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5:26 AM
Q: What is the primary role of a winger?

Coding EnthusiastIs the winger supposed to stay wide? Does he have a special function apart from piercing through the wing? Does he have to track back?

Q: Broken bat that is caught

InquisitiveIf a batsman's bat beeaks while he is hitting a shot and a fielder catches the broken bat (not the ball) is the batsman out.

7 hours later…
12:32 PM
Congrats to 2015 Women's Doubles champions @luciesafarova and @BMATTEK! They win #AusOpen & #RG15 back-to-back. http://t.co/aADnScSCpp
Šafářová played final in both singles and doubles at French Open.
12:47 PM
Q: Formula One and Indy Cars

garyv440What are the main specific differences between F1 and Indy cars. Such as weight limits, engine restrictions, fuel, etc.

4 hours later…
4:37 PM
Superb @stanwawrinka! #Wawrinka d #Djokovic 46 64 63 64 to win the 2015 #rolandgarros crown. http://bit.ly/1RVtvgk http://t.co/5m6WSK5itE
ATP ranking after French Open: 1. Djokovic; 2. Federer; 3. Murray; 4. Wawrinka
5:17 PM
Q: Regarding age of a player

Sadman RahmanWhat is the minimum age for a player to play the ICC Under 19 World Cup? I have tried but cannot know it from any one.

5 hours later…
9:52 PM
Q: Who are the other horses and riders alongside Americah Pharoah?

HDE 226868Both before and after the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, I noticed that the horses and jockeys were accompanied by men wearing red vests over white shirts, who were also on horses. They first led the procession to the track, then stayed in the rear while the horses entered the gate. After the race,...


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