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2:53 AM
@pxeger Does ATO ObjC not have Foundation.h? I tried this code [next message] and I got an import error
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

int main() {
  NSLog(@"Hello, World!");
3:21 AM
To be clear I have yet to find any online environment that doesn’t give an import error for that
Q: Output 5-line calendar

l4m2Given year, month and optionally weekday of 1st, output the calendar of the month. For empty cell, fill it with the date where it's supposed to be, in last or next month, and add # to indicate gray. If last few days can't fit in 5 lines, then they share last line with 5th week, use / to separate ...

found 2 environments that print it as expected :p
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7:04 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Philipposascii flood fill You know the flood-fill tool of painting software: from a given starting point you go in all four directions and colour the all pixels that had the same colour as the starting point, then you repeat that with the newly coloured points until the whole contiguous area is filled (on...

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11:26 AM
okay so y'all know how google released that "Gemini" AI update to bard or whatever and that it's supposed to be smart?
> Stax: Released in March 2022, Stax is a stack-based language inspired by Forth and Factor, offering golfing-friendly features like implicit loops and data structures.
And upon me telling it "Stax was released way before March 2022", it doubled down on being incorrect
> You are correct. I apologize for the misinformation about the release date of Stax. My information was outdated.

Stax was actually released in 1960 as the first electrostatic headphone by Stax Ltd. I was referencing a newer language that coincidentally shares the same name, which was released in March 2022.

Thank you for pointing out my mistake. I will be sure to update my information and be more careful about the accuracy of my responses in the future.
Thanks google
What an oddly specific date
11:57 AM
Q: I am trying to click on Login link, and ai() function is clicking on Register link in zerostep playwright

Muhammad Tufail KhanI am trying to click on Login link of the webapp http://eaapp.somee.com/ through zerostep playwright with the script "await ai('Click on the Login link in the header', { page, test })" This clicks on the Register button instead of Login. How can I debug that what went wrong here? I tried printing...

Using LLMs to test your website is definitely something
my only concern is that it may be closed as dupe of the hello world question
the "cat" version of big program was closed as dupe, so there's potential precedence
well we'll find out soon I guess
12:30 PM
btw I've already figured out an irreducible 256**10 byte answer
probably 2 * (256 ** 10)
extendable to (2 ** 32) ** 10
ooh actually no it's just 2 ** 32
in vyxal?
so basically yeah it's a dupe of hello world
because it's just finding ways to extend an arbitrary sequence of charceters
oh very cool
so the quine restriction doesn't matter?
not even for praclangs?
that's the base quine
the extendability comes from expanding that 32
and possible constructing really roundabout ways of evaluating commands
what do you think, should I post it?
or is it too trivial
12:38 PM
not trivial, but potentially a dupe
post at your own risk :p
hmm fine I'll do it
it's not like i'll get question-banned or smth :sweat:
@codegolfmods question ban this man
Q: Longest irreducible quine

math scatWrite an irreducible proper quine, i.e. a program that prints its own source code, which can't be reduced by removing characters to a shorter program with the same constraints. Eg. the python quine: var='var=%r;print(var%%var)';print(var%var) can be reduced to the quine v='v=%r;print(v%%v)';pri...

1:01 PM
Q: Why was my flag disputed on an invalid joke answer?

N. VirgoA long time ago I posted a cops-and-robbers challenge in which I (perhaps foolishly) permitted unicode solutions but included the following rule: You may use any Unicode characters for these, but please don't use whitespace, or symbols that are hard to distinguish from each other Recently, it r...

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2:10 PM
@lyxal This one gives a lot of autorelease warnings. Still, they're both GCC rather than clang, so no blocks
    #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

    int main() {
        int (^square)(int) = ^(int x){ return x * x; };
        NSLog(@"%d\n", square(5));
I suppose ATO's is GCC as well
even if you do use clang, you need some way to add the -fblocks flag
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8:42 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

W DSimulate a Plant Cell quine As a plant cell, your program must undergo photosynthesis: When input is 6CO2+6H2O+light in any order, output C6H12O6+6O2 in any order. (META: should it be any order?)0 bonus points for accepting subscripts/s When the input is just r, replicate (i.e. output your own co...

is Uiua supposed to be a praclang?
2 hours later…
10:37 PM
@Seggan yes
Kai has previously expressed that it's not an esolang
Which is why there's been changes that have removed helpful golfing things :p
Q: Cyclically Sort a List

Pacmanboss256Given a list of Integers greater than zero, Sort each of the unique values in ascending order, then repeat the process on the remaining duplicate values and append. Example: [1,5,2,2,8,3,5,2,9] ==> [1,2,3,5,8,9,2,5,2]


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