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sup (:
yay sports!
I really don't like that this site is now live. It is really going to put my job in jeopardy :)
A wild Razorback appears
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@MarcusSwope hehe
Q: "Football" and "Soccer"

remI know that the game which in Europe is called as "Football" in USA is named as "Soccer". But I wonder to what extent this differentiation is strict. How people from England call their favorite game in conversations with Americans when being in USA? Is there a misunderstanding in this case?

Q: Where did the term "soccer" originate?

Marcus SwopeIt seems that currently America is one of the only countries that uses the term "soccer" to refer to what the rest of the world calls "football". What caused the Americans to start using this term instead of "football"?

hmmm.... is that question better suited for the English site?
Well, it's also very close to general reference.
It's a bit interesting given the initial audience we set was "participants in team and individual sport activities." Is origination of terms related to playing/coaching/etc? Something that could be discussed in meta.
The question in the title is trivially answered by looking at the first section of the Wikipedia article; the question in the body is more interesting.
But I voted it off topic.
9:57 PM
Bah. I'd like to answer the Super Bowl question, but I can't access from work.
10:14 PM
greetings all
10:27 PM
@MichaelMyers I was planning on answering it after I asked it, but a good answer came in before I had a chance :)
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11:55 PM
Oh Hi Sports people. I didn't commit so can't see the beta, but before I put a post it somewhere to remind me to ask my burning questions in a week: Is there any budding concensus as to whether more spectatorish questions are on topic? Particularly questions about things like sports statistics/sabermetric type stuff?
@LessPop_MoreFizz So far they are. This is /q/1:
Q: How is WAR defined as a baseball statistic?

wax eagleWAR (wins above replacement) is a statistic that is often used to describe the value of a baseabll player's performance in a given year. How is this statistic determined? What are the differences between WAR as defined by the two major providers (fangraphs and baseball-referenced)?

The tagline seems to exclude them: Beta Q&A site for participants in team and individual sport activities., but a bunch of the top questions from the proposal aren't really of that variety.
@MichaelMyers Okay then! I shall check back in a week and spam you with burning questions about BABIP and UZR!
If "participants" is read in a sufficiently broad sense, it works.
@MichaelMyers Yeah, but you could remove the ambiguity by changing it to "Participants in and fans of"
@LessPop_MoreFizz I know virtually nothing about baseball stats, so I will be happy to burn those questions.

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