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3:38 AM
Q: Is it a tetrate of two?

isaacgThe tetration operation consists of repeated exponentiation, and it is written ↑↑. For instance, 3↑↑3 =3 ^(3^3) = 3^27 = 7,625,597,484,987 A tetrate of two is an integer that is equal to 2↑↑n for some nonnegative integer n. As an edge case, we say that 2↑↑0=1. In this challenge, you will be give...

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5:00 AM
@DLosc I should really pose a challenge for this
@UnrelatedString sounds messy
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6:39 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

thejonymystercode-golf Print the largest hidden double Given a sting of space delimited words, find the longest word such that, when that word is replaced with spaces, it is still a subsequence of the remaining string. Then, replace everything, except for one such subsequence, with spaces. Print the result ex...

6:51 AM
@Simd linear time algorithms are not "easy" for sure. for a slower algorithm, you can brute-force over all edges to test if an edge is a bridge; remove the edge, count the connected components via e.g. flood fill, and check if it is 2 (bridge) or 1 (not)
the latter algorithm is O(n^2) at best
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12:19 PM
Finna got among us drip and I'm dripped out to the max with sigma rizz and Ohio skibidi toilet tax. No sus here keeping it 100% pizza tower.
12:35 PM
1:23 PM
A: Is it a tetrate of two?

noodle manJavaScript (Node.js), 25 bytes f=(n,i=1)=>n-i&&f(n,2**i) Attempt This Online! Output via exit code, error on false. JCrams to 8 bytes with no changes made, maybe changing variable names would help: π⑧⁸Ⓑ⌾⏦⍖⑦

is this answer cheating / abusing the I/O default? it seemed OK to me based on other answers I’ve seen but it seems like maybe this is not allowed
i have no problem deleting it if it is cheating
So it exits with error code 0 when fine and error code 1 when not fine?
yeah but as Mukundan pointed out in the comments the fact that it errors out is based on the recursion limit which is usually assumed to be infinite right?
but also languages defined by implementation
Interesting. Well if an infinite recursion limit is assumed, then the answer never terminates so it'd be invalid. But assuming a finite recursion limit, there'd probably be a number outside of the recursion limit that gives a false positive
I don't remember whether it's assumed all numbers need to be supported if there's not a specified range or if it's just data type
I would say that if it works for all numbers <= 2^53 it's fine
That is, the finite recursion limit used in your implementation handles all numbers
(2^53 being the largest number in the default number type in js)
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2:42 PM
@noodleman I guess maybe if you wanted to nitpick you could judge it based on if it's the language implementation or the execution environment that causes it to crash
I suppose you might be able to make a case for something like this in Python where you'll get a recursion limit error from the language itself before you actually segfault and the limit can be changed
>>> def recurse():
...     try:
...         recurse()
...     except RecursionError:
...         # just say no!
...         recurse()
>>> recurse()
^Cobject address  : 0x7f5470599300
object refcount : 3
object type     : 0x55c46df46160
object type name: KeyboardInterrupt
object repr     : KeyboardInterrupt()
lost sys.stderr
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6:07 PM
Cue dozens of people making the same complaints about golflangs that we got past ten years ago
Q: Find the odd one out

vengyChallenge The goal of this challenge is to generate and output a \$16 \times 32\$ (height \$\times\$ width) grid where all cells contain a decoy character, except for a random single cell that contains the target character. The input will be a pair of ASCII characters: [target,decoy], where targe...

6:42 PM
@emanresuA From a quick read, it doesn't actually look that bad
7:07 PM
Is there an actual article, or is it just "Here's a link to a GitHub repository. Comments?"
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9:53 PM
@Adám that explains the 26 new repository stars :p
10:05 PM
Hey that's cool!
> by tosh
feel like I've seen them somewhere before
@DLosc the latter
10:13 PM
It's very helpful that you give me chat profile links :p
Makes the process a whole lot easier
Sure thing. While going through this process 120 times, I've learned what the mods need to make their work as easy as possible.
(I'm a slow learner.)
@Adám no, you're Adám
Ah, damn.
Yeah that's roughly it
@mathscat hmm
10:26 PM
When I first started working at Dyalog, I was basically an apprentice of someone named Dan. When we'd commit changes we'd made together, we used to sign the code with "adamn".
Efficient :p
Sounds like Dan would have fit in very well here :p
> Thanks to the colleague in question for shaving off one byte.

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