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3:15 PM
@terdon sorry for the asynch communication :) that's quite cool :)
it's also a bit surprising that both your and @Kusalananda have spent significant time in the industry it seems :) is that a coincidence or is there underlying factors driving bioinformatics people to become moderators in communities like this, or vice versa? :D
3:28 PM
@MarcusM├╝ller heh, absolute coincidence :)
I'm an actual biologist masquerading as a nix geek, while Kusalananda is an actual nix guy who's spent years working in computational biology.
ha! now that's an interesting vita :D
1 hour later…
4:33 PM
Q: If more users could vote, would they engage more? Testing 1 reputation voting on some sites

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5:22 PM
@terdon I believe this assessment is nearly 100% correct.
With "actual" taken with a grain of salt.
Q: Alpha test for short survey in banner ad slots starting on week of September 25th on SO and some network sites

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They also say I'm an "actual adult"...
At 50, I still don't know what I'll be when I grow up. :shrug:
@StephenKitt I seem to have access to it through my workplace's O'Reilly online library subscription.
2 hours later…
7:29 PM
@Kusalananda Heh, I know that feeling. At 43, I keep telling myself it will be "next year".

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