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9:09 PM
too bad most politicians are still in the belief that roundabout trumps a traffic light
at least in my jurisdiction
Here the politicians seem to leave the transport design to the transport engineers, fortunately.
hey thanks @trichoplax I didnt see that I have been with family
I did it now tho
A: Who should moderate this site?

Trevor Clarke My name is Trevor Clarke, I live in Toronto. I have been a part of the Stack Exchange community for over 2 years. Throughout my years I have spent time doing front and back end web development along with licensing and other open source projects. I have been with Open source from when it...

We keep telling them that the extra setup lanes should be longer but they keep them too short to do their jobs properly.
Silly governments :)
@TrevorClarke nice :)
9:28 PM
@ArtOfCode penny pinching more likely
it's less road to lay
And that too :)
@ArtOfCode wow look at that! One downvote already!
nm they retracted it whoever it was
@TrevorClarke They did? I'm still seeing it...
9:36 PM
they did but its back again
art of code +1 for u tho
Ta :)
And good luck to you too :)
how long do the temp mods stay?
@ArtOfCode any idea??
@TrevorClarke Until the end of public beta, so variable
Anywhere from about 9 months to several years
9:39 PM
I think we'll be pretty average - 2 years, maybe
@ArtOfCode unless reelected
@ratchetfreak of course, but there's no guarantee of that
If you do a good pro-tem job then you've got a brilliant reference, but it's not certain
how many people do you think will nominate themselfs?
It varies... 5 seems to be fairly average. We had about that many on Worldbuilding
@TrevorClarke ^
9:47 PM
was i too late?
do you think i have a chance?
@ArtOfCode ^?
@TrevorClarke It's only just been posted, 3 hours ago... I think you probably do
and its the top 3 right
or does se choose
CM picks
They use the post as advice on who the community want, but it's not binding
@ratchetfreak are you not going to run?
9:52 PM
no I don't have the commitment
I rarely touch the review queues on the sites I have the rep for them
let alone dealing with the comment flags I hear so much about
guys do you think im too young? should i remove my age from my post
You might like it, you never know
and I don't feel comfortable making those decisions
@TrevorClarke Don't worry about your age. We went over that with Ziz earlier, age doesn't matter
9:54 PM
You'll be judged on your actions not your age
@ArtOfCode I choose skip half the time I'm in the review queue
Hey at least actions are reversible :)
has anyone seen ziz
do you know where he is
He was around earlier
@Zizouz212 your presence has been requested
9:56 PM
@Ziz you around now?
btw @ziz i added my nomination
cant believe i missed it
@ratchetfreak Where would you like me?
here, trevor was wanting to talk to you
What's up?
10:03 PM
@Mnementh Mod nominations are up. I'm tempted to nominate you...
I'm here now...
not much
kjust wondering if you were there
Did you guys all get followers for me? OMG, I'm like...
@Zizouz212 not particularly... people are just interested it seems
10:22 PM
you could drop a line over on engineers.SE's chatroom see if it can get you some more
10:49 PM
Really, last time I did this I didn't get any followers... It's you guys...
11:09 PM
well @Zizouz212 your doing well compared to me
11:24 PM
@TrevorClarke Ziz is talking about an A51 proposal he made, not the nominations
@ArtOfCode are you good at html / css
lol, check it out!
Urban Planning

Proposed Q&A site for officials and experts involved with urban environments, including the planning and structure of cities and towns, transport networks, green spaces and infrastructure.

Currently in definition.

cant figure out why the padding isnt working on this page
inbetween the pics
when the site goes into public beta can we expect more upvotes on the questions already asked?
Most likely, a fresh addition to a community :)
And I'm confident that we'll get a bit since most big sites here are on the technology side, and open source relates to that
11:42 PM
@TrevorClarke I do web dev stuff on the side. So, yes, not bad.
Though I won't know what's wrong unless I see the code, which I can't do right now.
It's 00:44 here and I'm going to sleep. Night :)
Poor you, good night! :)
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