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1:18 PM
What is this? A stack exchange for ghosts?
1:29 PM
Salutations @FaheemMitha! How goes it?
1 hour later…
2:37 PM
@Jesse_b Hey. Ok. A bit tired.
2:56 PM
@FaheemMitha Still remodeling?
@Jesse_b No, computer stuff.
@FaheemMitha Computers are the devil
3:39 PM
@StephenKitt I should remove that now as that's generally not true any more.
3:53 PM
The toilet at work is not equipped to handle my business
2 hours later…
6:19 PM
Q: A script that checks deleted files in a number of seconds, given as an argument

StudentWrite a script which takes a number of seconds as an argument and then holds the session for the period (sleep), after that presents the list of files that were deleted from your home directory. Use `date' to show the current time and date before and after the sleep. #!/bin/bash time_b=$(da...

This is exactly why I think the homework tag would be useful
6:32 PM
If you decide to answer that one, don't try to detect renamed files, that was a trick question from me. It's more difficult than what the level of the assignment is supposed to be.
@Kusalananda I may but that user is really aggravating me lol. Why wont he just edit the question!? :-p
The solution that they want is probably date;tmpfile=$(mktemp);ls -l "$HOME" >"$tmpfile";sleep "$1";ls -l "$HOME"|diff "$tmpfile" -;date;rm "$tmpfile"
with some extra parsing of the diff output.
That would be easiest.
The correct solution would use arrays of filenames.
Hold on, no, diffing the ls -l output wouldn't work since timestamps may change.
yeah I would think -l would be excessive anyway
7:07 PM
What do you think about my answer @Kusalananda? I thought the sort | uniq -u was a good approach until I was writing up the answer I realized it would also include newly created files lol
7:20 PM
Nice Steeldriver fixed it
7:44 PM
Me at work right now:
user image
@Jesse_b A tiny bit too complicated.
@Jesse_b LOL
I'll post something there too, soon.
8:11 PM
Someone took away their vote on my answer (n)
8:26 PM
@Jesse_b ... and then my answer was accepted, then un-accepted. :-)
1 hour later…
9:41 PM
This one is bizarre:
Q: Always it says Error Message

Ani HoxhaIhave this Exercise Write a script which creates files File.txt numer.txt the first contains the list of script arguments, seperated by newline, the second contains your UID, if at least one of then already exists display an error message and exit; creates subdir...

> Write a Bash script which [...] creates subdirectory C:\WINDOWS in your home
Well, it's possible to do that on a Unix system...
Makes little sense though.
Ah, "Error Message". They have an issue with the if $( test -e ... ) thing.
Well, they cretae the file, then test to see if it exists. Not strange.
Perhaps an obscure way of testing escaping backslashes?
test doesn't output anything anyway so it would run regardless
10:08 PM
@MichaelHomer The command substitution is useless but would still return the correct exit status I think.
True. I just can't imagine how it all got to this point
@MichaelHomer Lots how homework assignments today it seems.
10:51 PM
64/100 towards my bronze in [memory]. Still a long way to go :-).
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