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9:00 PM
As in, wow, that doesn't even look like an answer.
If you don't know the answer, don't try writing one!
@Air Yea, that's basically the most important thing on SE for half of the users.
I mean, I don't know that I'd make so sweeping a generalization, but definitely perverse incentives up in here.
Whoah. The image upload dialog is all fancy today.
(On the main site, that is; not chat.)
9:08 PM
Vote capped.
Or as we say on CR: Out of Ammo.
At the vi site, pretty much everything was upvoted in the first month orso. Even some unsightly questions, and very dubious answers... Things have settled down by now, but please, remember that downvoting is just as (if not more) important than upvoting! — Carpetsmoker 32 mins ago
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10:35 PM
Q: This site have only a few hours and we have the 5 Vox Populi badge. It is normal?

Adrian Cid AlmaguerI see in the Badge page that we have now 5 users with Vox Populi badge, but we have only a few hours online and only 40 questions. It is normal?

I'm in the 300 club!
A: This site have only a few hours and we have the 5 Vox Populi badge. It is normal?

UnihedronI quote from my message in the site chat room: who are we? USERS! are we targeting badges? GET ALL THE BADGES! (source)

@Unihedron Nice.
Things seems to be tapering off a bit.
An hour and a half and our votes come back ammo gets refilled, get ready :P
10:40 PM
Is anyone else getting a delay for the critic badge?
I've already gotten it.
Badges comes in batches, so sometimes you wait longer.
Good things comes to those who wait, if you consider badges good.
Oh hey I didn't realize this was a thing now
Welcome aboard!
10:43 PM
\o/… ... just me, or does that yellow "please don't close me" read more or less like a programming on a boat justification?
Or web comics for programmers, or music for programmers, or... all from early SO days
I got mortarboard on Meta :[
No sweet repz, just the system taunting me
In other news, I have overtaken @Mast as the Downvote Batman of OS.SE
nananananana AIRMAN!
10:55 PM
The next time you silently downvote someone and they beg for a comment, tell them I did it
In other news today, Robert Cartaino has gone through all 48 first posts.
@HDE226868 do you know that?
Why is our icon "FOS"?
@Air Check the review queues and go to "first posts" stats.
Oh, I see.
Yeah, we won't have anyone who can work those queues for another day or so.
I wanna review!!!
11:06 PM
no-one to convince to give you diamond access?
Is it just me, or is this group exceptionally opinionated about closing and reopening?
I have only a handful of other launch experiences for comparison.
We also seem to like starring Madara Uchicha's chat posts. Or, rather, he seems to like making good ones.
There are a lot of closed questions, now that I think about it.
that's because there are a lot of crap questions
I'm very disappointed by the site's content
it seems that 50% of it is very basic questions about licensing and the other 50% is very broad questions about participation in projects
I count 12 total questions on hold.
and at least that many that should be
11:16 PM
28% is not that high, though, is it?
It kinda is.
I recall a facetious comment on some meta somewhere about how Progs (?) should have 70% close rate
anyway, glad to meet you all here, see you around :)
i'm going to get a nap
hopefully wake up and see some rep gain :D
11:18 PM
Sleep tight. Don't let the licenses bite.
Code Review, over all time, has about 25% closed, including all deleted questions too
7K7 closed over about 30K questions
numbers over big numbers
11:37 PM
@HDE226868 You might want to put the original title of my question in your meta post, so that people don't have to click through to figure out how it's relevant. I even wrote it and I was confused until I realized you had put the raw link in, and it was pulling the current revision. :)
@Air Done.
Given this, should the tag be used for this?
@HDE226868 I would say no; the history of open source is the history of open source software, because that's its origin.
@Air Okay, I'll leave it as-is.
You know people are going to give you hell for asking what some person's individual motivations are. :)
Oh, crap. . .
An edit has been made.
11:48 PM
Also, added a second suggested name for this room:
A: How should we name our chatroom?

rolflThe Bazaar (thanks E.S.Raymond)

@rolfl More like The Bizarre
Winky face, wokka wokka, etc.
Well, the pun was sort of intended, yeah
You could go less subtle with "The Cathedral of the Bizarre"
Of course, then it's kind of missing the point of the analogy from the source
Also, I can't suggest edits on meta at all..... hmmm.
There are no suggested edits on Meta. Ever!
Welcome to being a pleeb!
11:56 PM
@MadaraUchiha - can you change your meta title to be "What" and not "How" should we name the chat room?
It was super frustrating for me to not be able to copy edit on MSO for over a year.
Apostrophes are beautiful jeweled creatures that deserve our respect and wonderment. Or something like that.
You're right
Mod abuse!!!1!!!11!!one!
(Are we Laurel and Hardy, or Abbot and Costello?)
Okay, it's quitting time. Happy source opening to all, and to me a good night (in my neighborhood softball league)
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