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1:13 AM
@Ginger there's also define: for wikitionary
And apparently there was even once a translate: that made feeds post an English version of whatever you gave it
It was removed because people abused it
(making it so that feeds could say anything by posting a translate command and then deleting the original message)
1:25 AM
Q: Determine the optimal blackjack move

Purple PAfter the success of my baccarat challenge, I figured we should try a similar challenge for another casino game, blackjack. Blackjack is a game played with two to eight decks of cards shuffled together. The object is to reach a hand that totals as close to 21 as possible, without going over. Numb...

1:40 AM
Adjective: predictable (comparative more predictable, superlative most predictable)
  1. Able to be predicted.
Noun: predictable (plural predictables)
  1. (uncommon) A predictable thing.
4 hours later…
5:47 AM
@DLosc, I have been experimenting with storing multiple unbounded numbers as 2**a + 3**b + 5**c + ... (simple divmod with this strategy); Have you ever used this approach in any of your code-golf solutions?
Also notice that the exponent bases don't need to primes; just that they need to be co-prime to each other. So when storing a finite number of unbounded integers you can use a program to search for pairwise co-prime arithmetic progression (this is the strategy I used for the BF with unbounded cells -> Acc!! transpiler)
*the addition on the first line should be multiplication
6:09 AM
@RydwolfPrograms this looks like it’s made in desmos lol
6:27 AM
@Mukundan314 I haven't; in fact, I've generally stayed away from challenges that require storing more than one unbounded number. In the original challenge that gave rise to Acc!!, I stored four unbounded numbers in binary by interleaving their bits--it worked for that task, but it's a bit inconvenient as a general approach.
@Mukundan314 Planning on going for that bounty for 1000+ rep for a tinylisp interpreter in Acc!!?
It's so gratifying when a minimalistic language turns out to have ways of using and abusing it that I never dreamed of when I made it. :D
Been considering both the formatter and the interpreter challenges, but both are so daunting that I feel like quitting before even starting
I was actually initially trying to use the same interleaving bits approach, but very quickly I could no longer understand what I was writing.
6:48 AM
I figured out an iterativeish algorithm for the former here, although it'd still be a huge pain
Would probably want some sort of intermediate language (maybe brainfuck? idk if your compiler's sufficiently efficient)
I was thinking of maybe implementing a simple transpiler to automatically merge multiple variables, and possibly have the ability to do lists
7:26 AM
The BF compiler I created might have a shot thanks to PyPy's incredible JIT, but I have my doubts. Also, limiting nested loops in asm2bf could be challenging (though I have no idea about this part since I have never used asm2bf)
@lyxal yes, exactly!
@lyxal can we agree on 4.5?
How about 4.51?
i sent 4.51 to your house
Expect delivery in about 4 to 5 hours
(i won't get a chance to properly focus on what should be included until then)
Because of evening stuff with family
alright, i'll go back to implementing hello world in said language in the meantime
it's surprisingly hard
7:30 AM
No string data type?
no, just primitives that output numbers as Unicode characters
Any list data types?
Or all numbers?
nope, just integers
"Hello, " looks like this:
Floats allowed?
Apr 9 at 20:31, by RubenVerg
user image
@lyxal no
7:34 AM
I'll make sure to limit my suggestions to that scope then
great, thanks!
So I can do some background thinking, is there going to be an instruction pointer? Or is it grab when possible? And is it possible for numbers moving to "lose momentum" and get stuck?
And is it possible for numbers to collide?
Now I'm imagining a physics-based rube goldberg machine esolang
I'm sure something along those lines exists
7:50 AM
@lyxal i'm not sure what you mean by "grab when possible"
numbers' movement is only decided by the primitives which appear in each grid cell, whether they "lose momentum" or not is dependent on what the primitive is
there is a primitive W that does pretty much make a number lose momentum: it stops until another value is received (for synchronization)
i don't think numbers can collide because they are always on opposite sides of primitives, if i understand what you mean, so if they manage to collide it's a bug
@RubenVerg well like how do numbers go into operators?
they travel across the grid from primitive to primitive
@RubenVerg but like I see whitespace in your hello example
What happens in the whitespace?
an empty space is also a primitive, just one that does nothing (passes all values through)
@emanresuA (sorta like convey but with tile graphics and rational positions?)
7:54 AM
@RubenVerg aha got it
8:45 AM
9:13 AM
@l4m2 well it tried
Another AI
10:06 AM
better, but it needs to use qsort_s (which I just found out about)
Yeah I didn't read about C11
10:25 AM
@l4m2 it's trying to convert code with a capture and it doesn't know how
1 hour later…
11:32 AM
it's got some ideas that you can expand and make work in the existing system you have
11:55 AM
thanks! some of those I already have, some I'm not sure they fit the language (those that move signals elsewhere instead of just processing them) but a few are quite useful
especially conditionals! I completely forgot about them
I'm glad there's things there that are useful :p
tbh i say that the ones that move values don't fit just because I don't know how to implement them (:
I'd definitely have to completely rework the system but I'll try to figure them out
12:34 PM
@DLosc, Discovered a bug in Acc!! that can be easily exploited to output any char n times without using a loop. poc
@lyxal That feels like a list of features in a Minecraft ripoff
one or two things might be artisticly inspired by Minecraft, yes
1:22 PM
@TheEmptyStringPhotographer check my room
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3:06 PM
Q: Consume a sequential game of Rock Paper Scissors

Nicola SapA fictional "sequential" game of Rock Paper Scissors A number of people stand in a line with their hands hidden in a pre-chosen state of either Rock ✊, Paper ✋ or Scissors ✌️. Here's an example line: Initial Line ✌️ ✋ ✊ ✋ ✊ ✌️ ✌️ ✊ ✌️ ✋ ✊ The game goes like this: at each turn, the leftm...

1 hour later…
4:32 PM
A: "Hello, World!"

int 21h -- Glory to Ukraine --JSL - JMP Scripting Language, 15 bytes In this challenge the most difficult part was to check whether JSL had no submissions yet (977 answers on 33 pages) =)) "Hello world!" Outputs "Hello, World!" to the console.

5:07 PM
@Petəíŕd The Spring Wizard Please do not post off-topic messages in The Nineteenth Byte
5:18 PM
@Mukundan314 Lol, whoops
Though I think damage is quite limited due to limited characters and not allowing multiple letter to appear next to each other.
Yeah, I just tried to inject some more interesting code and it didn't work
also discovered that ** work for exponentiation as well, through this probably isn't very useful
6:05 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

guest4308Divisibility patterns I was writing a helper script to visualize problem spots for my code with this question and the output was prettier and more patterny than I expected. Your task in this code-golf challenge is to create a similar generalized output in as few bytes as possible. Your inputs are...

3 hours later…
9:29 PM
If I had a nickel for every time today that I've accidentally typed stack.pip(), I'd have two nickels. Which is not a lot, but... well, honestly, I'm surprised it hasn't happened more.

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