparyani so you got back during 2016? Or 2017?
9:31 AM
2014... I think I first participated SE (SO, actually) at that time
Also I found a bug: suggested edits from deleted accounts show up as having been suggested by anonymous users
@gparyani well one learns from their mistakes...
@gparyani why bug? What you expect them to show as?
soup & meatball
For edits reviewed before the account was deleted: the unlinked username as shown on posts. For pending edits, I think the behavior should be normal, and the edits should be reviewed and applied as if they were anonymous edits (the current behavior)
9:34 AM
hmm.... probably too minor.
In queries people were doing on the Tavern to find anonymous edits, their queries were also picking up suggested edits from deleted users
Too bad you can't report bug anonymously.
can't, I meant can't. :D
An edit is enough
Not for me... I must hide my shame.
mustn't you mean?
9:35 AM
Not this time.
Shame should be well hidden. ;)
The blue has spoken! :D
Who's blue?
Oh wait. I AM! >_>
5 mins ago, by Shadow Wizard
Think blue wizard won, not sure.
@gparyani rofl.... nah, totally different meaning. :D
9:37 AM
> The same rules of instant deletion (not posted or voted more than once) will still apply,
If understand "more than once" correctly, then you can post the bug report and nuke your account instantly
Or I need coffee to understand the meaning slowly
This ain't the Tavern
I'll begin chatting there as soon as that bug is fixed
@AndrewT. but that won't be accepted very well by many people... kind of abusing the system, if done many times.
Found the wizards!
Can't find where I announced the contest, maybe it wasn't in the Tavern...
heh, it still works.
That comment was unnecessary. I'll go into further details in my upcoming post (which I'm a little too busy to work on right now).
@ShadowWizard that is
9:51 AM
hmm... what comment? ;)
Ahh thanks
@ShadowWizard I used to read the Tavern all the time as Ano and I was laughing very hard at your suggestion that Norm is the anonymous editor
@gparyani Well, Norm is known to know tons about SE, keeps posting relevant stuff, etc. So he was the perfect candidate... :)
10:17 AM
Anyway, it's not long until you get the gold tag badge for bug, at which point you'll gain global close-as-duplicate power on MSE
Was Normal Human known as Cupcake at some point?
Also @animuson this is a bit old, but why did you delete this question?
3 hours later…
1:02 PM
@gparyani indeed! :)
@gparyani nah, I am pretty sure @Cupcake was totally another person who deleted their account 2-3 years ago. Chat profile on MSE still there, though empty: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/users/163250/cupcake?tab=general
@gparyani he's not pingable here.... and from own experience, he ignores chat invites.
Email is your best and fastest bet, will take 6-8 weeks but better than nothing, I guess.
1:45 PM

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