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8:39 AM
Q: How should I understand path-space measurement equation?

Jinglei.YI read the corresponding chapter of PBRT-v3, as well as Veach's thesis which introduced BDPT. However I didn't quite understand why we use the measurement equation. It seems that the measurement equation can be further formulated to obtain different light transport algorithms, such as photon map ...

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12:33 PM
Q: Combining imageStore with standard rasterization primitives draw call with depth test

narthexI am trying to speed up efficiency of rendering multiple cubemaps representing irradiance of the scene. Instead of drawing one side of cubemap at a time, I tried to do some instanced draw to decrease overhead - multiple istances of each side at a time using combination of modern and standard Open...

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2:52 PM
Q: Advantages of SHL?

vuoriov4My question is about spherical harmonic lightning, in the context of computing the coefficients with an expensive GI algorithm and passing them to the vertex shader Another way is to just use an expensive GI algorithm to compute vertex colors and just use them instead. What is the advantage of ...

3:26 PM
Q: Triple buffering without buffers?

zseroMetal Best Practices Guide states that The setVertexBytes:length:atIndex: method is the best option for binding a very small amount (less than 4 KB) of dynamic buffer data to a vertex function I believe this means that instead storing uniforms in an overly complicated manually memory manag...


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