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12:03 AM
Q: How is Subleq code counted?

SomebodyHow are "bytes" counted in Subleq, in which code is a list of integers with no fixed size?

12:16 AM
, a new winning criterion
@Bubbler oops, thanks for fixing that
12:43 AM
It looks like "folf" is sometimes used as an abbreviation for Frisbee golf, so maybe that could be code golf using some kind of esolang that uses a circular pattern? :)
2 hours later…
3:23 AM
It's much easier to write a Subleq interpreter in Python than in Subleq.
3:38 AM
APL users: (using all sorts of symbols)
// exclamation point key broke
#include <iso646.h>
4:06 AM
Why yes, I do leave my keyboard set to US-INTL for the bespoke purpose of writing eslolang code
Specifically the keys that are broken are escape, backtick, 1 and 2, the letter D, and numpad minus. D usually works if I hold it long enough but the others are broken broken
I can still type the numbers with the numpad but I have to google and then copy-paste “backtick”, “exclamation point”, and “at sign”
@Bbrk24 wat
how u survive like this lmao
I’m using my old craptop while my good machine is in for repair
wrong place sry
One tick
4:14 AM
nobody saw anything lol
I would have moved that for you :p
@AidenChow I have a userscript that shows deleted messages I can still see it :p
@lyxal O_O nobody excepts mods saw anything lmao
or ro
shoulda put it in the internet archive while I had the chance
I saw your wordle score
@ATaco O_O
cmon i deleted it within like 10 seconds bruh
4:17 AM
@ATaco impossible
There's no way you could have seen my wordle score
@lyxal i have seen ur wordle scores numerous times in the past XD
But you definitely can't have seen my score for today.
CMC: 1000 rep to anyone who can tell me my wordle score for today
@lyxal ok i guess u got 3 guesses, 90 skill, 60 luck
hot or cold XD
4:22 AM
You've had your guess :p
@lyxal u never said i only have one guess :P
The answer, for reference, is that I didn't have one at the time of asking. I haven't done it yet :p
(bounty closed) :p
@lyxal scam. absolute scam. just for that i will need 500 rep in compensation or else im seeking legal action :P
See you in code golf court buddy
4:39 AM
ull be hearing from my code golf lawyers shortly XD
CMC: Win a court case against @AidenChow /jk
2 hours later…
6:47 AM
Q: Auto-golf an esolang

PhilipposThe lack of a social life drove a poor nerd into inventing another superfluous esolang called !+~%. For no good reason it initializes the accumulator with 6 and knows the following commands: ! (out(Accu); Accu = 6) prints the accumulator value as decimal string to stdout (without newline) and re...

7:05 AM
> Loopholes are allowed
People like me are the reasons loopholes are banned
7:38 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PhilipposTest whether a sequence is bitonic You know what a monotonic sequence is: each element is bigger than its predecessor (monotonically rising) or as its successor (monotonically falling). Bitonic means you have two arms of the sequence, one monotonically rising, the other falling. For example, 1,3,...

7:58 AM
@lyxal thanks, this is really useful
8:15 AM
Q: Implement a simple stack language

RubenVergIn this challenge, you implement an interpreter for a simple stack-based programming language. Your language must provide the following instructions: push an arbitrary integer pop two numbers and push their sum pop two numbers and push their difference (second number - first number) pop a number...

1 hour later…
9:39 AM
Maybe, similarly to the tips for golfing in all C-like languages question we need a "tips for golfing in golfing languages"
3 hours later…
12:14 PM
@pxeger Would it be possible to get boost for C++ on ATO?
1 hour later…
1:21 PM
Q: I baked you a pie!

HelloWorldThere is an asdfmovie video about a pie flavoured pie. Someone also made an edited version with more pies, so I created this challenge. The input is a positive integer. The code should first output the following string: I baked you a pie! Oh boy, what flavour? Then, the next line should be PIE ...

2 hours later…
2:53 PM
can someone copy paste some code from the TS playground to this chat for me? it doesn’t let you select text on mobile
// Welcome to the TypeScript Playground, this is a website
// which gives you a chance to write, share and learn TypeScript.

type U<N,A=[]>=A extends{length:N}?A:U<N,[...A,1]>;type F<C="",S=[],V=S extends[{},{},...infer R]?R:S>=C extends`${infer I} ${infer R}`?F<R,I extends`${infer I extends number}`?[U<I>,...S]:{p:[S[1],...V],d:[S[0],...S],x:[S[1],S[0],...V]a:[[...S[0],...S[1]],...V],s:S[1]extends[...S[0],...infer Z]?[Z,...V]:V}[I]>:S

type z = F<"1 2 a 2 s 5 6 x a ">
//  ^?

// stack shown top-to-bottom
3:49 PM
I love that TS Types is effectively compile-time programming disguised as a type system
4:17 PM
well yes
4:28 PM
but also no
it is a type system, it just happens to be turing complete
someone actually made working flappy bird that renders in a browser that all runs in TS types
4:45 PM
@noodleman No, that's Java's type system. TS's type system is actually usable
@Bbrk24 Java’s type system is turing compete?
I have a paper that proves it but I don't understand the proof
but yeah TS types is quite usable as an esolamg
Typescript types can not actually effect how code runs, so you can't actually metaprogram with them. You can just prove the correctness of your metaprogramming
i suppose
i thought about making a bunch of methods that match JS builtins but fully typed, though it wouldn’t be all that useful
4:56 PM
@noodleman no u
(that was a mobile fat finger)
I've got a new pair of gloves, and typing with them on has generated a lot of fat-finger results this morning.
5:31 PM
I am now all caught up on AoC
5:42 PM
I have 14 answers and one vote currently. Is that a record?
@Bbrk24 how is it this year?
@Simd record of what?
@DLosc you have typing gloves?
@AidenChow ratio of answers to votes for a question
well there are negatively scored questions with many answers
@AidenChow I didn't know that!
or u just mean amount of votes?
5:44 PM
Can you point to one?
@AidenChow I really meant number of answers/votes
@Simd off the top of my head, i remember codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/248680/…
@Simd Not specifically, but I have gloves I wear indoors because my hands are cold.
Only 5 answers :)
@DLosc do you have any of those hand heaters?
@Simd ur criteria was a ratio :)
The ones you shake and they get warm
@AidenChow :) I want it as big as possible
I am on 14 currently
Negative votes lose as the ratio is negative
5:47 PM
so u want a positively scored question?
@Simd codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/151905/…, +1 score with 32 answers as of right now
Pah! I lose again :(
But well found
@Simd I've tried one of those and wasn't impressed. It was too small (2 inches by 3 inches), so it only warmed up part of my hand.
@Simd aoc isnt too bad so far this year except for some pretty difficult problems here and there. the difficulty balance is a bit weird
6:30 PM
@AidenChow I look forward to trying it
@DLosc what part gets coldest? For me it's my fingers
6:40 PM
@Simd This is the first year I've done it
@Simd Yeah, probably fingers
6:59 PM
@AidenChow codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/142534/108687 has 1 score and 52 answers
7:16 PM
@noodleman two now it seems :)
2 hours later…
9:19 PM
anyway you could easily improve the record for yourself by posting a bunch of submissions to your own question
2 hours later…
11:03 PM
I'm trying to implement a language with relatively unclear specifications, so I'm trying to instead understand one of the existing implementations. None of the implementations I can find are in languages I know, so I'm wondering, which will likely be the easiest for me to stumble through? C or Haskell?
@AaroneousMiller I'd imagine C is easier..?
I know next to nothing about either language, so I've got no clue
What languages DO you know?
also, which lang will you use to implement that?
C#, Powershell, and Python are my main languages, with a decent knowledge of JS and Scala
@Bubbler That's a secret :p
11:12 PM
If I'd reimplement it in Python, I'd probably try reading C; if Scala, I'd try Haskell
The target language is extremely unlikely to have any bearing on which of the two I look at. The target language is also none of the languages I just mentioned.
Surprisingly, it will matter
As datatypes and methods are translatable
I am aware that I am being very vague, and I appreciate that it likely makes it somewhat difficult to receive meaningful advice. Let me put it this way. I cannot port existing implementations to this language, as there are too many differences. I have a lot implemented already, but there's a couple of parts that are not well explained in the specification, so I'm trying to use to reference implementations to understand the general process of how certain functions are intended to be performed.
Welp, All I can suggest is "Probably C, but maybe haskell"
If you want more specific advise, give more specific answers
Thanks, sorry about the vagueness. Hopefully it will become more clear once I'm finished.
11:20 PM
(Also Learn C, it's like, a very helpful lang to know)
It's also deceptively simple
I might just do that, thanks
11:35 PM
@AaroneousMiller I'd recommend C if you haven't Haskelled before, especially since the languages you're familiar with are all imperative like C. One caveat is that C will probably be lower-level than what you're used to; you may have to wade through stuff like memory management, pointers, etc.
I'll keep that in mind

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