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This one is worthy of a star as the title itself could be on movies.stackexchange.com or worldbuilder.stackexchange.com or any number of sites out there!
Q: Can a zombie have orphans? Will the orphan children be disturbed by reaping the zombie?

WildcardAs I understand it, a zombie process has died but still exists as a placeholder in the process table until its parent (or init if the zombie is itself an orphan) checks its exit status. And my understanding of orphan processes is they are processes that are still alive and running but whose pare...

:D :D :D
Anyone with an account here should upvote that so it shows up on the "hot network questions" list...
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@FaheemMitha the reason for this (I guess you're not Indian) is because of replies like this and this. sorry :(
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@Pandya Sorry, I'm not following. The reason for what?
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This answer really deserves more upvotes.
A: How did the Linux Kernel project track bugs in the Early Days?

mr.spuraticThe processes used news groups (USENET), and (predominantly) email. A bug "existed" as a thread, putting "[BUG REPORT]" or "LINUX BUG REPORT" in the subject was a common convention. There were no bug IDs. Given the typical user-base, a bug report often came with a patch. There was one long-forgot...

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@FaheemMitha Yeah, that one is basically the same on all sites and only SE employees can edit it AFAIK. Mods can edit the help/on-topic.
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@Gilles For removing quiet splash, there is an option to edit by pressing key e at grub screen but It is set to ask password which is stored at /etc/grub.d/01_PASSWORD and while trying live disk of Ubuntu 14.04, I found the partition in which Trisquel is installed is corrupted. So, I was unable to access edit to grub, plus I've to formate partition and now that question has no future. So, I deleted it.
@terdon Have you any idea about?:
Q: Is there any way to boot from iso while running system from live disk?

PandyaThis is bit complicated question let me explain what is expected. I know that we can add grub menuentry with location of iso file and boot from ISO using grub entry. (i.e this method) But suppose that: I've iso file of a GNU/Linux (say Trisquel 7.0) stored in computer (hard-disk) say at /dev/...

Is grub-install ing be a option/solution?
@Pandya interesting. I would say probably yes but I don't really know. I would try mounting the local HDD and installing grub on it with a menuentry pointing to the ISO. Presumably, you would need to make a partition on the drive and place the iSO there but if you do, I don't see why it shouldn't work.
So, I am interested in knowing How do I install grub on HDD with menuentrypoint pointing the ISO?
Yes, that's what your question is asking :)
I don't know the details, sorry.
2:27 PM
@terdon Oh, that's too bad.

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