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3:05 AM
@bobble Everything's back to normal for you, it seems?
At the very least I'm not as rate-limited as before
The rate-limits are implemented in a really annoying way; it lets me go to the edit window and make all my edits (so I put work into cleaning up the post, considering tags, etc.) and then the "Save Edits" button just... doesn't work.
As in clicking on it makes the animation go but doesn't submit an edit. And if I leave the page it doesn't ask me to confirm that I want to discard my edit, so it's clear they never intended to let me edit in the first place.
Anyways. Rant for the day :)
ahh, felt so nice to edit freely :)
I notice a certain mod has hammered all the edits through
3:24 AM
yeah must be a good mod
I'd vote for 'em
edits are important. I don't have time to edit as much as I used to or I'd like to, but a lot of posts could use some work
The two "red flags" I'm using for the necro-bumps are "dose it" and . Plenty still to work at there
I think is a sign of the post being a carry-over from ELU
2 hours later…
5:52 AM
@EddieKal yeah something like that. By default, the system doesn't allow a post to go untagged. But if a processes bypasses that, questions might end up untagged, which is incidentally one important reason one-tag questions are discouraged
E.g. a mass tag purge or yeah, migration from another site with different tags
6:09 AM
yeah tags are always a mystery to me
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