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12:31 AM
@Ginger it's acceptable
@Seggan You might say… it’s quite political
1 hour later…
2:20 AM
@Bubbler I like this a lot!
tio.run/… Is there no way to call ""a in hex?
3:02 AM
given it's a "literal operator suffix", i'd assume not
because it only works on literals
so there's no way to disambiguate the parsing in the operator's favor
given it seems to be the case that you're encouraged to use underscores with these, the real problem is calling the operator just a :P
pastebin treat ' in 0x1'1 as start of character pastebin.com/k3YBL89u
3:46 AM
Hi - new to the code golf stackexchange. I couldn't find anywhere that describes when I should edit an answer vs writing a new answer if I can make an improvement. I notice a lot of people like to strike out the bytes and update it with the new count, but the answer I can improve has some nice text written about their particular strategy that is not applicable to my improvement, and I would probably delete. Wondering what people here think
if it's someone else's solution? you either write a comment detailing your golf to it or post a new answer of your own. actually directly editing other people's solutions is basically unheard of
and if you're overhauling a very important part of their logic it sounds like it should just be a new answer
in the more general case where there's some explanation you're kind of proud of, the #1 thing to consider is the edit history will preserve it no matter what, and #2 is you can just leave it as a section underneath your new and improved solution within the same answer post
user image
Title: Took me 5s to understand. LMAO~~~~
@UnrelatedString okay makes sense - I didn't know if it worked like other stack exchange sites where people tried to get the best result for any particular language, or people like to submit their own options. Thanks
4:45 AM
@noodleman Idk the meta, I've just written vanilla up until now lol
A: "Hello, World!"

Mukundan314Acc!!, 63 bytes 195657271854030749545429 Count i while _ { Write _%83+32 _/83 } Try it online! Stores the string Hello, World! as an integer in base-83 then uses a loop to decode and print it. Due to limitations of the scoreboard snippet, the title of this post is incorrect. The correct name of...

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6:20 AM
@l4m2 how is 0×12 = 18?!?!
1 hour later…
7:44 AM
CMQ Flip a fair coin 100 times, giving a sequence of heads (H) and tails (T). For each HH, Alice gets a point; for each T_T (that is, two tails separated by one flip, either heads or tails) Bob gets a point. Who is more likely to end up with the most points?
@Simd Equally likely.
@TheEmptyStringPhotographer why?
@Simd HH (25%) is equally likely to TT (25%).
@TheEmptyStringPhotographer it’s T_T
See the explanation in the brackets
Didn’t you change it?
Wait what
7:52 AM
Example: If you flipped 8 times, say HHHTHTHTHT, Alice would get 2 points (starting in positions 1 and 2) and Bob would get 3 points, starting in positions 4, 6, and 8.
I swear it wasn’t T_T before
:) I didn’t change it
Anyways, I think Alice will get more points, since they both still have a 25% chance of happening, but HH uses less flips than T_T, and so more points per flip on average.
Try changing 100 to a larger number
I believe Alice more likely as Alice has 99 tries while Bob only has 98, but can't confirm
7:58 AM
@Simd Still holds.
@TheEmptyStringPhotographer you might need to think again
@Simd Then again, I might not need to.
8:12 AM
Tried, A:B=5:4
Wait program wrong
seems fairly equal to me, my random 1000 trials turned up 255 HHs and 255 T_Ts
@TheEmptyStringPhotographer imagine it is only 3 coin tosses
It seems reasonable to get their exact value
8:40 AM
tio.run/… Yes A is higher
But if tie is B's win then B higher
@Neil is this for 100 tosses?
no, by 1000 trials I meant tosses
1 hour later…
10:03 AM
@Simd Bob can get a max of 1 point, but Alice can get 2.
1 hour later…
11:10 AM
@TheEmptyStringPhotographer yes
11:51 AM
@RydwolfPrograms you should probably use vite instead of webpack, vite is faster and more modern and it’s plug-ins make more sense
tbh it’s been a little while since i was just using TS and a bundler though, usually i use Astro
which is built on top of vite iirc
12:49 PM
@lyxal have you seen what I replaced the reflection with? :p
i meant the lexer changes
now I need to come up with builtins
how many you thinkng?
do you want small lang or big lang?
lots of stuff or minimum stuff needed?
12:58 PM
small, probably
I recommend seeing what Uiua has then
ooh, good idea
those should be a good start
fundamental things imo
appreciate it
making lists of things a language should include is kind of my speciality :p
1:10 PM
Every language needs that one builtin that really shouldn't be a builtin
mandelbrot :b
frombulate => pop x, y, push whether x is prime and whether y has an even number of letters
there's your builtin that shouldn't be a builtin
Except Mathamatica and PHP where most of the builtins really don't feel like they should be builtins
1:34 PM
hm, I might be able to do something silly here
Kotlin coroutines integrate with JS
so I might not need a worker to run the interpreter
no, I think I'll still need a worker
but at least I can write the entire page in Kotlin
1:50 PM
@mousetail like FizzBuzz you mean?
@Neil I was thinking in terms of practlangs but FizzBuzz in golfinglangs also count I guess
@lyxal what's the difference between fold and reduce?
2:05 PM
Nothing, actually
I forgot they were the same thing at the time of writing
Fold takes the initial value as a second argument, reduce doesn't. Without dynamic typing it's easy to use one to implement the other though
2:20 PM
@mousetail ImageInstanceQ[x,"caprine animal",RecognitionThreshold->i/100]
Mathematica has a builtin for determining goats. I don't know how to feel about that. — Robert Fraser Feb 10, 2016 at 15:21
i think thats the most upvoted comment on the site
2:37 PM
@lyxal i would like to buy a list of things a language with the following characteristics should include: each primitive has up to four inputs, each marked with a cardinal direction, and up to four outputs, also marked with cardinal directions; all values are integers; many primitives have a concept of outputting "to the first free side" which means the first side that doesn't have an input
let me know how much this costs, thanks!
@lyxal why entire stack rotation?
just makes things hard to wrap your head about
ig it is sorta useful in a golflang
2 hours later…
4:55 PM
@mousetail Hmmm... does it count that Pip has builtins for secant, cosecant, and cotangent? At any rate, I've never used them.
5:37 PM
Graphics demo for the game I'm working on
I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired
5:52 PM
@RydwolfPrograms looks pretty cool, also looks similar to like surviv.io
Yep, that was a major inspiration
I loved surviv.io so much I'm so sad it's dead
1 hour later…
7:12 PM
@RydwolfPrograms why does this look suspiciously like surviv.io
ooh what im working on:
took me forever but i got minecraft model parsing (mostly) down:
and this was actually mostly working on the first try, bar some winding order bugs
7:47 PM
@Seggan It's all from memory too
@RydwolfPrograms surviv io v2.0?????
if you really want to mess someone's JS up, export a function called then from your ES module, so they can't dynamically import it
@AidenChow Maybe :p
Didn't start as that but it's kinda morphed into it lol
@RydwolfPrograms I see, dope! whens gonna be out lol, i loved surviv io
the pressure's on d:
8:01 PM
@AidenChow Planning on a really low-effort initial beta in a day or two
With just like one gun and little to no terrain
@RydwolfPrograms will the gun be similar to one in surviv or completely different??
Probably just a generic pistol
Undecided how many guns I'll add and if they'll be named/modeled after real ones, or if I'll just make them generic
8:15 PM
I'm using TS for the front-end and Go for the back and really liking both
Go has a few oddities, but it feels a lot like a vanilla, no-surprises compiled/statically-typed language, which I like
@RydwolfPrograms ah yea starting with the basic gun, will it be more like ot38 or m9 from surviv
I'm thinking 8 bullets, decent amount of damage, pretty poor accuracy. So sort of like a DEagle with the damage of an OT-38
@RydwolfPrograms if I pick up two can I dual wield
Also u r saying the accuracy and firing rate will be like a deagle but dmg is like ot38?
Approximately yeah
Cool, that sounds interesting, tho ot38 actually does quite a bit with no armor
8:24 PM
Okay I just got a chem test back from a few months ago and there was a sheet stapled to it where we had to write the correct answers for all the ones we got wrong and why we got them wrong and for the only question I got wrong the reason just says "brain mushy" 💀
@RydwolfPrograms valid reason lmao
@RydwolfPrograms doesn't Go not have generics
Well I actually just took an AP Chem final not too long ago and I feel like i bombed it lol
Titration is weird af to me, that’s for sure
someday I should try making a full-stack app entirely in Kotlin
@Ginger I believe it does now
But for lots of server-side applications, you don't really need those
And go's awesome for just duct-taping together sockets and streams and threads and srudf
8:38 PM
kotlin coroutines :3
hands-down my favorite implementation of asynchronous programming ever
reeeeeeally wish JetBrains had made an actual language server for Kotlin
that's like my one problem with it
they have effectively a monopoly on the IDE market when it comes to Kotlin
@Ginger those are great i agree
they go out of your way
@Ginger eh tbh Kotlin/JS is not that great
I'll be the judge of that
2 hours later…
10:51 PM
@RubenVerg so it's a 2d language which seems to operate one tick at a time
Estimated cost is 5
That's a pretty steep cost
I knew you were into stealing limbs, but digits now?
It's the economy
2 just ain't cutting it like it use to
That's why it's gotta be 5
Hey guys guess what wiki: <page name> one boxes as the Wikipedia link
Code golf is a type of recreational computer programming competition in which participants strive to achieve the shortest possible source code that solves a certain problem. Code golf challenges and tournaments may also be named with the programming language used (for example, Perl golf). == Etymology == The term "code golf" is derived from the similarity of its goal with that of conventional golf, where participants seek to achieve the lowest possible score, rather than the highest, as is the standard in most sports and game scoring systems. While conventional golf players try to minimize the...
I sent wiki: code golf and it worked
For testing it out yourself, go to the sandbox
11:19 PM
Q: {Curly Numbers};

DLoscIn the esoteric programming language Curly, programs consist solely of curly braces {} and semicolons ;. Despite this humble toolset, Curly has literals that can represent any nonnegative integer. The format is a little hard for the uninitiated to read, though, so let's write some code to do the ...

@lyxal WHAT
like, I thought that was a really elaborate rickroll setup
since when has this been a thing
A while it seems
It's definitely not new
and of course it's not documented anywhere
11:52 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

FluorineThis is a joint post with https://puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/126255/dishonest-dungeon-staff I guess the tags would be something like fastest-algorithm, math, decision-problem, combinatorics. You are faced with the difficult task to set up a dungeon for adventurers. However you made a de...


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