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5:00 PM
I come and go as I please.
That and the 25 days off a year.
I don't get raises that large.
Last one I got was in January, at 6%.
Neither do I. the only reason I got it was because I was being underpaid to begin with
As I was a "risk"
Though, 6% of almost 50K is still pretty big.
in $?
5:00 PM
Myself as well, I'm really young to be in the position/pay I am in.
I went from 22 to 26 today
I make just under $50k a year.
I'm a mid level dev at the age of 20 with no experience so... that's not too bad at all IMO
I'm basically the only 20...with no professional experience. Lol
well, you earn significantly more than me, so not bad :p
5:01 PM
Except for the year I have worked for this company.
my first job I got £16k/y
which is approx $24k
Ah, damn. I thought it was higher than that.
its a guesstimate
Even if you double it, still not a lot.
google says it's $24780
5:02 PM
Yeah, that's not a lot over here.
but I just went up to $40k
Depending on taxes.
I gross about $50k/year, but only net about $30k/year.
what city do you live in? I'm assuming your cost of living is p high
Yeah no idea what its like there.
I actually net higher than you at $32k
5:04 PM
Well my tax rate is like 23%, plus medical, 401k, etc.
Anyway, I'll be back in a few, it's lunch time.
we get medical on the company after a year (+nhs), I don't have a 401k set up but I get taxed 20% on everything over 10k
Oh, also, just for the 1-up, I started here at 19.
At around $45k or so.
And I'm salaried.
Haha :P I started here 6 months ago, salaried at ~$40k. However we also regularly have lunches on the office, free fruit, our broadband (up to $46/mo) is paid for us, also yo uget an extra ~$400 for being 'on call' once every 7 weeks or so.
and obviously private medical care after a year
company takes care of us, and give I was earning in sep 2013, a $14k jump in 2 years (going from junior level to mid level) is pretty good IMO
5:23 PM
Not bad indeed.
How is Wales for engineers anyway? Any companies around or do they all migrate?
5:36 PM
My work pays my entire internet bill (regardless of cost) and cell bill (again, regardless of cost). Though, we have less of the 'free-stuff' perks.
And I'm not really Jr., Mid or Sr. level. I am the only one here who does this stuff.
Primary, secondary and tertiary programming.
That automatically makes you Sr.
As well as security complaining.
Because I'm anal about some of the security stuff.
@Mast Does it though? All it means is that I am capable of working on my own, it doesn't imply my ability to delegate/project manage.
Sr. Level implies the ability to manage and maintain a project.
Whereas I really don't do a lot of that, I am strictly code.
That said, it does also imply that I don't need a lot of management to make the project get done.
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9:05 PM
Anyone still alive in here?
lol Barely
In the following function:
function runNextMethod(query)
         console.log("TimeOut:", parseInt(query.TimeOut));
         setTimeout(func, query.TimeOut);
The `console.log` prints just fine, but the setTimeout throws `Cannot read property
'TimeOut' of undefined`
And I have no clue why...
Should I make it a SO question or am I just doing something stupid here?
9:46 PM
Q: Server lost it's property

MastMy Node.JS HTTP server handles a GET request with JSON query by invoking runNextMethod. This function gets url_parsed.query as argument. function runNextMethod(query) { if(nextMethodIndex<methodOrder.length) { var func = myDict[myList[nextMethodIndex]]; console.log("Nex...

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11:20 PM
@Mast: RE wales for programming, lots of .NET, not much else.
And when I say lots I mean lots - my company gave up on finding a permanent .NET dev because there are so many jobs here and had to hire a contractor
Also WRT sr/jr/mid, I';m the only person in my team that actually programs front end web stuff, no one else is experienced in it. I wouldn't say that makes me a senior :p
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