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7:53 AM
Q: Five a side tournament - awarding bye's in a partial round robin

Angry DanI help to run a five-a-side tournament with my scout group; we tend to have around 40 teams which split across 4 age groups. We can't run full round-robins at the group stage, so instead we run 4 games for each team, award points and put the best teams through to a knockout round. The fixtures a...

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12:20 PM
Wiggins raises UCI Hour Record bar to 54.526 kilometres: http://bit.ly/1MAXc3q http://t.co/P9CVFjw1XO
2 hours later…
1:56 PM
@MartinSleziak which makes that a research request, which is explicitly listed as don't ask here: sports.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic
@MartinSleziak asking if it's on topic isn't asking if it should be on topic. if someone wants to make a change, they write a meta post, and there will be those for and against it. it's just the nature of it.
@edmastermind29 I don't see what is wrong with asking about it in chat.
I'd say many things which are posted in chat are not on-topic for the main site.
@MartinSleziak i was talking about the main site, but you're right. nothing wrong with it on chat.
Well that's what I suggested in a comment to the meta post that's also what I wrote above: Even if it is not suitable for main, the question mentioned here can probably be still asked in chat.
It is not very likely that it will be answered here in chat. But I thought it was worth trying.
@MartinSleziak I saw that too. You're right that chat is an available outlet, but an unlikely one at that.
3:46 PM
Q: Why is Leonard Williams wearing number 62 for the Jets?

Sam GlickmanWhy is Leonard Williams wearing number 62 for the Jets? It's on offensive guard number makes no sense.

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8:18 PM
Q: How many head coaches/managers in women's football are women?

rg255I've been watching the 2015 world cup and wandering what the gender balance of head coaches/managers is in the women's game. What percentage of head coaches in the women's game are female? I'm interested in numbers for the 2015 world cup teams, national teams in general, and some of the bigger w...

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10:49 PM
Q: NBA TV network contracts

Preston1951How does the NBA get paid by the networks for playoff games? Do they get more money the more games that are played?


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