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5:46 AM
Q: What's the character limit of this text field?

Luke SawczakSomeone I know has no coding experience, but has proposed an algorithm to determine the character limit of text fields they find online. They copy a string containing the numbers from 1 to 1,000 inclusive, not separated in any way, and they read the last few digits it displays. For example, after...

2 hours later…
7:57 AM
It's already 16:59 here tho
8:32 AM
@DannyuNDos for tomorrow
9:04 AM
Which is more usually seen?
9:26 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

l4m2Output 5-line calendar Given year, month and optionally weekday of 1st, output the calendar of the month. For empty cell, fill it with the date where it's supposed to be, in last or next month, and add # to indicate gray. If last few days can't fit in 5 lines, then they share last line with 5th w...

2 hours later…
11:42 AM
@l4m2 depends on the calendar
if I'm looking at one on mobile:
but if I'm looking at a physical one:
I haven't seen one of the third type in ages
also gosh dang it that moment when I'm still subjected to chat rate-limiting
12:05 PM
@lyxal i feel like i mostly see those for physical but it's been a while since i've seen a physical calendar
1 hour later…
1:17 PM
They added python to excel?!?
Does this mean you can now use Excel to make a tio clone?
The python is run in the cloud, so it'd be able to execute python-based languages technically online
1:47 PM
2:16 PM
Excel It Online!
2 hours later…
4:10 PM
Calendar on gnome tries to average days before and after this month
5:00 PM
@l4m2 I have never, ever seen one like type 3. Seems like it would be very confusing.
@lyxal time to dos microsoft
Python is an odd choice
Wouldn't the significant indentation make it cumbersome to use in an Excel formula?
o yeah
what were you expecting, R?
idk, I guess R would be a good idea
R is dying afaik
5:02 PM
@Seggan Joke's on you, Microsoft was already DOS a long time ago
I think that was the pun
@user as in being replaced by python these days
@user bold of you to assume i tried to make a pun
@user something something Python for DOS okay fine.
5:25 PM
Q: Getting the full rainbow every rgb or hex color hue

Mr.weirdCodeDudeOutput should be a array of hex colors or rgb colors Here’s my code I made it can also get rgb colors but I wanted to put hex for fun let hexarray=[...Array(360*7).keys()].map(a=>a/7).map(h=>[0,8,4].map(n=>~~((.5-Math.max(Math.min((n+h/30)%12-3,9-(n+h/30)%12,1),-1)/2)*255))).map(([r,g,b])=>`#${((r<<

5:44 PM
Q: Print 100 digits of Champernowne's Constant

CrSb0001Inspired by this and this question Challenge Your challenge is to print any 100 consecutive digits of Champernowne's Constant. You must give the index at which that subsequence appears. The 0 at the beginning is not included. For example, you could print any of the following: +-----+-------------...

6:04 PM
@NewPosts ... "print a 100-digit number"
6:32 PM
7:26 PM
Me: I'll post this in a couple days
Real Life: Haha, idiot
It's okay, you said "probably"
In that case, I'll probably post it later :P
8:13 PM
> You must give the index at which that subsequence appears.
it doesn't say "first index" :p
1 hour later…
9:34 PM
Evening all
10:01 PM
CMQ if I sample with replacement and the first time I see the same thing twice is after sampling n things, what is most likely number of items there are in total?
At least one
isn't that like the birthday problem in reverse?
@Neil could be!
@AaroneousMiller yes :)
I have wondering about it for a while
@Neil can you see how to solve it?
CMC find the closest integer solution for n to sqrt(lg n) = (lg lg n)^2
10:44 PM
@Neil the answer might be n
I think it might be n(n+1)/2

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