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1:59 AM
Is there a general "Interpret another language" challenge? I know that this challenge exists, but the language I want to interpret is actually a BSM due to a built-in memory size limit.
2:28 AM
Is it okay to post quite a few challenges to the Sandbox like I've been doing, or should I slow down a bit?
2:47 AM
@mathscat I'd have to go with this one. It's a bunch of gobbledygook, not to mention Vim is already intimidating to a programming beginner, even when you aren't using it like this. (and yes, I do consider Vim to be a praclang, just not in the traditional sense)
3:07 AM
@Someone its fine
@Seggan thank you!
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SomebodyGolf an HQ9+ transpiler There was a prior question about golfing an HQ9+ compiler that translates HQ9+ code into the language it is written in, but that was closed as a duplicate of the interpreter challenge because converting an interpreter to a compiler is seen as trivial. This question is base...

Oh, the arbitrary quine requirement is evil
3:27 AM
@bbrk24 it's not too hard in JavaScript; not sure how it will go for other languages
Doing it in a language that can't stringify functions would definitely be harder
i.e. almost all
Is using eval in a quine normally considered cheating? If it is I'll make an exception for that
i dont think so
Okay, I'll leave it as it
yeah eval in quines is normal
3:34 AM
Okay thank you!
stringifying functions is a weird JS thing btw
Does it have a purpose other than making quienes a lot easier?
probably for debugging
That does make sense
if people just do console.log(something) so they don't just get object Function
since JS lets you pass a value of any type to any function and just have it get converted
3:44 AM
To be fair console.log inspects the object anyways in browsers
console.log({a:1}) doesn't just say object Object
@SandboxPosts how would the output for the Q command be scored?
both eval and stringifying count as cheating in my book, because you're using data as code or code as data, which a true quine (e.g. one written in C) doesn't do
1 hour later…
5:15 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SomebodyEncode PSK31 Given a string of ASCII text as output, encode it in BPSK31 using Varicode. If it is possible in your language, play the audio over the device speakers; otherwise, output an audio file in any common format in a way that is typical for your language.

9 hours later…
2:06 PM
ooh, YouTube finally fixed an annoying bug
2:20 PM
which one?
2 hours later…
4:07 PM
the one where they block adblockers?
5:00 PM
why was this edit made? it removes the restricted-source tag, but the challenge is clearly restricted-source
CMC Meta-cat but generated program has linear length to input and bounded amount of non-zerowidth characters
what do you mean by: bounded amount of non-zerowidth characters
5:17 PM
@mathscat the one where it would auto-advance off the end of a playlist if it contained an unavailable video
@noodleman bounded amount: There exist N such that for any input, the amount is <N. non-zerowidth characters: visible characters(counterexample: U+200B)
the content creators I watch often queue up a playlist of pre-recorded episodes to become available in the future. it used to be that if you watched such a playlist, then when you got to the last episode, the ui for auto"play" would appear, but be nonfunctional
(auto"play" is what YouTube calls auto advance to its suggested next video)
i hope they fix the bug where if you click "block this ad" and it shows you the pop-up that you won't see that ad again, it proceeds to show only that ad for the duration of the video
@noodleman or say do thing like github.com/lorossi/zero-width-steganography
5:24 PM
got it
5:44 PM
Q: Ungolf the Wind

SomebodyWeather conditions at airports are reported to pilots in METAR (METeorological Aerodrome Report) format. This format could be described as being "golfed." Here are some examples: METAR KPDX 241653Z 16003KT 1/4SM R10R/4500VP6000FT FG SCT000 01/M01 A3040 RMK AO2 SLP293 FG SCT000 T00061006 $ METAR ...

6:09 PM
May the program only output the parsed wind or does it have to pad that info in?
@mathscat I'm not sure I understand your question? The parsed wind data is the only output.
7:01 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

caird coinheringaahin gConstruct the Constructability sequence Consider compass-and-straightedge construction, where you can construct new points from existing ones by examining intersections of straight lines and circles constructed with one of the following two options: Draw the unique infinitely long straight line ...

@SandboxPosts Doing a quick drive-by Sandboxing here. The challenge itself is very easy to understand, the implementation less so. Mainly just checking that it's clear enough, will probably post within a day or two on main if so
7:22 PM
@Someone okay, thx
7:35 PM
7:56 PM
okay wtf
I don't think we're allowed to do that?
is this going to continue for the rest of the month lol
How strict is AOC's licence?
IIRC the challenges are free to use
but reposting them just feels sleazy
... But copying challenges from elsewhere or asking for help with them is explicitly not allowed here
Not to mention they're invalid anyway, quite unclear
8:03 PM
@NewPosts oops accidentally flagged, meant to close vote
Yeah it's illegal - "Advent of Code is a registered trademark in the United States. The design elements, language, styles, and concept of Advent of Code are all the sole property of Advent of Code and may not be replicated or used by any other person or entity without express written consent of Advent of Code. Copyright 2015-2023 Advent of Code. All rights reserved."
what should this be closed as?
Lacks OWC I guess
> You may link to or reference puzzles from Advent of Code in discussions, classes, source code, printed material, etc., even in commercial contexts. Advent of Code does not claim ownership or copyright over your solution implementation.
8:05 PM
i.e. not copy-paste exactly
@mathscat just use a custom reason
eh too dank, I'll let yall handle it
CMC JSON.stringify but save Infinity as 1e999(or similar value) s.t. it can be read using JSON.parse
3 hours later…
11:41 PM
I have an HQ9+ to Python transpiler that supports the arbitrary quine function fairly easily using an exec-based solution; it's a 361-byte JavaScript function and gets a score of 890
This is `QQQ` in Python: `c='print(\'c=\'+repr(c)+";exec(c)");print(\'c=\'+repr(c)+";exec(c)");print(\'c=\'+repr(c)+";exec(c)");';exec(c)
BTW why is it showing that I have 29.4k rep? I don't have that on any site, certainly not here.
My highest rep is on Law SE, where I have 13,799
total of all sites
all sites with >=200 rep that is
@lyxal oh okay, thank you!

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