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12:49 AM
Q: Why is the site icon "FOS", and should it be changed?

HDE 226868I expected that the icon would be "OS" - for Open Source - but it appears to be "FOS". I assume that this stands for some mash-up of "Free Software" and "Open Source", possibly stemming from this discussion. I'm not sure where I stand on the name-of-the-site issue, but I do know that, currently,...

6 hours later…
6:32 AM
Q: Is [Software X] open source, and if yes where is the source code?

Nicolas RaoulMy job involves a lot of searching and evaluating software. I routinely have to find out whether a piece of software is actually 100% open source, and sometimes it is more difficult/tricky that it seems. Some claim to be open source but actually are not Some are partly and have non-open source ...

7:26 AM
Good morning room
Good morning!
8:03 AM
Q: Can somebody make a licence->license tag synonym?

miramsThe UK spelling of the noun is "licence", and US "license". The standard for stack exchange seems to be US for tags: What should the standard spelling be - British or US? Please could someone with enough reputation create the synonym? Thanks

8:35 AM
Q: Do we want questions about "What are open source alternatives to X"?

Madara UchihaI've seen the following question: Are there any Open Source VoIP software? And I wanted to have this particular policy discussed early. Do we want question like: "What are open source software that do X?" or "What are open source alternatives to Y?"

8:49 AM
Monking all
Oh wait, it's still good morning in here.
yes, it is
@TheMetaTracker That question needs more answers.
Or at least more attention.
9:16 AM
I like having my chat profile point to a private beta site.
Hi everyone
@Unihedron Evil.
It's very unfortunate, but it just so happens that my proposal went into private beta while I'm on holidays
I'll try to contribute in these next few days anyways
@overactor Don't worry, we got it covered. All beta are at least for 90 days.
But you guys seem to be doing a good job.
@Mast Isn't the private beta over after at most two weeks?
9:30 AM
@overactor Probably, but it will reach open after that.
@Mast I certainly hope so
Whelp, I gotta go
Private beta ends after 2 weeks (or 1 week), then there's public beta which can take months to years.
keep up the good work
@ProgramFOX years being more likely than months :)
@ProgramFOX We're talking minimum here. There is no maximum.
The minimum for public beta is 90 days, IIRC.
oh you just said that, oops :P
9:32 AM
@ProgramFOX Are those 90 days excluding private beta?
@Mast according to StackEgg game, yes
practically, I don't think anyone knows
Good question; I have no idea.
Reading the Area 51 FAQ, perhaps I can find it there.
Sites remain in beta for at least 90 days to build up a critical mass of users, questions, and participation.
No mention about a difference between private/public.
Hm, indeed.
10:24 AM
so many license questions
I want to get 500 rep to review but there's nothing left I can answer!
@Unihedron this is competition, eh? I'm targeting 500 today as well.
@ArtOfCode There's nothing competitive about getting rep.
@Unihedron heh. True I suppose.
10:40 AM
Just keep the bigger picture in mind. If the site goes down, all rep is useless.
10:57 AM
As long as I can review, I don't mind if the site's down. :P
@Unihedron if the site is down then there will be nothing to review...
that's not how it works
or maybe it is
3 hours later…
1:40 PM
Q: Tag [license] or [licensing]

PhilippI've noticed that we have two tags which essentially seem to mean the same thing: [license] and [licensing]. Which one should we keep? Or is there maybe a subtle distinction which might make it worth to keep both?

1:56 PM
Q: A 53rd floor, 1 minute ride Elevator Pitch!

Zizouz212Now that we're growing really big, getting lots of questions, and plenty of really amazing active users, we should start spreading the word! From 7 Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta: Imagine you’ve just gotten on an elevator with a friendly stranger. You have precisely one floor to desc...

2:23 PM
Things seem to have quieted down a bit.
"a bit" is an understatement
Q: Are NC Creative Commons licenses on topic?

TRiGCreative Commons produce a family of related licenses. Most of these are Open licenses (not recommended for software) and are clearly on topic. A couple are not Open, but are very closely related to the Open licenses. Are these non-Open licenses on topic here, because they are members of a family...

3:26 PM
Q: Community Promotion Ads

HDE 226868We'll be entering public beta in about a week or so (hopefully), so we need to get word out to the rest of Stack Exchange about Open Source Stack Exchange. One of the best ways of doing this is with Community Promotion Ads. Here is part of the canonical spiel given on meta posts on graduated sit...

Never mind, looks like things are reawakening.
3:51 PM
A: Community Promotion Ads

ArtOfCodeHere's one. Might not be the best, but it's something to get us going.

@ArtOfCode why regularyl? what does it means in the logo?
Alternative terms for free software, such as open source, FOSS, and FLOSS, have been a controversial issue among free software users from the late 1990s onwards. Coined in 1983 by Richard Stallman, "free software" is used to describe software which can be used, modified, and redistributed with little or no restriction. These freedoms are formally described in The Free Software Definition, first published in February 1986. Alternatives for "free software" were sought for marketing purposes and because of a perceived "moralising and confrontational" attitude that had been associated with the term...
@ecelis It's a dentist pun on FLOSS, meaning Free/Libre and Open Source Software.
3:57 PM
@ArtOfCode Oh right! :D didn't thought about the kind of 'floss' at first
unit testing is like flossing; everyone agrees it's good, not many of us actually does it
just my two cents on dental floss
I'm #2 rep-wise :P
@MadaraUchiha You're #3 where I'm standing...
4:03 PM
I'm #5
The association bonus threw me off
need more points +_+
I'm already capped
I've got 25 to go before the cap
I'm far from cap - ~100 today
There's nothing left to answer [that I know the answer of], and what I want to ask has already appeared :p
4:07 PM
I heartily agree.
@Unihedron Start asking.
Huh. I actually have a higher rep on meta than on main. That's troubling.
@MadaraUchiha so they can be closed as dupe?
I think questions are what we will be short of generally - ask as much as you can
A: What should we name our chatroom?

UnihedronI think having a chat room name surrounding the freedom of Open Source culture will be excellent. So I suggest "The Tavern"!

^ The lowest score post on Meta
4:20 PM
@Unihedron Peer pressure ahoy?
I'm against deleting useful information even if it gets me a badge
@Unihedron Delete, get badge, undelete :D
works too
deleted, fiddling thumbs
4:22 PM
Sure, you won't get the badge next time you deserve it
But who cares, gots badges
@Unihedron ^
what the
@MadaraUchiha Well that's the rest of my day sorted
4:50 PM
30 users with 200+ rep in less than 24 hours is pretty good.
5:03 PM
More importantly: are 69 questions good? Is experience saying it's a good start to end up with 10 per day?
go change that
It's hard to come up with good questions. I'll come up later with another try, but I want to be able to vote on answers.
@Mnementh Our target eventually is 10 questions per day, but there's always huge activity in the private beta, which drops massively in the public beta.
And there's my 500.
5:19 PM
@ArtOfCode More importantly AJAX EDITS!
. . . aaaaand @ArtOfCode begins his perpetual editing.
And I begin my lunch.
I steal your lunch. You are now unable to begin lunch until you acquire new lunch.
It not really stealing if HDE still has his lunch. Its more like sharing.
Unless his lunch isn't open source.
5:29 PM
Hey @HDE, is your lunch closed or open sourced?
5:40 PM
can one of the mods add the new questions on the main site to the ticker?
@ratchetfreak Why? That's quite annoying, and the feeds don't update as fast as the main site websockets.
5:53 PM
@HDE226868 Did you think this site would escape? Mwahaha.
You realise I'm second only to you on Worldbuilding for edits?
6:22 PM
@Unihedron Closed source. I went extravagant and had some soda, but it was Diet Coke, not open sourced cola.
@ArtOfCode I've been watching that for a while.
HDE 226868 has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
@ratchetfreak You got it. On a ticker. Let's see how it goes. @Unihedron I can undo it if necessary.
@HDE226868 Are you sure you added the /feeds link?
When I go to the "Feeds" tab it gives just the website link when I click on it.
HDE 226868 has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
@ProgramFOX Does it work now?
6:27 PM
looks good now
All good to me as well
Anyone up for an xkcd feed?
@HDE226868 of course
Ah, there's the ticker.
Woah there go all the recent questions at once in the new feed
6:29 PM
HDE 226868 has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Hehe :)
6:56 PM
4 messages moved to Recycle Bin
@MadaraUchiha You're going to be doing that a lot if it bugs you... that's a feed.
@ArtOfCode Nah, just the initial burst
7:57 PM
@MadaraUchiha That is extremely useful. Thanks for doing that.
Ugh, that ticker is annoying?
Why not as messages in the room?
That's annoying, too.
@HDE226868 Nah, you can ignore users in chat
Can't really "ignore" the ticker
I forgot that those messages count as a user.
HDE 226868 has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
7:59 PM
Not only as a user, but ANY user you may like!
Q: Advertising. Are there open source licences that prevent it?

trichoplaxIf code has a licence that allows sharing of modifications, is it possible to prevent it being hosted on a site that uses third party advertising? Do licences with this intent exist, or is it not possible to prevent advertising without losing the ability to share modifications?

@MadaraUchiha Here we go.
@HDE226868 Make it a custom user
Give it a cool name/image
Like this guy ^
It's now "The Source of Knowledge".
I think.
Q: Junkware and permission to redistribute modified versions

trichoplaxThis article describes a problem with a particular online software hub: The download-hosting site retreated after public outcry, removing the junkware it inserted into downloads of the popular GIMP image editing tool without the developers’ permission. In this case it was "public outcry" th...

8:07 PM
It works!
It's aliiive!
8:30 PM
Q: What should our reference policy be?

HDE 226868There are some things that are common sense. For example, it's pretty clear that if someone licenses a software program with a free license, then a person using the software has certain freedoms involving the use and modification of the software. Other facts are not commonly known, however, and m...

8:42 PM
@HDE226868 Can we call the meta tracker Meta Data instead?
Q: Should I include a copyright line in every file?

kdopenThis is similar to my other question, but specifically about Copyright rather than Licensing. Typically, each source file contains a line of the form Copyright 2010-2015, Me Is this strictly necessary, or would a single COPYRIGHT file at the root of the repository cover all files within the ...

@ArtOfCode Done.
Hey, vote limit reached!
The name of the meta tracker will be changed starting from its next post.
A: Can I silence ticker feeds in a chat room?

KeenYou can hide them on your browser using a user stylesheet. Install Stylish, and then create a new user style. In Firefox, paste the following into it: @namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml); @-moz-document domain("chat.stackexchange.com"), domain("chat.stackoverflow.com"), domain("chat....

@Gilles Yes, yes, I'm a web developer, I developed plugins for chat, I know that you can technically hide it
9:29 PM
Q: Please Write Tag Wikis

ArtOfCodeWe're in the phase of the site where almost everyone can create new tags. However, there's an important part of a tag that often gets missed out when they get created: the wiki. I have a rule for myself. If I create a tag, I have to demonstrate that it has value to the site, by writing the tag w...

9:41 PM
I propose a site rename: lets just call this licensing.SE
Q: What's the difference between Copyright and Licensing?

kdopenPreamble There are two other questions, specifically related to Licensing and Copyright. In reviewing the answers and comments, I get the feeling that people generally consider the two to be the roughly same thing. If this is true, why do we worry about both? It seems to me that they are very...

Q: Are tag posts really "deleted"?

Zizouz212I've started writing tag wiki's, but I'm getting this: That's the only thing on the page. The link is fine: http://opensource.stackexchange.com/edit-tag-wiki/70 So, what's happening here?

10:07 PM
Q: Can I take BSD licensed code and distribute it under GPL?

lesmanaOr in more general terms: Can I take code which is licensed under a permissive open source license (like the BSD license) and distribute it under a copyleft free software license (like the GPL)? Microsoft and Apple seem to be allowed to take BSD (or similar) licensed code and distribute it under...

10:33 PM
Q: Is copyright automatic?

Trevor ClarkeIf I publish something on my website is a form of copyright automatically placed on that text? For example I know if you specifically say "This is published under [insert some cc license here]" then the copyright / usage rights are changed based on the terms of the license. However what I don'...

10:56 PM
Q: Can Opened Sourced Software be classified as a type of Free software?

Trevor ClarkeCan Opened Sourced Software be classified as a type of Free software? I was recently asked this and realized I was unsure the exact answer. I understand that an free software is not a type of opened source software, but I am unsure if the reverse is true or not.

11:09 PM
Q: What are our main risks of not getting to public beta?

trichoplaxAlthough it seems like we have only just started, in private beta years we've been doing this a long time. How are we doing? Is there anything that we should be doing but are not yet? Are we doing anything we shouldn't be? Are there any specific things we need to improve? Any topics that need mo...

Q: Can hardware have a license?

Trevor ClarkeI was reading a previously asked question: Can I distribute related software and hardware under the same license? And then it occurred to me that hardware have patents. Does this mean that you cant release hardware under lets say a Creative Commons license?

Q: Can you customize a patent to have specific guidelines?

Trevor ClarkeWhile I know you can release content under pre-made licenses, or choose to make your own. Although this is not recommended I undersand it can be done. My question is: Can the same be done with patents, can you customize the use of the design / piece of hardware?

11:40 PM
@MadaraUchiha Isn't this crowding things up a bit? Who needs everything in this message format?
Q: Red Project, Blue Project, Small Project, Large Project? What's the Point?

Zizouz212I noticed these tags: large-project and small-project What's the purpose for these? P.S. Can we have puns for tag questions here too? (With this one, I tried...)

Q: Can you apply a license to a license?

Trevor ClarkeI was wondering, are there rules regarding putting a license onto a license, for example if I had a license and I applied it with a license, in many cases this would cause a loop hole. Is there any way to fix this?


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