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1:58 AM
Btw if you guys haven't noticed, Maulik V has resigned as mod. Now there are only five of us
1 hour later…
3:08 AM
Is Maulik still around?
@EddieKal so does it scale or are there too many flags?
3:48 AM
Maulik hasn't been active in at least half a year if not longer. In fact he barely put in any time since I was elected
From time to time flags pile up
But they are not as big a problem as some other things
2 hours later…
6:04 AM
Low-cost carrier GoAir operated the first night flight from Srinagar to _____, thus becoming the first airline in the history of Indian aviation to achieve this feat.
What is the big ddeal here
Why has not body achieved something like this in the past/
@M.A.R. Do you have an idea on flights?
@RajorshiKoyal they're expensive and make me dizzy, probably because of the expense. Why?
What is the big deal in the achievement that I posted
I dont think they are that costly btw.
Excepting COVID situations.
@RajorshiKoyal no big deal but surprising or unsurprising milestones are always spoken of enthusiastically I suppose.
Yes but what is so surpising here?
In this case it might be because those are not really big cities, so having an airport in poor cities with small populations is an achievement because of how cheap flying has become.
I don't know where that city is though.
I mean, finding out a cancer cure is a great achievement, but so is managing to make it so economical that most people can afford it. The latter might be even a bigger achievement
6:13 AM
Srinagar is located in the hilly region so may be because of that.
Which country has hosted a meeting of BRICS Finance and Central Bank Deputies virtually? - India
How can you have a virtual meeting in a specific country?
@RajorshiKoyal they brought the treats and ate them in front of the camera.
Joking aside, in a huge meeting someone would have to be responsible for organizing the event and muting trolls and stuff
@M.A.R. You have a good sense of humor :P
What is meant by Cheque Truncation System?
1 hour later…
7:35 AM
I watched the video btw.
7:51 AM
@RajorshiKoyal thanks, it's a bit dry, need to wash down with some water
3 hours later…
10:25 AM
@Man_From_India Can you assist me slightly with me ..
I mean with this*
What is Cheque Truncation system.
1 hour later…
11:34 AM
@RajorshiKoyal sorry friend, I am really tired now. I really have no energy to listen to your video. Later may be.
12:03 PM
Q: ‘I tickled his foot excitedly’

user0070Can ‘I tickled his foot excitedly’ mean I tickled his foot so I made him excited? I want to use ‘interestedly’ instead of ‘interestingly.’

Q: When we use "would" to express uncertainty, do we use past tense in the noun clause?

vincentlinI came across the use of would for expressing uncertainty. (Article: https://www.englishclub.com/grammar/verbs-modal-would.htm) Examples from the article: would for uncertainty (1) He would seem to be getting better. (less certain than: He seems to be getting better.) (2) It would appear that...

I am doubtful whether the adverb there actually modifying the verb - tickle?
@Man_From_India Leave the video it is tiring for me also :P
I am deleting it
2 hours later…
2:24 PM
I heard some official and non official directors
How are they different @Man_From_India ?
Without context or background information, I would take it as having the same difference as that of the official and unofficial.
So in my book it is sai the affairs of RBI is governed by a Central board o Directors which comprises of the following 21 members
Official Directos:...
Non official directors:...
That is all
It's the relevant post. The working and the responsibilities and others related to the post must be known to make any comment about the difference.
How would non official be different?
2:41 PM
Not relevant to your RBI director post query, but in general "non official" is what is not official. For example non official data might be considered as something produced by any individual.
What i meant by Local Boards of the RBI?
It says 1 director is nominated by each of the 4 local boards of the RBI.
3:38 PM
4:01 PM
Yes @RajorshiKoyal
I saw your questions but those are clearly beyond me. So I didn't reply :-(
No problem @Man_From_India
By the way, where did you find about impersonal pronoun?
Wren and Martin..
Why ?
Because I didn't find it.
Maybe I missed things.
And what does your book say about it?
4:19 PM
Q: "Died to protect" vs "died protecting"

user282192Is there any difference in meaning? 1- He died to protect his daughter. 2- He died protecting his daughter.

@EddieKal please don't take offense, but is not it too fast? I understand this question should not fit SE guidelines, but considering OP a new user, he should have given some more time before closing. Because he might not have seen the adverse reactions to his question yet.
I forgot but will the OP get a chance to edit his question and stand a chance of re-open? I think he does get.
In the initial days of ELL many were including me upset about similar prompt action on ELU. We wished that this ELL never get there, and I am sure till now it didn't.
4:38 PM
Gender neutral
Where you need to use it
2 hours later…
7:05 PM
@Man_From_India That question was closed by five established community members in a process that might have been quick, but you can edit and vote to reopen it
4 hours later…
11:00 PM
@EddieKal I definitely can. But let's the OP take the step :-)
11:30 PM
@Man_From_India :)
So in situations like this as mods it is hard for us to step in
I am with you in that I am super pro learners and I think a lot of questions get shut down too prematurely
Not sure if you've come across my meta posts, but I have tried to get established users on the same page in several attempts that could've even come across as rants
11:46 PM
@EddieKal of course I have not gone through your meta post but yes I too am not very comfortable with premature closure though I believe the question should be asked properly.

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